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Anyone know any good ways to stop cutting?
i cut myself...and i really need to stop, andi WANT to stop like no other, but its like a drug, it pulls you in adn you cant get back out, im clinically depressed, adn on meds for it, and cutting, well im so numb, i figure itll help me feel something, also, i feel like things are my fault, so its kind of like punishing myself(if that makes sense)im 14, and dont tell me its a normal 14 year old girl thing! its not! please help, much thnx! -ashley
Additional Details
ok so i prolly should have added, we just moved, and mah bday was last friday, so i was alone for it, my mom forgot it, and my dad hinks the whole world can jsut snap their damn fingers and be better, so because we just moved, i have absolutely 0 friends, and i have no phone at the moment, either, and its almost impossible to get ahold of someone online, i was seeing a therapist, but like i said, we moved, so i stopped

Rico Goldstar
Please don't cut yourself anymore dear girl. If you are angry about something, or depressed, those are natural human emotions. But self mutilation is just saying you hate yourself, for no reason. Hurting yourself for something that happened to you and for things that are out of your control is not the answer. Don't blame yourself for negative things that other people put you through.

Stay positive, stay focused. Find other things to do that will take you out of the envirionment that makes you feel like cutting yourself. Find hobbies, get involved in helping others. Find another outlet for your negative emotions. some suggestions
1.Join a gym, or at least get into some form of rigorous exercise. This will help you to release stress, tension, anxiety, and depression, by sitmulating the heart, the blood, and releasing adrenaline and your natural endorphins. Endorphins make you feel good, and you can release them naturally with exercise, and with the things that you eat (like chocolate).

2. Go to a chiropracter and get a massage every once in a while. This will also relieve your stress and your worrys will feel like they are melting away.

3. Talk to a professional about breathing exercises and meditation.

4. Take yoga and/or Taichichuan

5. Try religion

6. Go to a professional counselor/ Psychologist, maybe even hypnosis.

Whatever you do, just don't cut yourself anymore. You are a precious soul, and YOU ARE worth more than that.

You need to get help the first thing you need to do is get rid of all the knives in the house.Then you sound like you have some problems and thats what's causing you too cut.So you need to talk to your parents and ten a theripist please take my advice i'm 12.TAKE MY ADVICE.

I hope you are gettting help for this condition? What is hurting you so much inside that you feel this anxiety anyway? Please, please get some professional help if you haven't been already.

My Dose Makes Angels
Log onto the National Self-Harm Network http://www.nshn.co.uk to talk to others in your situation. Sometimes it can help if, when you want to cut, distract yourself with something not as painful like putting an elastic band around your wrist, stretching it out and snapping it back. Someone else said it helped to draw a line in red pen where you wanted to cut.

Pixie Stix
You need to talk to your folks and see a doctor. My sister in-law used to cut and didn't want to. She learned to stop.

The site below might help.

There are better ways to release that tension. For me, music, both playing and listening, were usually fail-proof. Unfortunately, I didn't actually take advantage of that until I had far too many scars and mysterious injuries to count. I haven't hurt myself in a year and a half, and it took a serious suicide attempt to change my perspective. There are always worse places to be, even if being numb is rather terrible. Find that one thing that has the power to make you feel alive and real and isn't self-destructive. I promise you there is something, even if it takes some time to find it. Once you have that, you have the power to stop hurting yourself. No promises that it'll be easy- it won't be. In fact, it'll be quite difficult. But you can do it.

try to think about all of the positive things in your life. And if you had a bad day, talk to a friend about it. Friends really help. Try doing more things so you wont cut. And if you ever feel like you have to, talk to a friend or find something else to do. I guess just try to get ur mind off of it.

Will F
without sounding like some kind of shrink lol i think you need to get to the root of your problem weather its school family friends and then confront it plus it does kinda look gross when your older and youve got all those scars!

hope get sorted soon!

I understand what you're going through, so I know how hard it is to quit. The easiest thing for me was to do something else every time I wanted to cut. I would pace in the driveway. Or go for a walk, quickly. Or run if I could. Get moving. It will give you a rush, but will also raise your seratonin levels and make your need for cutting to be more manageable. See if it works for you. And do try to see a counselor, you will need support through this. I wish you well Good luck

Clearly you know its not a solution to your problems, it is self mutilation and a scream for help. You need to stop. You are going to have scares that in your future , you are going to have to explain to everyone. find something more productive, like drawing, reading, listening to music. You can't control everything and they aren't your fault, and even if anything was, why would cutting help you? Your not numb, you are punishing yourself, just stop!!!!!!!!!!!

Pink Panther
Follow this link. It has useful information for you.

please go to a therapist. if you cut deep enough, there's a chance you could kill yourself. since you care about quitting, i know that's not what you want to happen. think of everyone who cares about you.

Licia gurl
First of all THROW AWAY EVERYTHING THAT YOU CAN CUT URSELF WITH!!! then TALK TO YOUR MOM! i know that it is terribly hard but that is one way to get someone to remind u to stop.... then keep busy , like read,watch TV, surf the web , or hang out with people.......just stay busy if u dont have any friends maybe be more outgoing and DONT BE AFRAID TO BE YOURSELF ( minuse the cutting part) okay? I wish you the best!!!!! byez!! =)

It's not normal, you will regret having done this when you get older. Imagine trying to explain such a thing to your children....Please get help. There are so many good things in life. Really. Even if you have it bad now, things can change. You have to make a conscious decision to be good to yourself. You are worth it. Every day, tell yourself you deserve good things. Please send me an email if you want to discuss this more. I have been through many bad things in my life but have overcome them. I wish the same for you.

I think what you need is something structured in your life. Finding an activity you can do besides cutting yourself.

I am all for prescriptions, but I think you need to talk about what goes on when your feeling depressed. Ask your psychiatrist if you can see a therapist on the side.

I want you to write in a journal what you feel when you need to cut yourself. That will be very helpful to those in the mental health clinic to know you a bit better.

Barry M
I don't know if you are serious or just playing with us. But your comments are disturbing. Please talk to your parents or a teacher or someone adult that you trust. You really need to get help before you do something we will all regret.

great that you were able to ask for help .. but i think you should also advise you doctor or whoever is providing the medication for you... maybe they could find another type of that might not have you so numb....
life is really hard.. especially at 14.. you really could do with someone to talk to .. if there is no-one in your life that you feel would listen, what about joining a forum online so you can tell others how you feel and find out how they got on top of things... there is a link to one below...
everyone has different reactions to all of life's odd moments there doesnt need to be fault anywhere...when you get thru this you will see that you will be a more caring person cos you know what it is like to be down..
always good and bad in every aspect of our lives.. try to grab any good you see each day..
i am not qualified to help you but i send you lots of love...

Cutting is a symptom. My daughter did the same thing for awhile, until she started working for our church, and got help from our pastor. It's all about self confidence and self respect. You need to learn that you are a worthwhile person. That's not just something you need to HEAR, it's something you need to EXPERIENCE. Find a place where you are useful, even indispensable. Soon enough, the urge to cut will diminish.
God bless!

And YES, 'even' Wiccans can be worthwhile persons!
Blessed be.

*nerd to queen bee*
listen to me i was in your place two years ago... get a diary write in it... find a picture of someone you love or really hate then relieze you need to be there for them or be better than they can ever be...join a sport or club or church to keep your mind off of cutting.


somethings wrongs with you i guess im kinda worried you should go to a conceller or maybe a doctor ,tell ur mom u should go to a doctor

go to a theripist

god bless you

I don't believe in it being a fase as if that was so I would have grown out of it a long long time ago. I can recommend a few things that might be of help to you. try wearing an elastic band or small hair bobble around your wrist. when you feel like cutting pull on it. I know this can work sometimes not always but sometimes it helps. I also think you need to get into therapy if your young and your parents are not listening see someone at school that might be able to help you like a nurse or school councilor. Never give up hope things can get better. I am a recovering cutter and let me say although the thoughts do come in my head still, I have learned better how to control those thoughts. Find something that can take your mind away from cutting like walking, reading anything that will stop you even for a short time from cutting. good luck to you and if you ever need to talk then please feel free to email me through yahoo answers. take care good luck

it is not normal and you need help from a psychiatrist

Okay, I am against medication but that is a different issue. The way to stop is to tell people you are doing it. And keep telling people until you are taken seriously and heard. This means, you tell your parents and if the brush it off, tell your teacher, tell the waitress at you favorite hang out, tell the garbage man, you must keep shouting to be heard and taken seriously. I attempted suicide twice and neither time was it taken seriously and so I had to get mad for people to listen and understand that I was hurt and that they hurt me. Cutting is an addiction and only can stop it but that doesn't mean you fight it alone. Shout sister shout!

tell your parents.
its not healthy.
you do need to stop
try going outside and throwing things
in random places
you have my sympathy!
Good luck

if you really feel the need to hurt yourself. Just put a rubberband on your wrist and pop it when you feel the need to hurt yourself. Its still pain but its better for you and it doesnt leave scars.

First, put the blade down.

Second, talk to your doctor. It sounds like the meds you're on aren't really helping as much as you need. Maybe they could up the dose or try a different antidepressant.

Good luck, sweetie!

taking anti-depressants may actually be making things worse. my cousin was somewhat depressed and her parents beleived that giving her pills was better than actually dealing with her and she commited suicide. maybe you should see a counseler. or try talking to and adult.
good luck, god bless =)

Thera 9
Not normal.

Um ok. Wear a rubber band on your wrist. When you feel like cutting, snap the crap out of that rubber band.

You could also do adversion therapy. Instead of cutting, you could go for a run or drink a cup of tea.

I had a similar, but not so similar, habit of breaking my skin when I was fustriated. That is how I overcame it.

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