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 My cousin just had a car accident she fractured 3 bones in her skull and has air in her brain will she make it
I need an answer....

 HELP please? Something wrong with my mom's stomach... any ideas?
my mom just finished eating this wild rice and now her stomach hurts really bad. it's not a poop or a throw up feeling, it just kills around her mid section around her ribs, even around her back....

 My coworker injured me while on the job. What should I do?
My coworker and another coworker were outside our offices. I had just returned from a restroom break and one of the coworkers said he wanted to show me something he had learned in Jujitsu class. He ...

 Which is worst a broken bone or a fracture?

 What's the worst injury you've suffered on vacation?

 What Bones have you broken?
I broke my #5 metacarpal (R) boxing and one of my ribs when a friend rugby tackled me into a hedge.
Additional Details
Oh yeh, forgot nose also!
notice how it's all the guys ...

 How long does a bruise last?
i got it on late friday.
my friend fell on her face first on her drive way, drunk.
its on her chin.
how long will this last?...

 Cant stop bleeding?
i drop a weight on my toe and now the nail wont stop bleeding it has for like 2 and a half hours how do i stop it? or what should i do, cant go to hosptial no insurance....

 Bruised during blood test?
is this ok for the hospital to do??because it doesnt look very nice really and im sure i heard they could get into trouble for this a i have a huge bruise on my wrist through this
Additional D...

 Whats wrong with me????
I just woke up from being knocked out for a few hours. I saw a girl and i thought she was a killer, and was trying to kill me. She said that shes not a killer, and that shes my girlfriend, and we are ...

 What would you do, how would you spend your time if you learned that you had only six months to live?

 Omg! i hit my hand on my pillloow really hard!?
i had a red mark on my hand! whats gonna happen? is it broken? help! im scared! plss sooo freaked out!
Additional Details
nevrmind actually i just hit my glove on the pillow i was ...

 Can you move your pinky finger only?
hold your hand flat with all your fingers straight. now try to bend your pinky with out your ring finger movin. i can not do it and it bothers ...

 Can broken bones heal themselves?
broken leg, broken arm, broken nose etc....

 What is the most painful accident that you have ever had?
Personally, the most painful accident was when I was walking alongside a road on the way home from a carnival. There was a little 'rope' along the side of the road to prevent you from ...

 I ate 30 thumb tacks, and now my stomach really hurts.?
I did it as part of a bet. I was just wondering if there is some kind of way to relieve some of the pain?
Additional Details
Yeah, I'm starting to cough up allot of blood, but it...

 HELP!! A bully said if I don't break or sprain my wrist he'll hurt me! HELP!!?

Additional Details
It's at home not school and if I tell someone he said he would kill me!...

 I injured my Knee and it feels like its swollen when i bend it, do i need to go to the doctor?
I think this injury occured when I twisted my knee playing basketball. It doesn't hurt or anything, it feels like it's swollen specially when I bend it. I have been icing it and elevating ...

 My brother cut me on my nose and it looks really bad+ i got school tommrow?
My brother cut me ion the nose thismorning and i already have a scab. :( what do I do to eaither cover it up or get rid of it with out making a scar. I have school tommrow. PLEASE HELP...

 I tried to hang myself a week ago, and now I'm having really bad, burning throat pains, what should i do?
I'm too embarrassed to go to the doctor, especially since I don't want to kill myself anymore.

Will I be okay?

Or have I done some serious damage?
Additional D...

voodoo chilled
Whats the most painful thing anyone has done to themselves?
mine are getting a bit of plastic jammed underneath my thumbnail, getting battery acid in my mouth and falling onto a ledge thing while trying to jump it banging my knee first off the edge then landing on my keys which were in my pocket i limped badly for a week

cracked my head open and i broke my leg

Mel G
when i was 14 i fell out of a bus window on the way home from school. I cracked my head open and smashed my kneecap in.

when i was like 7-9 not sure when but i was on the monkey bars and did a back flip and like always i had my tongue out and bit right through it and it fell off i had to get it stiched back on lol thats some crazy **** and to make that even more ****** up is i was awake the whole time not the business

I stuck my finger in a air-compressed vice, my foot skipped off the pedal that held it open. YEEEOUCH!!! My supervisor came over to ask if I was OK, I had on this work glove and she wanted me to take it off, be I kept refusing...I didn't want to see what I'd done to finger! - They had to stitch my fingernail back on, it's never grown right since. It hurt terribly, it's the only time I've ever hurt myself bad enought to make me cry...in my adult-life anyway.

3yo - I sliced my thigh open, down into the bone.
8 yo dropped a can of dog food onto my big toe (bare feet on conrete & the can was an old-fashioned one that had a seam, rather than being a 1 piece molding).
11-18yo 4 cracked ribs & approx 10-15 bruised ribs, playing rugger.
16yo - burned ther skin off the palm of my left hand, with a blowtorch.
30yo paragliding launch practise - closed spiral fracture of my right fibula - drove 50 miles home & walked round on it for 24 hours.

BUT the most pain I ever had was from various pinched nerves in my back - in 1994 I had 9 misaligned vertebrae in all parts of my back, with the worst being L5 & S1 going opposite directions. I've had various treatments. But I still get spasms & often sit down instead of falling down.

Well, having a blood gas taken is painfull, they ram a syringe into yur wrist and poke it around untill they find your artery. Ouch.

Not vary painfull but horrific to look at... I once slipped and my left arm went through a window. I have a 9 inch scar along my left fore arm and a few 2 inch scars along my inner wrist. It didnt hurt as the glass cut so deep it severed the nerves.

Almost cut off my bits shaving(still intact)
tripped over a door frame and ripped my big toenail off(hospital for 5 hours)
stood on a packet of drawing pins(hurt like fook)
and been stung on the bottom on my toe by a bee (paralised me for 2 hours)

I surpised your username's not lucky.

I went abseiling at the weekend and I hadn't put the harness on properly. One of the buckles dug into my thigh.

Trying to get over the parapet, I caught my meat and two veg on a lightning arrestor mount.

I then tried to get down quickly and managed to get rope burns on both hands.

Anna B
falling off my bike and falling into a wire fence it went into my hand as i went over the handle bars it really hurt i had to have a lot of stitches to mend it

breaking my arm three times
having dental work with no anesthetic.....dont ask
getting my finger slammed in a door
and giving up on relationships

Cheese Burger
giving birth with no pain relief oooouch!! and a really bad ear infection.

Big Ben
I was playing 3-2-1 and in as a kid and (wearing flip-flops). I jumped off a bank onto a lawn......and landed on a plank of wood with a big rusty nail sticking out of it.

Had to go to the doctors (with the wood nailed onto my foot) and have it removed. I had a hole in my foot for a long time....

One time I pushed a 12 inch nail into my eye and then I pounded on it with a hammer. Then I took an eye dropper and put rubbing alcohol in it and put it in the hole the nail made and squezzed it in my eye. That hurt so I thought i could get rid of the alcohol by burning it off so I lit a match and stuck that in my eye. I think I made a few bad choices that day. I hurt alot. I hate when I have days like that.

Well, ripping off my own fingernail on accident hurt. My fiancee let me run him over with the car as a dare. He said it was pretty painful, but they rigged up a ditch for them to lay in. Try that if you are a glutton for pain/and or psycho!

hyoerextended knee, torn acl, broken many bones. ouch too many to think of. I just got surgery friday for my hyp knee

ouch!! mine was when i was answering a question on yahoo answers, somehow some part of skin on one of my toes got ripped off and it was bloody.

Do you mean on purpose?

Connors mommy!
I was in colorguard for 4 years.During a winterguard season I had this awesome stunt I got to do in our show. I had to do a flip then roll onto my stomache. I started the flip then I landed wrong on my foot. I broke my ankle and 2 bones in my foot. I had to wear a cast for 8 weeks and have a pin put in my ankle. Not fun

sleeping with their mother in law

steve adams
fell out of a tree and broke my arm
on a concrete post in 2 places
when i was 12

I was lying in front of the fire waving my feet around like an idiot and then I accidentally rested my foot in the fire. It burnt through onto two of my toes, and I didn't notice for three seconds. That night my toe hurt absolutely loads.

Without a shadow of a doubt Child Birth without pain relief, but my lovely little girl was worth it!!

ate to much

jiao what happened did the computer fall on your foot?. anyway pain is the subject, try a triple by-pass, it dont half give you one for a few weeks or so, but everything passes with time and your bright and up there with it again in no time . just take it easy and these accidents wont happen unless your prone then theres no hope for you.

I didn't do it to me. A doctor did it to me. When I was pregnant I started getting constant nosebleeds. The doctor at the hospital cauterized the blood vessel deep in my nostril with a chemical on a long stick thing by putting this BURNING chemical onto it. It was like someone shoving a red hot poker into my nostril. I couldn't see for the tears. I would rather go through the birth again than that!!!

the most painful thing i did to myself was runing down a spiral staircase which was varnished, at 2 in the morrning to get to my telephone. well i missed the very first step at the top, fell to the bottom doubble dislocated my ankle and broke it in servel places either side. which ended up being plated and screws on one side of the ankle and pined the other side, i remained in platser cast for 8 weeks, in an intensese heat wave,yes it did bloody hurt.

which left me with an instabilty of my ankle and it constantly goes on me,.

about two years on i was in a night clb where i sliped and hurt the same ankle, fearing to look even more stupid i refussed any first aid or any help, so for 3 and half weeks i walked around on the ankle with intense pain, which i finaly gave up to the pain ent to a&e to finaly be put in plaster cast aagain yes you got it guys i was walking around with a broken ankle lol.

I got married........

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