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Am I really sick?
I mean because I have suicidal thoughts does that mean I am sick? I don't know why I am asking but I am. Or does it mean that I am loosing my mind? I don't even know what I am doing or why I am doing it anymore.

Talking it out is the best thing you can do. Yes, most people give it a thought now and again, but if there's a problem or a reason in particular you're feeling this way, you have to take care of it before you'll get better.

I know it sounds trite, but problems do get better with time. What seems terrible now won't be that bad maybe even next year, but if you're not around next year, you'll never know.

Find a good friend to talk to, or even call one of the hotlines, they're generally very good and anonymous.


if you are having suicidal thoughts - get help! talk to a friend or you parents or your doctor. it could be a symptom of medical condition. i once was like that too, now
i take medication that controls by panic attacks and depression. please - talk to someone and get help. good luck to you.

You arent really sick.. You are just human.. You should get help. There are lots of support groups with people that actually understand how you feel.. No one can really understand you unless they have gone through what you have gone through..

Please call up one of these places..

Not Moby
go to the doctor. then hell send u to a physcologist. then eat the PILZ he gives u. u might have depression...

Dont listen to the people telling you to get pills prescribed unless this is REALLY serious. I went through a similar phase around your age that continued on and off for a few years. Never took pills and I just got over it. Obviously every case is different, hopefully you are able to judge how serious yours is.

If you are in your teens, this is a natural reaction to growing up - although you may feel that you are as grown up as you are likely to be. Talk to someone in your peer group that you can trust, and I bet that they have the same feelings!

Same problem.......................
I have faced same problem and now my nie is facing this type of problem, and she mails me to ask about this problem.
Acctually now a days you are learning some serious and difficult lectures of life thats why you are loosing your self.
Don't be disoppointed and be happy. Every one have to face difficulties and hard lectures of life. Even your parents have faced this problem.
Actuaaly this is not a problem, this is just ur thinking,
Actually congratulations, you are going to get some thing special. Just keep patience. Soon you will get a inner Beauty or a inner power whatever you can say.
I have got the abbility that i can guess the future...........

I wouldn't say you are sick...but you could use some professional help. Someone with background with this kind of thing, like a counselor.

lay on bed think of everything bothering you and start resolving your problems

your not sick coz i've been there

Everyone goes through a depression and sometimes we tend to question life. My best advice would be to keep your head up, don't think so much about the down side of life. And pray. If you are a believer or not it truly does help. Find a close friend or loved one you can talk to and express yourself. Get some of those emotions out. If all else fails find professional help. Life is wonderful and you deserve to enjoy it.

You really need to talk to someone. Not that anything is really wrong, alot of teens have these feeling. But if there is something really bothering you, you need to talk to a good friend, a parent or school counsler. Then you can go from there! It will be ok.

i would say no because you are aware that how you are thinking is not normal so you are alright because if you didnt realise then you would have to worry...so now you know you have a little problem the next best thing to do is speak to someone about it like your doctor or close freind or family and see what methods need to be taken to get you back on the right road!

Jayce's mommy
I am the same way. And if you call depression sickness then yeah your sick. All I want to do is sleep and sometimes I wish I could get in an accident and die so I don't have to work. And life seems so pointless when you really think about it. Sorry guess that is not helping. Maybe you can contact me and maybe we can make each other feel better somehow.

i think you might have a problem.
have you seen a psychiatrist?

i think alot of people have suicidal thoughts at one time or another.....as long as you are not like seriouslt planning it out..i think you are ok

you seem to be depressed and this is normal you need to speak with your doctor to try out some medications or counseling but if you want help you need to seek it.

if you ask yourself of you are crazy and the voices say yes does that mean you are or they are???

It means your a typical 18 year old, if you seem to be dwelling on the suicidal thoughts seek professional help.

just get off the computer and go commune with nature, not with your bf but alone.

I don't know about sick. But honey you sure do have some issues. And you need to talk to someone. Do you have these thoughts all the time or like when you get depressed? I think you need to sit down with a family member or a really close friend and talk to them. Let them know what you have posted here. I think that they will help you get started at seeing someone. Take care and Good Luck.

I sometimes do that. But I just go play sports or listen to music to make me happy. But if you do think about that all the time, I think you need to seek professional help.

i hope u get better.good luck.

No, everyone thinks of it, some more than others. I think about it all the time, seems like, but it's nothing. Don't worry about it. When you quit worrying about it, it will go away.

Your not sick. Your going through anxiety...your depressed about something, and you might need to talk to a counselor or trust worthy friend/family member about your feelings. Your definitely not crazy or sick, you just need to relax and talk about your problems and possibly get them solved...suicide is not the answer.

I think everyone has suicidal thoughts once in awhile. But if you are going into the planning stage, you need emergency counseling. Perhaps a doctor can recommend medication for depression like Zoloft or Wellbutrin. I sincerely hope you begin to feel better soon.....)(

no i think about that sometimes and im ontly 13

No, it doesn't mean you're sick, or losing your mind. Most people go throught the same thing and never even speak of it, or it gets so bad that they can't handle iot, it just depends on the person and wwhat they've experienced throughout their lifetime. You are completely normal.

kit kat kutie
just stress take a break from everything

You are not sick. You are perfectly fine. The only problem you have is that you aren't challenging yourself physically/mentally/academically. I was have the same thoughts until I found a way to challenge myself for the better. Now I run almost everyday, I use a punching bag, and I do fitness exercises. If you do one thing, you forget another...!

Take care

You are obvoiously unhappy with yourself, ...your life, and do need to seek professional counseling. Perhaps it is just a change you are going through in life, if you are in your teens or even mid-life these feelings are quite common. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. If you are in school you could start by approaching your counselor there for advise and can be referrred to someone professsional that will help you feel better about yourself. DON'T put if off, seek out help TODAY! And in answer to you question "Are you sick?"...No you are not sick, you are troubled, perhaps your life is even in a state of crisis. The solution is easier than you think, so don't be afraid. If you go to church contact your Pastor or Priest, or...,they are kind and undestanding people who are there to help you. Also if you don't have much money there are still places for you to go either for free, or on an ability to pay basis.
I will say a prayer for you. Please know that Jesus loves you. Prayer and having Jesus in my heart has saved my life more than once.
Good Luck!
I hope you will find a way (perhaps e-mail me) to let me know you are OK, and have found some one profesional to help you.
I can't stree enough the importance of getting help now,..I sincerely hope that you will do so today. There are also HELP lines listed in the telephone directory, if you need to talk to someone right now look them up, and MAKE THE CALL!
God Bless you!

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