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 Should I go get X-rays just to be safe??
2 days ago i had went 4wheeling with a friend of mine. We were on the trail and all of a sudden i hit a patch of rocks off to the side of the trail and with it being so dry out, i slid through the ...

 How many times have you been shot?

 I have to go to hospital. Alone or take a friend?
I have a hospital visit planned for Friday to get some results, nothing serious, a bad leg. Shall I go alone and be confident or take someone to hold my hand?...

 Is there a way to tell if you broke your ankle or just twisted/sprained it?
I twisted my foot while playing basketball.

There are no bruises or something but it is a little bit swollen.
Additional Details
I broke my wrist before. The pain on my ankle ...

 I Have been bleeding from my arm, for an hour.. Is that normal.?
I itched my arm and I have been bleeding ever since. It has been like an hour and I am still bleeding! Anyone know how to make it stop or if you know how to make it bleed slower even?...

 Why does our funny bone feel so odd when we hit it?
Is it in some way different to other bones, making it feel more exposed somehow? T...

 Has any1 had a broken bone?

 Which is worse.. a fracture or a break?

 Stuck up bum. It really hurts, urgent help required?
I nipped out to the shop for a pack of cigs, and theres this homeless guy i always pass on my way, i always say hello and make a comment on the weather, just to be nice to him, but he always just ...

 I stepped on my curling iron! :[?
What should i use to stop the pain/ heal?...

 My cousin just had a car accident she fractured 3 bones in her skull and has air in her brain will she make it
I need an answer....

 HELP please? Something wrong with my mom's stomach... any ideas?
my mom just finished eating this wild rice and now her stomach hurts really bad. it's not a poop or a throw up feeling, it just kills around her mid section around her ribs, even around her back....

 My coworker injured me while on the job. What should I do?
My coworker and another coworker were outside our offices. I had just returned from a restroom break and one of the coworkers said he wanted to show me something he had learned in Jujitsu class. He ...

 Which is worst a broken bone or a fracture?

 What's the worst injury you've suffered on vacation?

 What Bones have you broken?
I broke my #5 metacarpal (R) boxing and one of my ribs when a friend rugby tackled me into a hedge.
Additional Details
Oh yeh, forgot nose also!
notice how it's all the guys ...

 How long does a bruise last?
i got it on late friday.
my friend fell on her face first on her drive way, drunk.
its on her chin.
how long will this last?...

 Cant stop bleeding?
i drop a weight on my toe and now the nail wont stop bleeding it has for like 2 and a half hours how do i stop it? or what should i do, cant go to hosptial no insurance....

 Bruised during blood test?
is this ok for the hospital to do??because it doesnt look very nice really and im sure i heard they could get into trouble for this a i have a huge bruise on my wrist through this
Additional D...

 Whats wrong with me????
I just woke up from being knocked out for a few hours. I saw a girl and i thought she was a killer, and was trying to kill me. She said that shes not a killer, and that shes my girlfriend, and we are ...

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Something bad happened...?
My head just fell off while i was leaning over!!!!! can anyone tell me some good stuff to put it back on?? ive tried staples but they dont work!!!
Additional Details

... Read More


dont quote me on this but...
Where is your first scar and how did you get it?
Mine was when i was 3 - on my hairline - I pulled table on me in excitement lol! (i know dumb kid) I fell of one like a year later aswell and got small scar my lip lol!... Read More


What is the worst injury you have ever had?
i have just fallen off my chair and am now sat here with a f**ked up shoulder, elbow and wrist, oh and my big toe.( i was trying to reach my cat marley but was too lazy to get up off the chair). howev... Read More


Rachel K
PLEASE HELP!! parents arent home and i hav a major emergency?
my parents aren't home, my ulna bone completely snapped i can tell bcuz there's a lump sticking out about an inch, it didn't break the skin but it's probably about to.i am staying ... Read More


Any advice on soothing sunburn?
... Read More


XXXprincess of irelandXXX
How do i break my arm?
i have tried everything but nothing on this earth seems to work i really want to do do it as i have a major irish dancing display coming up and i dont want to do it i know i can tell them but i also w... Read More


What's the worst pain (physical) you've ever experienced?
... Read More


What is the most painfullest thing that has ever happened to you?
... Read More


John D
What is the most painfull but minor thing you can do to yourself?
I just bit my cheek whilst chewing a roll. Yow! How can that hurt so much. What minor injury has caused you the most pain?... Read More

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