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 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! I just broke my leg clean in two!! What do I do now?!?!?
Heeeeeeelllp!! It bloody ruddy friggin hurts!!!!...

 I smoked pot a month ago and im taking a blood test tomorrow...?
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 Can Someone Please Help its and EMERGENCY!!?
Ok i hurt my Pinky fingure for the

3rd time
Its swollen
black and blue
and i cant bend it
i know its broken but i cant get ot the doctor my parents arnt home and i ...

 How long does it take to bleed to death?
say you have a rather large cut on your wrist, and its deep, how long would it roughly take for you to die?

im doing some research for a story, it doesnt have to be the right times, ...

 Omg i dont know what to do! help me!?
well i hurt my wrist.
i was messing aroudn with my friend he grabbed my arm(trying to take a basketball from me)and twisted my wrist all the way around.
now it hurts to write and it hurts ...

 I just punched myself accidentally,what should I do?
I don't know how it happened I was frustrated and I threw my ipod and it changed direction and hit me on my forehead.It hurts and it is swollen and I will be alone in the house for the next 24 ...

 Can a bee sting you and then stay alive?
If a bee stings you and then what happens? Can it stay alive?...

 I've cut my finger off?
I've cut my finger off, its only the tip of the little one, just after the last joint. I hate hospitals can I sow in on at home, will superglue work? I have a small metal rod and a drill, I ...

 When I stand up, I see all black?
I know people have asked this before.
But I want my own answer..
There case might be different.

When I stand up, I see all black.
Usually for about a minute.
I get ...

 Would Steve Irwin had lived if he had not pulled the barb out of his chest..?

Additional Details
Seems like to me he bleed out and that is why he died..If he had left it along until he gotten to the hosptial ...

 I am about to break my leg falling down the stairs any tips on how to definatly brake my leg?
i hate doing dance, football and i want a break from judo there is no other way i can get out of them i have tried the lot so i have to break my leg i am about to do it in a minute so can u give me ...

 Are daddy long legs poisonious but they dont know how to bite so they cant harm you?

 I need to break my arm. how should i do it????????

 Should I go to the hospital?
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 Is cracking your knuckles bad for you?
as i cracked my knuckels about 18 times today, i thought is cracking your knuckles bad for you??...

 Should i go to tha doctor?
3 days ago i was at a party at school, some how i ended up jumping and landing on my neck, my neck poped and then started swelling, im neck is still swollen and hurts. sometimes its hard to breath ...

 What is wrong with me? Please help!?
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 Did you ever slip and fall on ice?
What shoes were u wearing that made u fall?...

 My finger got stuck in a car door...?
Well i was at school this morning and i had my hand between the front and back door of my dads car so i could grab my backpack. Then the people sitting in the back seat slammed the door on my finger. ...

 Ladder fell on my toe, its bleeding and the nail is turning blue.?
I'm laying on the couch and already took some advil. Should I put some ice on it or no. It's really painful....

dont quote me on this but...
Where is your first scar and how did you get it?
Mine was when i was 3 - on my hairline - I pulled table on me in excitement lol! (i know dumb kid) I fell of one like a year later aswell and got small scar my lip lol!

My first scar is on my right elbow in the shape of a "u" My brothers were swing me around and around and than they would let go and I'd go flying. weeeeee.... it was so fun until I landed on a broken soda bottle. Its a wonder they didn't kill me!!

I have a scar on my forehead, I think i got it as a kid when i ran into a door to escape my mum putting a plaster on my knee as I had just fallen off a summer seat...i was abit of a disaster that day!
i also have one in the center of my right hand palm. I was writting a with a pencil when i was a kid and somehow it slipped and went into my hand...very sore and I still have the scar!

Sinead xox
When i was 7, i fell and cut my face off the corner of a table!! It's quite a faint scar though, it's on my right cheek!

I have one on the middle of my forehead. I took my first steps into a piano! :( lol.

It's kinda funny looking back on it. I had to get stitches, and everything.

my knees, always used to run every where and trip over.

on my forehead- 6 years old, mom said "don't sleep too close to the edge of the bed, you're gonna fall off in your sleep and crack your head open on the dresser!" woke up on the floor in a puddle of blood- had to get 6 staples.
since then i always listen to mom, she must be psychic or something-

My first scar is on my thighh
I was about 7 years old and playing with a clothes iron [ it was turned on ]
Someone came into the room and scared me and I dropped it on my leg.. =[

I had 2 at the same time. One near the eye and the other near my lip,on the right side of my face.I was like 7 or 8 and I got bit on the face by my anuts breagle,because he was laying on the blanket and I pulled it and he bit me.

On my lip my dad punched me.

my first scar is in the middle of my forehead running down towards my nose.
I started to walk early at nine months and I was about year old when I fell over in my grandparents garden.
I had it stitched up at the hospital and then fell over on it again and had to go back. Its quite a big scar too so I always have a fringe
this was the start of many accidents requiring stitches to my head which luckily most of them are covered by my hair. I was a very clumsy child

sage seeker
My first was on my arm - ran through the hall at school [although the nuns told us not to run] - hit the swinging door to the outside rear yard for recess; missed the door jamb and ran my arm through the glass window....OUCH!! Have a scar to this day where the glass cut my lower arm. This was 2nd grade

first 1.
ummm that'd b on my bottom lip.
playing tumble with my bro, he went 2 fall over the edge & down a 50 foot drop,
i saved him but couldn't save myself from biting the ground.
my teeth went thru my lip,
there's blood everywhere & my bros screaming his head off 4 mum & dad.
i got a hug & a half 4 saving him but sometimes i wish i'd let him go.
his screaming gave me the headache from hell!
wow & that's years ago & i remember it like it was yesterday.

When I was 8 years old in 1955 I had been to the Saturday Matinee to see a Batman film. On the way home my friends and I were copying Batman's antics and climbed onto the roof of a shed. I fell off and broke my arm. When the plaster was removed a few weeks later they pulled a piece of flesh off my wrist leaving a hole about half an inch in diameter over which a scar formed. It's still there 52 years later.

when i was 3 or something i was standing on a rocking horse for some reason, and i fell and hit my head on a window sill. so now i have a little scar above my left eye. :D

I don't remember getting it, but when I was around 18 -22 months, My mom was holding me and going out the door (unbeknownst to her I stuck my hand in the door frame, when she closed the storm door it cut off the tip of my finger 90%. Had to have it stitched on and I have the finger, its tip and a scar. First of many

just on top of my right eyebrow, i was 2 and apparently, i hit my face against a miror :&

Honestly, a large, 4 inch scar on my knee from knee surgery.

On my left arm. When I was two a rabbit scratched me at the daycare. It goes from my wrist to jusy below my elbow. It is very faint, but I remember it like it was yesterday. It burned!

mine might have been when i broke my arm when i was 5...i still have 2 scars from it.

The back of my head I was 3 and my mom said I was
on my tricycle and saw someone do a wheelie on the
their bike so I tried to do it with my tricycle. My mom
said I would have been fine except the sidewalk had
a crack in it and I flew backwards and busted my
head on the pavement.

Emily a.k.a. Depressed..
I have a huge scar on my foot from when I stepped on a broken glass cup when I was 5 and one on my index finger from when I had a Caterpillar in a glass jar and I tripped over a hose.
Me and glass weren't meant to be I guess..

Any body first scar is the one of abrical cord just at the centre of the stomach and one get it from the day of birth when he is separated from his/her mother. This remains symbolic for all over us throughout the years of our lives. It cannot be cured and disappear completely. Thanks for your interesting quest.

angela n
at the side of my eye. iwas around 3 or 4 and walking in my mams high heel shoes on the really fluffy carpets that were out yrs ago and i tripped and fell against the marble fireplace. nearly had my eye out i did. but you can't really notice the scar any more as it just blends in with the lines around my eyes!!

I have so many scars,I was always falling over as a kid! I think my first one was on my thumb when I cut the top of it nearly right off with a pair of scissors! Or else its the one on the knuckle of my middle finger when I got it stuck in the part of door frame where the catch of the door goes in.

mine was on my chin i was about 6 and my brother hit me in the face with a hammer (i know he was horrible to us!) I had to get 4 stitches

On my finger
From trying to make a pop up card off Art Attack
Stabbed myself with the scissors
Damn Neil Buchanan!!

not sure i think my butt, we had barbed wire fences and i was crawling through one and it bit me!

I was riding on the handlebars of my friend's bike and he tried to climb a curb and I went face first into the sidewalk. I needed three stitches in my lip and was starting college the next week. My ID had me with the stitches.

kyle g
mine when i was about 4 i was playing power rangers with my dad and i was running and tripped over my legs and hit my head on the corner of a wooden bed.

I still got the scar

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