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 HELP ME PLEASE....should i go to the hopital ( sorry bad spelling)?
im shakeing,i just got a nose bleed , my throut really hurts,and im getting dizzy....

 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! I just broke my leg clean in two!! What do I do now?!?!?
Heeeeeeelllp!! It bloody ruddy friggin hurts!!!!...

 I smoked pot a month ago and im taking a blood test tomorrow...?
Okay so It was the first time i smoked it and i did it on march 7th, I didnt smoke that much( i smoked a bowl not a blunt) and Im 5'6 135lbs if that matters. Im giving blood tomorrow, and im ...

 Can Someone Please Help its and EMERGENCY!!?
Ok i hurt my Pinky fingure for the

3rd time
Its swollen
black and blue
and i cant bend it
i know its broken but i cant get ot the doctor my parents arnt home and i ...

 How long does it take to bleed to death?
say you have a rather large cut on your wrist, and its deep, how long would it roughly take for you to die?

im doing some research for a story, it doesnt have to be the right times, ...

 Omg i dont know what to do! help me!?
well i hurt my wrist.
i was messing aroudn with my friend he grabbed my arm(trying to take a basketball from me)and twisted my wrist all the way around.
now it hurts to write and it hurts ...

 I just punched myself accidentally,what should I do?
I don't know how it happened I was frustrated and I threw my ipod and it changed direction and hit me on my forehead.It hurts and it is swollen and I will be alone in the house for the next 24 ...

 Can a bee sting you and then stay alive?
If a bee stings you and then what happens? Can it stay alive?...

 I've cut my finger off?
I've cut my finger off, its only the tip of the little one, just after the last joint. I hate hospitals can I sow in on at home, will superglue work? I have a small metal rod and a drill, I ...

 When I stand up, I see all black?
I know people have asked this before.
But I want my own answer..
There case might be different.

When I stand up, I see all black.
Usually for about a minute.
I get ...

 Would Steve Irwin had lived if he had not pulled the barb out of his chest..?

Additional Details
Seems like to me he bleed out and that is why he died..If he had left it along until he gotten to the hosptial ...

 I am about to break my leg falling down the stairs any tips on how to definatly brake my leg?
i hate doing dance, football and i want a break from judo there is no other way i can get out of them i have tried the lot so i have to break my leg i am about to do it in a minute so can u give me ...

 Are daddy long legs poisonious but they dont know how to bite so they cant harm you?

 I need to break my arm. how should i do it????????

 Should I go to the hospital?
I fell earlier and hit my arm, it hurts like a mofo and there is a bruise, I can still pick up stuff, but cant lean my arm on ...

 Is cracking your knuckles bad for you?
as i cracked my knuckels about 18 times today, i thought is cracking your knuckles bad for you??...

 Should i go to tha doctor?
3 days ago i was at a party at school, some how i ended up jumping and landing on my neck, my neck poped and then started swelling, im neck is still swollen and hurts. sometimes its hard to breath ...

 What is wrong with me? Please help!?
A couple of days ago I got out of bed and felt really light headed and dizzy.I fainted in my office and I went home. My temperature is 107 and I feel really really ill. I have severe stomach pains on ...

 Did you ever slip and fall on ice?
What shoes were u wearing that made u fall?...

 My finger got stuck in a car door...?
Well i was at school this morning and i had my hand between the front and back door of my dads car so i could grab my backpack. Then the people sitting in the back seat slammed the door on my finger. ...

What is the worst injury you have ever had?
i have just fallen off my chair and am now sat here with a f**ked up shoulder, elbow and wrist, oh and my big toe.( i was trying to reach my cat marley but was too lazy to get up off the chair). however clumsy i am i have managed to get to the age of 26 without a broken bone. have you been as lucky?

i snapped both my ankles wen i was about 21. i was drunk and fell down some stairs. one was so badly broken i had to get a metal plate put in it. i was in hospital like 8 weeks and it was awful. i was so sick.

stepping off a curb and spraining my ankle so bad I tore the tendons (right phrase?) in my ankle. It took a year for it to get better.

Multiple motorcycle wrecks at low or near to low speed - I cracked some metatarsals in my left foot - knocked a lot of skin off here and there - bone bruises - Pain wise the road rash - was unbearable - when changing the dressings you could hear me scream two blocks away. That was with pain killers.

Ouch. - but ya gotta love them bikes.

i know someone who snapped their knee in two places playing pool

Tom Da Bomb
i had a broken heart it hurts more than any broken bones even that time when i tryed to kiss a racoon out of a dare

I have neve had a broken bone either at 39. a broken hart yes, and it took forever to heal, a cliche i know, but you live and learn.

I hurt my neck in a car accident and spent a week off work

Ouch :(

yep 29 and no broken bones for me!!!! Worst injury was when i got jumped by about 15 blokes when i was 17. They were about 25ish, mistaken identity apparntly! I took a damn good kicking, but i live on to tell the tale!!!!!!!
"you can knock me down but i just get straight back up again"

it was either a broken heart or when I broke my leg in 2 places just below the knee cap on a friday the 13th ...the bad thing about my leg when I used to get drunk I fell all the time , the first time I fell while sober I broke my leg

Badly ripped Achilles tendon after a Car accident last August, and Im still suffering yet, I'm actually waiting on surgery to get it repaired.

I remember when I was 14 or something ... I fell on my face ( lip precisely ) .. and the skin above the lip was torn up ... I had about 4 or 5 stitches ... It was painful like hell to get the stitches

My worst injury that I've ever had - my heart got broken. It takes a long time to recover from that injury!

Complety smashed my elbow up at the age of five. Was in hospital for 6 weeks had my 6th birthday in there. Everything i do is always on my right side. Broken rist twice, my elbow. dislacated my shoulder and cracked a knuckle on my left hand. Touch wood it was all when i was a child and been lucky as an adult.

clumsy 2-left-footed-fool. mine was when my so called best friend laura came after me with a catapult and pinged a hive full of wasps into my head... I still have the scars now... but I have planned my revenge... i'm just biding my time...

Pete Sweet
I chopped the end of my thumb off with a big circular saw when I was younger, no broken bones to date [touches wood!]


Troubled Joe(the ghost of)
i once was decapitated by a piece of steel wire my brother had rigged at neck height when i was a child. my quick thinking mother quickly packed my head in ice and rushed my headless body in a taxi to the hospital. they managed to sew it back on and restart my heart. three cheers for the national health service.

Scotty Wrotem
Massive Inguinal Hernia.
Just had the op to repair it.
Ouchy ouch ouch.
Should have had a general anasthetic i suppose.

broke my finger as a kid with a bowling ball

My ankle ligaments.

surgical scrub in my eye.

Worst Injury - The only thing I can think of is jumping on a trampoline and let's just say I landed half and half over the metal bar - YOUCH! (I'm a girl)

c p
when I was 2 yrs old I fell down the cellar steps and fractured my skull.....the only brolen bone I've had in my 45 yrs of life

Evil Snow White
When I was 12 I fell against a wall & scraped my face up it....
I totally severed my upper lip & my nose was only hanging on by a thread & I broke most of my front teeth! When I closed my mouth you could still see my teeth.... It was totally gross & very distressing.
Many visits to the plastic surgeon in my teens but am still scarred... I can do a mean "Elvis" lip though!!

Yes, nothing broken or sprained (knock on wood.) But I'd say the worst was falling into a kerosene heater and getting burned on my right elbow at 4 years old.

kitty fresh & hissin' crew
The only thing I have ever broken is my clavicle. Two times.

my worst injury is a tiny cut!

Karen C
I tripped over my own shoe lace and broke my nose when i was 15.I was trying to impress this really cute guy and coz i wasnt looking where i was going i fell over and bashed me nose off a wall

i had my head stitched by the surgeon, there was anesthesia so no pain, but hell i can feel the needle and thread go through, i felt i was a doll getting sewn.

Jumped over a fence into a field barefoot onto a rusty metal spike sticking out of the ground right into the arch of my foot - really sore

I've got a permanent scar on my left hand, 2nd fingertip where the neighbour's rabbit bit me at age 5.

I broke my left radius (the smaller one in the forearm) at age11, messing about in the garden.

I slipped on some sap on a freshly cut treestump and impaled myself, between the ribs on the right side of my body with a torn off branch root at 13(ish). Left a permanent scar, but very luckily pierced no organs.

I once ran into a load of twigs on a tree branch on a night exercise and sliced my eyelid open, age16/17. No permanent marks.

I've got a "nike tick" shaped permanent scar on my right hand from an injury I gained working on aircraft (not sure exactly how, but it looks pretty cool) at age 21/22

Also at around the same time, I pulled my achilles tendon in my left foot while covering the fire strikes, not too major it seems, but it was when I had to limp all the way from Hull to Kent on the railway network with 2 huge bags and a very painful ankle! the foot tunnels take a long time to walk along in those conditions!

I've got a permanent scar on my right kneecap from a friction burn that happened while on a water flume in Akrotiri, Cyprus at age 23.

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