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Rachel K
What do i do??? help!?
i accidentally cut my toe off with a nail clipper! i think i see bne! what do i do?!?!?
Additional Details
if you hadn't already guessed, i'm just kidding! thank god...

Save it for soup! Makes a great broth.

hi (=
LMAOO i think your lying!! ;)
but if your not go 2 the hospital!!!!!!

A: your lying
B: a nail clipper isn't sharpe enough to cut of a toe
C: no one will believe you

DEFINATELY GET MEDICAL ATTENTION!!! you dont want it to get infected. Or any more hurt than it already is.get to a doctor//hospital ASAP! ohhh && how did you cut your toe off with a nail clipper! lol. good luckkkk. && maybe they could sew part of your skin back on. idk. or do something :]

Danja P
Well call me when we invent a toe-clipper that strong.

doctor/hospital... get some help!

Go to the hospitaStupid

Put the part of your toe that isn't....attached in ice and get to a hospital!

Wooglet Voot
First do not panic. Then get the piece of your toe and put it on ice. Now find a magnifying glass and a needle and thread.
Examine the piece of toe for nerve ending because you are going to sew them together.

Get a disposable approximator for approaching nerve-endings particularly to facilitate sewing and replacement of injured nerves. The disposable approximator according to the invention comprises surgical metal hooks (3) known in the artwork. The approximator has a sliding leg (1) made of a synthetic material suitable for sanitary and surgical purposes. One surface thereof is designed with a structural formation allowing unidirectional displacement. At the end of the sliding leg (1) lying in direction of motion a fixed carrier-console (2) is arranged, into which one or more surgical metal hooks (3) are built-in that their ends are facing the direction of motion. Onto the sliding leg (1) a slide (4) is arranged, movable towards the fixed carrier-console (2), with a clearance enabling displacement. One or more surgical hooks (3) are built-in into the slide (4) so that their ends are facing the fixed carrier-console (2). In the inside of the slide (4) there is a structural formation allowing only unidirectional displacement of the slide (4) arranged on the sliding leg (1).


During a recent open muscle biopsy to determine which type of
Mitochondrial Myopathy I have, my surgeon accidently cut one of the
nerves that controls sensation down the front of my thigh. So now I have
loss of feeling from the surgery site on the front of my left thigh down
to just below my kneecap area. I realize that in relation to the rest of my
illness, the aspect of having no feeling in this part of my leg is
relatively not critical, but I am curious as to whether a nerve that
has been severed like that will or can ever re-connect??
I did not think to ask my surgeon at the time as he was busy
explaining to me how since he had cut the nerve and did not know
the exact whereabouts of the nerve ends, he was not going to sew
my fascia layer closed. And thereby not only would I have to be
extremely careful not to stress or bend my left leg for at least
the following 30 days but if I was to ever loss any weight for the
rest of my life, I would have a large bulge of herniated muscle
sticking out of the front of my leg. At that moment as I lay on
the OR gurney realizing from my surgeons serious tone of voice
that I was not in for an "easy time" the next 30 days and being
only 41 and being told of having to have reconstructive surgery
on my leg if I wanted to lose weight, I was too busy absorbing it
all to think to ask any questions. My surgeon is 100 plus miles
away at a large teaching hospital and although I have called twice
and left this simple question with his secretary I have not heard back in
the past 2 months since the biopsy. So short and sweet...
Do cut nerves such as mine ever re-grow together so feeling comes back??
And other than the muscle bulge if I lose weight, now that the 30
days since the operation are up do I need to worry about my so called
fascia not being sewn together?
Thank you so very much for any help you may share with me. I have
done extensive searches for these answers on the Internet but with no
success up till now, and I am hoping your expertise will point
me in the right direction.

go to the hospital????????????

emergency room pronto they put it back go go go now!!!!

how do you cut your toe off with a nail clipper?? well, go to the hospital- duh!

Go to the emergency room that need med care NOW~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what with a nail clipper? GO RIGHT AWAY YO THE ER

If you cut your toe off with a nail clipper, you obviously wouldn't be ruc=shing to the computer to ask people what you should do. c'mon common sense!!! seek medical help!

Go to the emergency room now!!!!

I agree with the consensus of going to the hospital

but I won't call you stupid :)

go to hospital.........

Dr. Jeah
Take a sterile dressing (or clean surface) and press it to the top of the toe which has cut. This will control any bleeding you might have. Depending on the size of the amputated part, you'll want to place it in a bag (and place that bag in another bag, iced) and go to the hospital. However, if it is only small your main concern is bleeding. Control that with direct pressure, and fight infection using medication such as Aspirin.

Dr. James Jeah MD

If you are even thinking about what to do, I think it must be okay, not as bad as you think.

If it is too bad to bear , then you would know about it.

Cannot see for the life of me how your toe was cut off, as my nail clippers only just fit on the nail !!!!!!

Happy Festive season, lets hope no body finds the toe in the xmas pud !!!!!

pro life<3
okay you cant cut your toe OFF with a nail clipper;; but if you cut your toe open and can see bone go to the doctor and get stiches it may be to deep. Also the doctor may advise a tetnu shot.

well u should try going to the doctor...

outch get to hospital quick now go!

first of all HOW IN THE WORLD DID YOU CUT OFF YOUR TOE WITH A NAIL CLIPPER!!!!!???? Second of all its kinda obveious what to do... GO TO THE FREAKING HOSPITAL!

lost again
consult a doctor immediately!!

van kedileri
Walgreen's should be open late, this being the Buy Season. Go and purchase a new clipper as most likely the old one will be dulled by the bone cutting

Are you blind? How did you not know you were cutting off ur toe? Go to the hospital silly.

First off i don't think that nail clippers are sharp enough to cut off your toe. Second, if you really did "cut off your toe" why would you come on the internet and ask what you should do on yahoo answers? Go to the hospital would be most people's first thought especially if you think you see bone.

Mitchell H
ur lieing but if u did see bone go to the hospital duh

Rose D
LMFAO you`re lying! maybe you accidently cut your nail too deep? LOL it`s cool, it happened to me once. just put a band-aid over it & it`ll grow back in like a week. otherwise, um yeah please go to the ER!

Summer has been a blast!
Well I think that you should calla friend or relative to bring you to the emergency room immediately to get it checked out! Don't panic, stay calm and got to the doctor! Of your family or friends can't help to give a ride take a cab or taxi or bus something! Good luck and Mrry Christmas

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