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What does it mean when your finger turns white and goes numb?
Ok, so im the kind of person who never gets cold. It was probably about 40 out this morning, and i was talking with some friends when my middle finger turned snow white and went numb, i put it under the dryer in the bathroom, then ran it under hot water, nothing happened, so i rubbed it for 15 minutes and it finally got the color back, but even now, hours later, it still feels a little stiff and abnormal. Is it just bad circulation or what?

Kyle D
there is hardly any blood going through

yep its a circulation problem.

take the finger next to it- press your finger nail real hard with your other index finger and thumb. if the skin under your fingernail stays white for more than 1/2 second then there is something wrong.

It sounds more like frost bite.
How long were you out there?
You might want to get it checked out by the doctor if you still can not feel it.

-40 or 40
im in canada sooo -40 is understandable

Maybe you should ask the doctor.

And stop TYPING. Jesus.

yes-- your circulation did go bad- perhaps your hands were colder than you thought or felt-- it shouldn't have take that long for just your finger to regain the circulation-- if you experience this too often you should go to the doctor.

You need to look at this

Areas affected by Raynaud's phenomenon may:

Feel cold or numb, as if they have fallen asleep.
Turn white and then, as warming begins, change to blue and red or change directly from white to red.
Turn blue, then red with warming. As colors develop, the affected areas may throb, ache, tingle, or feel cold or numb.
The hands, feet, nose, and ears can be affected by Raynaud's phenomenon. Raynaud's may affect one finger or several. Even nipples may be affected. In one series of cases, mothers with Raynaud's experienced nipple pain during breast feeding. 1

sounds like theres no circulation
dosent sound normal

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