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Fancy That
Any tips on dealing with SADD? Days are so short now I feel I need to sleep 10+hrs/day?
How is YOUR winter going?

Your problem has to do with, diet, lifestyle, etc. In addition to changing the mentioned things, you can also use supplements (fish oil, etc) for releif.
I've also heard about SADD lamps which emulate natural sunlight (if you live in a place that does not get enogh sun).

The following websites might also help you. Good luck!


♏☥♡ ☯ ☮ ✌
also aside from partially using uv florescent lamp, and Vitamin D supplement and daily walks outdoors, add a balance diet, fruits, vegetables, and proteins, and oils 3-6-9 supplement and vitamin b-Complex, the exercise outdoors is very important daily, even a simple walk around the block or park, take care,☺☼

read other answers,

White daylight flourescent lamps really help, but it can only help so much. The rest of the time when you feel it is too cold (due to the snow of course) and it is too dark to get up, you are right.

In the winter, I love my toasty warming blankie (lol), changed my screensaver into tropical beach scenes with white sand, started wearing my pinks and light blues.

WInter has its moments of beauty and having the four wheel drive helps get you around, despite everything they all say about these big bad vehicles.

My winter is ok thank you very much for asking. Wake me up when spring comes. The hibernation mode affects everyone in this neck of the woods.

Melatonin has been shown to be effective in treating seasonal affective disorder. Melatonin production is regulated by natural light. With the lack of sunlight in winter, your Melatonin levels escalate, which is why you are so tired.

Meatonin is synthesizes from serotonin, and a low level of serotonin causes depression. The more of it that is converted into Melatonin, the less available for mood regulation.

Walmart sells Melatonin, cheap. Try a 3 mg pill about 30 mins before bedtime for a couple weeks. All you stand to lose is $7 and you could gain your mood back.

Good luck

they actually sell light boxes now, they work wonderfully... like a mini grow lamp for people

Theres certain lights that you can buy for your home which are suppose to help. I'am not sure of the name. Also, if your into tanning beds at all? That seems to help.

David S
I know lots of others have said but I have to agree it works for me - a tanning bed. the bright lights and heat help my mood very much.

Go to a tanning salon and get involved in some outdoor activity. Exercise and eat healthy.

luna e
start with placing some time for outdoor activities, I lived in Germany for sometime. We walked in the afternoon for 1 to
11/2 hours my son and I, just getting out will help set your sleep pattern to a normal cycle.

Sage Daily

paul t
Do not get fluorescent lights, do not go tanning. Exercise is very effective, as is healthy eating, but probably the easiest way is to get a full Spectrum light source or something similar. I would recommend http://products.mercola.com/light-bulbs/special/. If you can't see the page then go to mercola.com and get a membership. The site is extremely informative and dependable anyways, so it is worth it.

Ok, the first thing to know is that this effect of slowing down in response to lowered light levels in the winter is a normal and natural biological process. Our bodies respond naturally to waking at dawn and going to sleep at dusk. The further north you live the more you are likely to want to hibernate in the winter. This is a function of sunlight triggering receptors in the eye and then stimulating the brain into producing appropriate levels of body chemicals for local conditions.

This only becomes a problem when our totally unnatural modern lifestyle demands all year round energy, late nights, and regular working hours - regardless of local conditions.

So if you want to force your body to function your way, then you can trick it by providing it with extra light stimulation both morning and evening in order to extend the day length. Light boxes and natural daylight lamps work best. But you have to do it every day. If the sun is out get out in it, get as much natural daylight as you can. If you work in an enclosed space like an office have a natural daylight bulb in your desk lamp or generally keep light levels high wherever you are working.

Otherwise ...move south permanently: take a mid-winter holiday in the tropics; or change your job so you can work 18 hours a day in the summer and only 4 hours a day in the winter.

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Beach Boys, they had the best answer.

"Sure Darla!"
I have S.A.D., too, and have suffered with it for my entire life.
So far, nothing has cured it except to try to be patient with myself and plan something to get up for during that week --even if it is to just go to the grocery store or take a short walk.

Shannon A
My winters aren't all that bad. I used to live in Rome NY, and it was like eternally dark during the winter. So, I bought a small pack of colored pencils and some drawing paper and started drawing big, bright colorful Georgia O'Keefe style flowers. I myself am no artist, so yes this is something anyone can do. It's not only something constructive, but it can also relieve stress and the colors always made me feel a little better. Also, another tip is to wear bright colors...wear pinks, greens, bright blues...etc. The colors will help lift your spirits a bit.

Pretty much all the posters have good ideas. This timeof year is stressfull and the weather doesn't help. I do pretty much all of these things. I make sure to get outside for at least 10 minutes a day, I open up the curtains and make my house "brighter" with a few plants, I make an effort to exercise (this is my best defense against stress AND SADD) and I try and do "happy" things like drink hot chocolate and hang with friends. I try and plan a low key item every weekend so I have something to look forward to that makes me get out an DO something instead of moping around. I also make sure that I make some time for myself to regoup because I can get rather moody too. Music (listened to really loud) of almost any type can get me feeling peppy...I like to be productive this time of year so I blast the stereo and work on things around the house while dancing around and being an idiot...it sounds lame but it works for me every time. I reward myself once I finish my task with a beer or 1 glass of wine and some time to myself...then I plan a get together with friends (low stress) by having them each bring and item or a dish (I like to do themes like mexican, indian, fluid party-bring a beverage of your choice etc...) and playing games...

All this stuff keeps my mind occupied and my body busy so I can make it through the winter in 1 piece. Lastly, I plan time off in June/July when it's nice so I can re-group. Just knowing I have that time coming and the weather is usually sunny, makes the winter fly by...

Good luck and happy holidays


My winter is going good. I used to suffer from SAD until I move to the Caribbean. You need to have a lot of light, therefore if your light bulbs are below 100watts change/upgrade them.

Doc's Endorphin
I'm a solar powered bird. The least bit of sunshine makes all the difference. I've been switching all my light bulbs to the new fluorescent daytime type and it helps a lot.

Even with 6 inches of snow outside, I try to keep on the go or the shades of winter gray will keep me down. And if still can't get motivated, its a good time to cuddle up with that book I've been wanting to read.

Madame M
I know someone with SAD, and he swears by going out snowboarding for several hours. Seriously. It's the combo of sunshine, and physical exercise.

If you can't do that everyday, try taking a walk at lunch, and sitting by the window as often as you can.

I'm mildly affected by it too. Only a few more days, and the days will start getting longer again! Christmas lights help cheer me up, and so do green plants.

Jeanne B
Fancy That,
SADD has been very well researched, so Internet searches should produce some excellent articles to help. Here are some:

I also recommend you do some research on sleeping to support your improvement. An excellent book about this is called, "Brain Longevity." There are many others. Additionally, a short, free, easily read "tip of the day" newsletter is http://www.realage.com

There are special lamps you can buy to sit under that mimick sunlight that help a lot of people. I forget exactly what they are called but if you put a search together like SADD lamp you should get a lot information. The process is called light therapy.

Gramma Might Know
I just finished 2 and 1/2 hours of shoveling--so ask me later!

I get down when the sun refuses to light up my days. I now have a room with full-Spectrum light--it may sound like I'm faking my body out, but it seems to be doing the trick.
You might put the lights in the room you're in the most, and see if that helps at all. The other thing is get outside for a good long walk any day that is sunny, no matter how cold, windy,or snowy it may be.

Stephen K
Three things

1) Exercise. I discovered that the release of endorphans helps keep depression at bay

2) Diet. There is a tendancy to eat rather poorly during hte holidays (chocolate, candies, cookies, too much booze), so keep it all in balance

3) The sun. Get out of the house. This doesn't mean going to the mall; just take a walk about the neighborhood.

Now, if you can run laps at the local school, so much the better, as it takes care of points one and three

Try to take Vitamin D supplements or drink milk...sunlight promotes Vitamin D for the body.
There are light therapy lamps too.

The only thing that really helps when I get SADD is to exercise daily. It makes me feel better physically and emotionally and I sleep so much better. Try doing a few cardio workouts and a few yoga classes a week. It can really help.

Open your curtains and let in lots of natural light, even if it's not sunny. Listen to lots of upbeat music...it immediately improves your mood.

You need to get a gameplan going to deal with SADD. Bipolars have the same issues with seasons. You have to force yourself too. Kick yourself out of bed and move around. Go for a brisk morning walk. Eat hot healthy food. Get plenty of light in your life. Hang out with positive friends who understand you. Have loved ones you can call on as lifelines. With a good plan you can coast through the season and do much better for yourself. Be good to you, you're worth it.

I moved to Texas. Wamer weather equals more time out in the sun.

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