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 How do I stop the stinging sensation from a burn?
Tonight I reached for a metal pot to take it off of a burner and didn't think to grab a pot holder first because the burner wasn't on so I didn't think the pot was hot without fire.

 Is there somethig wrong with me?!?
i live with my grandperents and im 12 and my grandpa gets these too..
there cramps mostly in my legs they cause excrusiateing discomfert...it is so painful and u try not to cry but the muscle ...

 Guys: what does it really feel like to get hit in the "package"?
does it sting? throb? burn? or more of a sore feeling?...

 Sprained foot or broke?
I was vacationing in Virginia, and my brother has a bed that is higher than me standing. In the middle of the night , I got out of the bed and landed on my left foot and saw stars. The right side ...

 How do i brake my foot?
how do i brake my ...

 Ear stretching question?
about a week ago i stretched my ear. i dont know what my whole was but i put a 12G in my ear. i had my friend do it and it hurt very bad the first day. now i am able to move it and it dosent hurt. my ...

 Why do my hands go numb when I type?

 What does it mean when your finger turns white and goes numb?
Ok, so im the kind of person who never gets cold. It was probably about 40 out this morning, and i was talking with some friends when my middle finger turned snow white and went numb, i put it under ...

 How can you break a arm or leg around ur house without BAD injuries?

 Health- have bashed shin, now swollen and painful ,how should i treat it?

 My toe is throbbing real bad, what can I do?

It's about 4:11 AM here, and I'm still awake, because I cannot get rid of the throbbing from my toe.

Basically I bumped my toe on a chair, and the front of the ...

 Did I break my finger?
Last night I was at wrestling practice and I put my left hand under a guy's back and he fell backwards on it and my middle finger bent backwards the wrong way. I woke up this morning and it'...

 Dodgy knee - getting worse now I've started exercising?
I twisted my knee a few years ago but its been fine for ages. I started exercising on an exercise bike and treadmill a few months ago and my knee has started getting really stiff and painful. Is ...

 What should i do if i hav a bone bruise,besides rest that's what the doc told me to do?
I've had this for about 8months and when i had got it right after that i sprained my ankel pretty bad too. So I had to get pulled off my b-ball team which stunk to rest it . That was about ...

 I have a cast on my leg..when it comes off will my leg be smaller(skinnier) will it grow back to normal?

 Help me please =(!!!!!!!!!!?
I think I need to use crutches because after 13 days my ankle still is swollen, bruised and round. It also still hurts to walk on it, move it around and my other ankle has begun to ache because of ...

Yall gotta help me?
in march i got my ankle sprained and it is yet not gone (didnt go to a doctor). today i got my tibia( higher part)on a BIG piece of wood i can feel a bump now do yall think i should go to a doctor or do u have ne advice 4 me?

Tibias are pretty tough. Ice it for 24 to 48 hours and it should go down. I still have a bump on my shin from sports and it's been a few years since I played on a team.

♥Aly A♥
I suggest going to a doctor. I wouldnt take care advice from people you meet on the internet. Go to a professional, he/she will know exactly what to do and care for you in no time. Hope you feel better and hope this helps! <3 :)

why waste money to go to a stupid doc? get some chik peas mix with egg yolk and honney. put it on your leg and wrap it for few days. that should do it. it worked fine on my chicken!

Kris L
GO TO A DOCTOR ... tell him about this 'recent' injury and also about your 'suspected' sprained ankle. You may actually have 'strained' it (worse than a sprain) or even broken it but still 'been able to walk.' I hope your leg 'heals properly' but it WON'T unless you SEE A DOCTOR!

you might have broke it i have no idea

vanessa c
First of all, I admire when people say or write "ya'll". Second of all, boy.. if you don't go to the doctor! That "bump" could be a torn muscle or a huge bruise or the sign of a broken bone. Not all broken bones break the skin, you know. If it is broken, it will never set correctly and you are asking for boo-koo pain in the future. Nobody wants to visit them, but please go see a doctor on this one.

hi there

go to a doctor sometimes feeling no pain does not mean

you are well the body is pretty tricky .I know for someone that

there child has to get a teeth pull out at the age of two cause

the child fell once and it seem has if the child was OK but it

turn out that now the child has the first baby teeth to be

remove cause the fall after a few months effective the gums.




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