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 How to break my own arm . . . . or wrist???
How do i break my arm or wrist or ankle???
Don't ask why....

 How do i break my thumb or wrist easly to avoid work? my manager wants to see the x-ray?

 Hot Vs Cold?
Alot of people have different opinions on hot and cold application to injuries.Which one works better?...

 Would you cut your own leg off for a £million?

 Babies found in dumpster?
How you feel when you see babies in the dumpster? like how does one sleep?
NO I don't know what it feels like to have a baby and not be able to take care of it, no I don't know what ...

 HELP ME PLEASE....should i go to the hopital ( sorry bad spelling)?
im shakeing,i just got a nose bleed , my throut really hurts,and im getting dizzy....

 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! I just broke my leg clean in two!! What do I do now?!?!?
Heeeeeeelllp!! It bloody ruddy friggin hurts!!!!...

 I smoked pot a month ago and im taking a blood test tomorrow...?
Okay so It was the first time i smoked it and i did it on march 7th, I didnt smoke that much( i smoked a bowl not a blunt) and Im 5'6 135lbs if that matters. Im giving blood tomorrow, and im ...

 Can Someone Please Help its and EMERGENCY!!?
Ok i hurt my Pinky fingure for the

3rd time
Its swollen
black and blue
and i cant bend it
i know its broken but i cant get ot the doctor my parents arnt home and i ...

 How long does it take to bleed to death?
say you have a rather large cut on your wrist, and its deep, how long would it roughly take for you to die?

im doing some research for a story, it doesnt have to be the right times, ...

 Omg i dont know what to do! help me!?
well i hurt my wrist.
i was messing aroudn with my friend he grabbed my arm(trying to take a basketball from me)and twisted my wrist all the way around.
now it hurts to write and it hurts ...

 I just punched myself accidentally,what should I do?
I don't know how it happened I was frustrated and I threw my ipod and it changed direction and hit me on my forehead.It hurts and it is swollen and I will be alone in the house for the next 24 ...

 Can a bee sting you and then stay alive?
If a bee stings you and then what happens? Can it stay alive?...

 I've cut my finger off?
I've cut my finger off, its only the tip of the little one, just after the last joint. I hate hospitals can I sow in on at home, will superglue work? I have a small metal rod and a drill, I ...

 When I stand up, I see all black?
I know people have asked this before.
But I want my own answer..
There case might be different.

When I stand up, I see all black.
Usually for about a minute.
I get ...

 Would Steve Irwin had lived if he had not pulled the barb out of his chest..?

Additional Details
Seems like to me he bleed out and that is why he died..If he had left it along until he gotten to the hosptial ...

 I am about to break my leg falling down the stairs any tips on how to definatly brake my leg?
i hate doing dance, football and i want a break from judo there is no other way i can get out of them i have tried the lot so i have to break my leg i am about to do it in a minute so can u give me ...

 Are daddy long legs poisonious but they dont know how to bite so they cant harm you?

 I need to break my arm. how should i do it????????

 Should I go to the hospital?
I fell earlier and hit my arm, it hurts like a mofo and there is a bruise, I can still pick up stuff, but cant lean my arm on ...

What is the most painfullest thing that has ever happened to you?

donno....nothing has hurt so bad that it scarred me for life, tho i've broken my wrist, gotten my finger chopped off in a door, and had my head cracked open by a baseball bat. menstrual cramps are horrible tho :)

joe perkinstein
Running out of budweiser and women one night in hanoi during the war..

My beautiful tiny perfect love of my life mother of our three wonderful girls went for a ride with an aquaintence on his new harley..... He broadsided a bus at 85 mph.. She was the last thing that went through his brain, and there wasnt enough left to bury

his angel
My childhhood.

18 year old jumped on my head when i was 8 & under a trampoline.i dont remember it but it had to be painful

reading your horribly asked question. a little grammar never hurt anyone.

Reading this question.

♥due January 1st
1.thrombosed haemorrhoids


3.giving birth

Sarah GB
No fair. You gotta disclose yours first.

beryl c
Telling my children, aged 14 and 17 that their dad was dying from cancer

Kiki Joy
ovarian cyst

One time i went to sit on a bed and missed and struck my tailbone on the wooden frame. You can not imagine the pain, it was paralyzing like being electrocuted and lasted for 2 weeks. I couldn't even walk without pain shooting through my tailbone and up my spine. It was like having painful conscious seizures.

Chri R
When my hearth broke in 2 pieces.

getting a "catheter"


being trapped between two lorries by your legs for four hours

The most painful physical pain for me was being in labour for 48 hours, but at least you get something good at the end of it. Mental pain is far worse, I'd say the worst pain of all is when someone close to you dies

Nipple piercings - they make a little crunching noise because there's a tendon in your nip. I don't quite know if that counts, as it was self-induced...hm. In the future, though, it'll be giving birth :) I really want babies.

I think when i passed a kidney stone. No fun for us guys. Especially when the put the tube you know where and do not use much pain killer. That was awlful

Carlette D
physical pain having my children
emotional pain - having my heart broken

El Teke
Wow! And I kept on complaining about an ingrown toe nail!

dislocated my thumb. it was facing back to my wrist touching my arm . it took my father two times to yank it back hurt soooo bad i was laughing

I got meningitis and the headaches were UN-bare able
I never knew you could hurt like that

when i was in my car accident and the passenger side window blew out and glass went into my right ear and bounced out. the cleanup at the ER was painful and the cuts and scabs hurt. it left a lasting effect, loud noises make my ear hurt soo bad. the eardrum is most likely damaged from the loud pop the window made when it shattered.
i also fell on my elbow hard. it wasnt broken but i couldn texten my arm fully straight for about a week and a half.

markos a
i dont remember i erased those memories with drugs.... hahaha

monkey f
I had several episodes of passing out and Doctors kept telling me it was stress related. In one instance I passed out and landed on my knee and crushed it into several pieces. I have never felt that much pain. They found out the passing out was due to my heart stopping and installed a pacemaker. The knee even 5 years latter is painful and causes problems

Not making it to the hospital in time to get an epidural or receive painkillers, and giving birth to my son naturally. Can you say "OOOOW"? lol

When I was 14 I got hit by a car on the fourth of July and had to spend three days in the Hospital.

Lost my parents and only brother in three years......... all separate illnesses ...........

Seeing the word painfullest used in a sentence.

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