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Am i a freak; Not on looks or anything?
Am i a freak because i choose not to wear make up ?

If i wanted to i would and could, but i just choose not to because i think i look better naturally.

Its just the school im going to allows make up to be worn and some of the girls there aren't afraid to tell you what they think and the chances are i will get called a man and stuff just because i choose NOT to wear make up.

Please help 'cos this is all i have been thinking about for a while now.


Thanks xx

no your not lol actually its better not to use make up alot. yeah sure make up will make you look better but when you get older your skin gona get messed up real bad =/ dont worry my friends always call me a boy because i dont like wearing make up soo your not alone in this xP altho i do wear make up when its one of my friends birthday or when someone i know gets married :P if your worried about it that much then try learning more about make up and just use it once in a while :)

definitely not, girls these days use entirely too much make up, and honestly its not attractive, all the bright greens , and bright blue, if your comfortable without make up, and especially if you think you look better, then don't wear it. i know alot of girls that wear pounds of make up and then i see them without out it and they are hidious, they're obviously just covering up insecurities, and if those girls say anything, tell them they should shut the hell up because they look like rodeo clowns. problem solved

Of course not! I choose not to wear make-up and i am very girlie. People tell me all the time my natural beauty is waayyy better than those who pile make up on.

no you arent a freak!!!!! so people fell more comfortable naturally, but if the girls at your school are calling u a man, ignore them, they are jealous u look good w/o makeup, and they dont!!!!! but u could try and see what u look like with a little eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss..... it may surprise u that u like it! and if u go to school with make up that looks good on u, u will suprise those girls who were makin fun of u!!!!!
but do want u want, and what u r comfortable in.........
love ya

No, you're not a freak..
As long as you look good without make-up.
Why do you choose not to wear it?

there's nothing wrong with not wanting to wear makeup. It's up to you to decide whether to wear it or not. Also, as the saying goes, "Beauty is on the eye of the beholder" You think that you look better naturally so you should stick to what you believe

p.s. i don't wear makeup often either and no one calls me anything :)

Doobeedoo =D
you are not a freak
if you are comfortable without it then good for you
i wish i was as confident as you
people who wear make up are obviously not happy with their natural appearance, i know that's why i wear it!
and to hide the bags under my eyes hehe

Amy D
You're not a freak, If you don't wana wear it then you don't want to wear it. It's perfectly normal :)

Amy J
If you feel that you are beautiful without it go ahead. I don't wear makeup either and all my friends do. FACT: 56% of guys like girls with the natural look. OOOO so, you do you thang girl and work it your own way. :D

Makeup can seriously damage your face over time. They may look good with metal oxides and fats smeared all over their faces now, but you'll be gorgeous well into your 30s

Becca R
nah. do what you want.

love, me
i know tons of girls who dont wear make up, and they definitely dont look like boys. two of my friends are GORGEOUS and they never wear make up, its all up to you, make up doesnt suit some girls and it just doesnt fit, and if you think it doesnt look good on you then dont wear it

dont worry i dont wear makeup and i dont het called a man. if anyone gives you problems about it then just say i dont need to wear makup to look beautiful unlike some. i would rather look natural than fake anyway :)

blood angel
at least us men know wot where gettin with u n not some mask

Jenni The Lemon
I hardly ever wear make up, simply because I don't have time and I know I don't think I'm beautiful. Lots of girls don't wear make up, why would they call you man if you don't!!? Sounds a bit silly really!
And even if you look hideous without make up (not saying you do I've never met you...) why should that matter? It's you feeling comfortable that matters and anyway beauty is all a matter of opinion...

No. Just because you choose to be natural doesnot makes you freak. Besides the ppl in ur school are freaks because they like to look like clowns.Lol.Don't worry I don't wear makeup too.
MAkeup is just not apart of you.

i be comin from da jew crew
ur not really a freak at all. a lot of girls at my school don't wear makeup and some of them look better without it. if you think you look better without makeup then you should go without makeup. if they make fun of you then that just means they wish they didn't have to spend money on makeup when they could look good without smothering their face in color coated anti-insecurity

I think a woman with great skin looks way better than a woman with make up. Make up is really bad for your skin isn't it?! Good on you.

I am 23 and I didn't wear make-up much in High School either! It doesn't matter what those other girls think!! My boyfriend (who is now my husband) never minded. He always just tells me how beautiful I am. I am sure that you are beautiful as well. Your happiness is the only factor in this situation, not the satisfaction of others at your school! Good Luck!!

you are not you are yourself be proud

Heather B
you arent a freak and you wont get call a man bc you dont wear makeup alot of girls dont wear makeup

You are not a freak. I have respect for you. You are not just following the crowd. You obviously know your own mind. It takes bravery to be an individual. Well done to you and ignore what any idiots at school may say. They are just being ignorant fools

you're not a freak!
i don't wear make up either
screw those girls!!!!!!!!
they're stupid

You're not a freak because you don't wear make-up .. I've never worn make-up.

Why would that make you a freak? That is silly. I don't wear any makeup other than mascara and lipstick and that is if I'm going out!

I never wear makeup and I've never had problems with being noticed.

When you're older your skin will be younger than most of your peers.....be happy with who you are......natural works too......besides.....guys actually prefer less make-up.

xUnsure -x- Confusedx
don't worry, I barely ever wear make-up either, and I don't get called a man. If you think you look better without, do what makes you happy.

dang girl, a girl that doesnt where make up, or only a little of it, sounds very attractive. no, your not a freak, in fact, you sound very down to earth, smart, and sensible. lol Girls, esspecially the preppy popular ones, cake the stuff on...Its not a good thing.
Wish there were some girls like you at my school. lol

tHa PregO Nurse is 21 weeks!!
no it doesn't mean you are a freak; it means that you are confident in the way that you are, and you know your already beautiful

Of course not! I feel the same way and I never wear make up in school or anywhere else because I don't want to ruin my skin at such a young age and it having to cost me when I grow older... I also prefer to look natural and I think I look better this way. I usually look terrible with it on!

You are yourself and everyone has different beliefs and preferences and I think it's a wise choice not to.

Ignore the egocentric people who bother you because of this, at least your skin will stay beautiful for a very long time indeed! You are beautiful in your own way, this is the same for everyone.

You won't be with these people for long, you will go to uni/collage and have your own life. Save your skin for then, I'm sure you'll be extra beautiful by the time you leave shcool :)

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