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Dana W
Why do my hands go numb when I type?

Are you constantly typing on the computer? If so, It could be carpel tunnel.

mine do it too, but i already have proablems with my wrist b/c of cake decorating--here's dome tips
every once in a while put your hands above your head to help with blood flow, and get a brace wit a metal curved bar to wear at night ( only if its bad) they have a good one at cvs. b/c if you sleep on your side at night then you cutting off blood to the arm and if you already have carpil tunnel problems, it will make them wrose, but the brace will help keep blood flowing. --good luck

Feeling Left Out
Yep, that's carpal tunnel.

Linda S
When you bend your wrists the nerves seem to block the blood flow. Attempt to keep your wrists straight instead of curled. This goes for sleeping too. always keep those wrists straight. good luck

Sounds like carpal tunnel syndrome. Nasty. Try changing the positions of your hands. The surgery is not good. And remember, don't have both hands done at the same time, unless you have someone around to wipe your bum.

Jovial D'Souza
3 reasons.
1. bad posture, with drooping of shoulders causing nerve compression at the costo-clavicular canal- basically at the region below your collar bone. you need to do shoulder exercises. just shrug your shoulders and hold for 2 seconds. do 30 reps of this exercise per day.

2. ulnar nerve compression. happens when placing the elbow and forearm constantly under pressure. the inner portion near your "funny" portion of the funny bone gets compressed. all that you need to do is to change your posture.

3. carpal tunnel syndrome. happens due to compression of the median nerve in the wrist. this is an osse-aponeurotic canal, thus steroid injections can be tried first, if they fail then you might need surgery.

It depends on which part of your hands is going numb. If the pain is coming on the palm side of the hand, it could be carpal tunnel. If it's coming via the thumb, could be dequervians tenosynovitis. Coming from the stop of the hand, the outer 3 fingers, it could be tendonitis anywhere from the wrist, elbow or the shoulder, or even a pinched nerve in the shoulder. Poor posture when typing can pinch nerves in the shoulder and across the chest and cause numbness in the hands.

Numbness can be a sign of a pinched nerve somewhere, maybe from being in one position for too long. I noticed several people mentioned carpal tunnel, which would make sense. I crochet a lot, so a friend of mine, who had to have surgery for carpal tunnel, showed me an exercise. I'll try to explain it.

- Sitting up straight, put both arms out in front of you, palms facing up.
-Next, bend your hands down at the wrists (arms still out straight), so that your fingertips are pointing to the floor.
-Roll your fingers up into your hand, like you are making a fist.
-Now, roll your wrists up, so your hands (in a fist), are facing you.
- Last, as if you are lifting dumb bells, bend your arms at your elbows, bringing your hands toward your shoulders.

This is the end of one set. Repeat this at least five times, moving through each step slowly, making sure to stretch those muscles. You should be able to feel it.

You should stop every 15-30 minutes and do these exercises if you spend a lot of time at your computer. It could mean the difference between surgery or not.

I know, this is very confusing, but it is a fabulous exercise. I hope this made sense! Happy typing!

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