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 How weird is this?
Okay so.. I was at my friends house and we were on the computer.. She left for a few minutes and by mistake I clicked onto her Sims 2 game. Since i've never played this game I was curious to see ...

 What REALLY came first the chicken or the egg ?

 Should I tell my new boyfriend that I have Bipolar Disorder?

 Do you think that suicide is the answer??
i have tried and failed at this and i believe i was supposed to go the first time, my life is completly empty and i am numb, i have no feelings for nothing...nobody can understand me and i can see ...

Who Thinks That School Causes Most Of The Suicides???
Its Either That Or Family. School Has Alot of These People Who Dont Have Any Friends And Get Made Fun Of. Well I Used To Be One Of Those K...

 Anyone know any good ways to stop cutting?
i cut myself...and i really need to stop, andi WANT to stop like no other, but its like a drug, it pulls you in adn you cant get back out, im clinically depressed, adn on meds for it, and cutting, ...

 What do you do when you're depressed? What helps?

 Ways to make you feel better when you are sad, other than drugs and alcohol!?
Okay so i am really depressed and furiously angry cause of some emotional issue(long story) and was wondering what you people do to feel better when life is low. I mean listening to metal music only ...

 I am crushed by life; can someone see some answer?
I have tried much and achieved nothing; mocked by idiot neighbors, penniless, without family and friends and ashamed. I can't fake it anymore, I'm not going to be anything in life. I'...

 I wanna be an actress.... but i might die????
im an aspiring actress. there's no doubt in my mind that i wont make it. but im scared. im scared that a crazy fan will shoot me or that i will die in a plane crash like the late aaliyah. i get ...

 Do you think that self harm can be understood by people who have not self-harmed themselves??
Like, people who have been close to the harmer, or even people who have had no experience of self-harm in their lives. Can it be understood or just accepted?? Answers from both sides of the fence ...

 Are you sleepy?

 My dad and uncal keep raping me and hurting me what should i do?
can someone help me i have left home 5 weeks ago but my dad and uncal still control me they have been raping me since i was 5 years old i am now 22 years old. they keep telling me if i don't do ...

 I got a problem,help!?
Whenever i leave the house or go to bed,i spend alot of time checking everything is locked,windows shut,taps off,and all plugs off etc. It's taking over my life. After i have closed the front ...

 Will u read my poem?
i came into this world screaming
by age 17 the fight is gone

i want it to end
with every hit i take
it gets harder to remember who i really am

thinking back to ...

 I feel sad because I'm ugly.What can I do?

 ***PLEASE READ***<-please tell me what this sounds like!....thanks?
i am on a very strict diet, i only allow liquids for most of the day. when i do eat, it must be alone!
i exercise a lot (i biked 8 miles yesterday, in an hour) i do at least 40 sit ups a night. ...

 Blind! HELP! IM BLIND!?

 What makes you go crazy?

 Ever get so mad you want to bite or cut yourself?
This has happened to me sometimes- but I never actually go through with it. Anyone else expierence this? And no, I am not this crazy out there type of girl. No one would ever think I had the ...

The Dude
Anyone else getting slightly addicted to Yahoo! answers?

I'm starting too wean my self off it gradualy.

rx8 slotcar
no but i think i'm in denial lol

Yes yes yes yes give me more questions now

yep, me - i'm on here all the time!

No I can give it up anytime! Just because the computer is on doesn't mean to say i'm on answers does it? Or am I?

Jason S
Oh Yes! i should really be working right now, have got so much to do. God dam i love working from home.

Angela M
Yeah-- I told my hubby I'd be in bed in a 1/2 hr... an hr and a half ago... just can't walk away. It's worse than solitaire!

I noticed my fiancee was spending an awful long time on this every day, so I decided to check it out. I have been on here for about three hours today. This will be my 19th question answered in a three hour period. I think that counts as an addiction. lol.

Dances With Woofs!
YES!YES!YES!Somebody help meeeee!!!!!!!! I'm ignoring"The Last Picture Show" to answer questions and play Hug-Tag on the 360 pages.Pitiful,isn't it?And,it's 3;54a.m.here.AAAAHHHHH!!!

Fu Manchu
Yes, I was gutted when I got to my post limit yesterday, felt empty and betraid...

Absolutely!!! :) I used to google it but now I find it easier to come here. Seek and ye shall find :)

i think so i've been on here for 2 hours and i barely notice until i saw this question lol

Jen B
I get addicted for awhile, but then when I'm tired of seeing the same questions over and over again, I take a break for a couple of weeks and then come back when I have regained faith in people.

Don't worry - it's a just a phase.

it's starting to get that way!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes - I'm always curious to see what people are asking. Each day I think that I won't bother signing in and then suddenly I'm in and replying to questions like this

[email protected]
completely but I would never admit it



i seem to come on here a lot when im at school in computers class, especially since it's the same crap i took in high school... i guess it can be fun, especially to see everyones different opinions.

♥ Miss Sausage ♥
Yes! I'm going to end up getting fired cause i don't do any work any more. I just sit reading on Yahoo Answers!!! Help me!!! lol!!

I don't think so. At first I came here every day. Now it's every few days. Maybe I'm becoming bored with it.

Tony G
Oh yes!! The good thing is that I thought I was the only one... I get excited as well when I'm notifed of a "best answer."
I have an important business meeting tomorrow (that is, this) morning. I should be sleepng, but I haven't even unpacked my suitcase and hung my clothes yet. I only joined a couple of days ago. I think this is our support group. Somebody please help me!!!

this is bad. I'm already addicted to enough stuff!

I thought I was in control of it....aaarrrrggggghhhhhh.

No,I can't say Im addicted at all.It is only sad people who become addicted and get lots of points!!! lol ahem!!


kitty fresh & hissin' crew
I'm past slightly addicted. I'm at full-blown addiction.

MORE more more need more Q+A YES more all of it more yes yes more GIBBER!!!!!!!!! GIBBLE??? DRIBBLE****Q*Q+AAqA++++%%%$$££Points lovely points 2/3/10points all mine me more..................??????????????????...

Yahoo Answers? It's the first thing I do when I get up in the morning ... well, almost the first! Can't seem to get above level two, though ...

Siany C
Absolutely! I just can't leave it alone!

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