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Whats wrong with me????
I just woke up from being knocked out for a few hours. I saw a girl and i thought she was a killer, and was trying to kill me. She said that shes not a killer, and that shes my girlfriend, and we are in love. i told her to go away from me. she ran out of the room crying. I dont really feel normal! i never thought this before. i can only remember that im a loser that has no friends. please! whats wrong with me??????

your a loser and have no friends,you said it yourself...oh and u disced your girlfriend,wich will probabley never forgive you...

You said it. You are a loser that has no friends. Good luck.

no comment

Twilight Series lover
omg i cant believe you did that! Well u obviously lost your sense when u got knocked out maybe she was ure gf and u just didnt remember she wasnt a killer

Wade N
Now, if you're just doing this because you're bored i advise you strictly not to do this... it is a very serious situation and not to be joked about. If this is all indeed on the up and up then your symptoms could be signs of acute depression, amnesia, or depending on your age alzheimers, demensia, or premature alzheimers and demensia. I would advise you to go set an appoinment with your regualr physician and tell him/her what you're experiencing. Use as many details as you possibly can. Sometimes we can be led to have others put words into our mouths that really aren't what we mean to say. Don't be afraid that you might be crazy as all of these above listed diseases all resort from chemical imbalances. It is a health condition and nothing else.

John F
You may have had a concussion. Try to remember the last thing that happened before you blacked out. Find someone you know (you must remember SOMEONE). Ask them what happened.

WHAT! ok mabey your were high on something and btw no one is a loser everyone has a reason for who they are and how they turned out.


You lost your memory?

are you trolling -.-

Mel Mo
You don't remember your girlfriend... but you remember your yahoo ID & password... hmmm...


dood, srsly?
if u honestly feel this way, GO TO A FOOKING HOSPITAL!
amnesia, perhaps.
but srsly, go now.

wait, how did u manage to remember your account password, and username, and how to work Y!A?

(: D.O.T :)
You either....
*On drugs
*Or you crazy

Disney Freak
OMG YOUR GUNNA BE A SUPER HERO!!! No just kidding ya. just a little humro.

Probably a little crazy in the head from beeing knocked out lol.

Maybe you should go to a therapist? I'm not sure what's wrong with you, I'm sorry...The only thing I can think of is that you're either on drugs, or someone drugged you. If it's neither, then I have no idea.
Good luck =/

When you say you were knocked out, do you mean hit on the head? If that is the case, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. You may have a mild brain trauma and should not be ignored. Amnesia and paranoid thinking are symptoms of head trauma.

If you were just "knocked" out, like sleeping, you still see a doctor. Whether your condition is drug induced or not, if you don't feel right then you need medical attention.

u might have amnesia and can't remember or it might have been a hallucination. go to the emergency room and have ur head checked out... concussion? brain damage? dude, ur not well!

Radi Cullen
ok so dude im pretty sure u have a gf casue if u go to ur yahoo profile you will see that u wrote about her and u have asked quite a few qs regaurding her on y/a and i have answered several of them so im sure u have a gf and that u love her...but it is very strange that you do not remember any of this, the best thing to do would be to go talk to a professional, a doctor a shrink anything that will help

kango reds fan
amnesia or you had one tooooooooo many or someone is playing a prank on u

Did you lose your memory? Go see a doctor.

amnesia u lost ur memory see a doctor or hospital

sounds like your little lover gave you a concussion- ask her who hit you over the head....

$pongebob Fan
did you do crack or drink liquor? (add details)

because that can usually cause lost of your memories it has happened to a friend of mines and she had occasionally loose her memories she had seen a doctor and the doctor had told her that she had to have certain medication before it went away.
she had felt slight head aces and eventually she had gotten better. but she still has slight memories but very minor such as things that normal people forget like "where did i put my keys?"

so that's what i think
or maybe someone had spiked your drink and thats why you have a hangover.

is this a joke ?
maybe you lost your memory ?
try asking other people
like your family and stuf....

All Smiles
You need some serious help. Get to the er and get psychiatric help quick.

Feel better soon.

***____ //_ \\_____***
u need to get urself checked asap

You may have a concussion. You should see a doctor cause it could cause brain swelling.

umm not tryna be rude but i think you should seriously consult a psychologist

ur syco killa!

you are suffering from depression

Jack D
stop taking drugs

it depends on if you were on anything that made you black out or not. Some medications mixed with alcohol can cause this or manic depression. Our serotonin levels in our brain are altered by these things and can cause many mood altering thoughts. You are not a loser and God does not make garbage, just hang in there and maybe look at yourself and surroundings of why you feel so bad there is help just ask for it.. good luck

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