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 I ate 30 thumb tacks, and now my stomach really hurts.?
I did it as part of a bet. I was just wondering if there is some kind of way to relieve some of the pain?
Additional Details
Yeah, I'm starting to cough up allot of blood, but it...

 HELP!! A bully said if I don't break or sprain my wrist he'll hurt me! HELP!!?

Additional Details
It's at home not school and if I tell someone he said he would kill me!...

 I injured my Knee and it feels like its swollen when i bend it, do i need to go to the doctor?
I think this injury occured when I twisted my knee playing basketball. It doesn't hurt or anything, it feels like it's swollen specially when I bend it. I have been icing it and elevating ...

 My brother cut me on my nose and it looks really bad+ i got school tommrow?
My brother cut me ion the nose thismorning and i already have a scab. :( what do I do to eaither cover it up or get rid of it with out making a scar. I have school tommrow. PLEASE HELP...

 I tried to hang myself a week ago, and now I'm having really bad, burning throat pains, what should i do?
I'm too embarrassed to go to the doctor, especially since I don't want to kill myself anymore.

Will I be okay?

Or have I done some serious damage?
Additional D...

 How do i pierce my bellybutton myself?
Theres quite a few questions like mine but can someone actually go through every step of how to peirce my own bellybutton. When its infected how long will it take me to notice its infected and how ...

 HELP! What happens if i sniff glitter?
by mistake ... I dont think It was much .... but I gurgled and I can still feel a bit of it ... lol, will I die?
Additional Details
lol ... me and my friends were making tee-shirts for ...

 My 3 year old hit head on concrete from 2 feet in the air. has big swollen bruise. Go to Hospital or not?
my 3 year old hit head on concrete from 2 feet in the air. has big swollen bruise. Go to Hospital or not?
Additional Details
I posed this question because I am arguing with my husband.......

 Keep finger from hurting tomorrow morning?
ok i hurt my finger earlier today trying to grab someone. its all swollen now but it really isn't in pain. i KNOW its gonna hurt like hell tomorrow morning tho. is there anything i can do to ...

 How to stop nose bleeding?
i have been having nose bleed very often since 4 years old, and now i m 15.

the nose bleeding happens as often as at least once a month.

I just had one this morning, and ...

 Help I was just in a car accident 30min ago can anyone help me with something?
I was just in a bad car accident, I was in the back seat, didn't have my seat belt on (I know I'm stupid), in a van. The paramedics got me all scared about me possibly having a concussion.....

 What has my mom done??? -_-?
hi, my mom about an hour to 2 hours ago banged her hand really hard on the corner of the table and went a bit "icky" and dizzy, but she said it didnt really hurt...after supper though she ...

 Is my Boyfriend ok?????
He acidently hit the door in his face, and fell, and hit his head. I checked his pulse to see if he was still alive. he was still breathing, but he has been out for a few hours! I put a pack of ice ...

 I cut myself while chopping onions...ouch!?
i cut myself pretty bad on my finger...its not like REALLY BAD...but its quite deep, it scared me at first, and the blood keeps gushing out...i wrapped a bandage around it, two actually and i can ...

 Ouchhiee i ran into a door?
it hurts and now i have a bruise on my leg :9

haa do u ever do ...

 What is the worst injury you had?

 What is wrong with my leg??
I have this really bad pain on my upper part of my left leg. I cant really lift it very high. I cant walk proper. I do a lot of kick boxing, and grappling, but I came home from class and i was ...

 Medical name for kneecap?

 I keep getting headaches when i wake up without going to the doctors does anybody have any ideas?
Its two lots of pain straight across my forehead and back of my head.
Additional Details
I have recently had my eyes tested all fine and my p illows are new!...

 HELP! My bf been bite by a brown LOCUS SPIDER!!?
yesterday my bf was bite by a spider and we caught it and hes pretty sure it was a brown locus spider ( we can send a picture ). HE thinks theyre poisonious but IDK if it is he says his arm has been ...

Coach E!
What's the worst injury you've suffered on vacation?

Gayle L
I suffered a broken heart!

I tripped and scraped my knee up really bad when I was younger.



I'm pasty white (I like to think porcelain) & I got sunburned about nine years ago while out boating on the river.....It didn't seem hot out because of the breeze.....

The burn was so bad that there were huge blisters (gross)
& I couldn't get dressed for a couple of days....

now we have an 8year old....hmmmm


well the last real vacation i had i was 12, and we went to florida. i had my period so that was suffering enough for me.


stung by a jellyfish when i was only 12 in Fla.,,,,,horrible pain!

my brother tried to drown me once, we were at the beach and there was a path down to the sea, but the tide was coming in so the path was more in the sea but it was raised out of the water (it's hard to explain) and my brother pushed me off into the water, and I hit the rocks on the sea bed, so I spent the rest of the holiday covered in cuts, like every inch of me.

juz an ordinary gal :)
I haven't suffered any injury on vacation. The only thing real bad that has happened to me happened at a friends house. Half of my tooth broke off. My front tooth!! Stupid tredmill..... that was a few years ago

I went into the ER with abdominal pain and ended up getting rushed into ER surgery to have my ovary removed b/c it was twisted and cutting off blood flow.....

wow well when I was at the beach, I pulled me oblic ( the mucsels around your rip cage) and both my hip flexers

Julie H
I cut my finger deeply and didn't go to the hospital because I knew it was going to be really expensive in a vacation city. So, it was still bleeding 8 days later when I got home. I poured peroxide over it and sewed up the wound myself with a needle and K-Mart white thread. I poured more peroxide over it and took out the thread in 4 days. It is a perfect sewing job! Glad I didn't waste the money or vacation time.

char the brat
Went to the Caribbean on a Carnival cruise and our last day, which was a full day at sea, laid out on deck all day and got the worst sunburn of my life. But I wanted everyone to know I had been to the Caribbean, and wanted the tan to prove it. That'll teach me. lol

Silver Phoenix
my worst injury was when i was like, 5 or 6, when me and my family went swimming at a public recreation place and i scraped my knee on one of the stone steps underwater. it started to bleed badly, so my dad had to carry me out and get it bandaged, but hardly any blood got in the pool. u didn't even notice it, it was just a little trace. i couldn't swim for the rest of the time there >=

Had a cold before I left on vacation, which continued through the vacation.

When I was 15 my family here in Washington state went East to Nebraska for a family reunion. We stopped at Yellowstone, Wind Caves, the Deadwood mines, Mt. Rushmore, and other historical places.

One day we visited Devil's Tower and my cousins and I were climbing on some rocks near the base. I slipped - the 80s were not noted for practical women's footwear! - and broke my big toe on a large boulder. One of my cousins immediately stripped the rest of her popsicle from it's stick, broke it in half and called for some duct tape - she'd seen this in school when someone broke a finger.

My father still refers to this time as "the day I tried to kick Richard Dreyfuss' ***". :P

None luckily

We drove from Michigan to Kentucky to visit my cousin who had recently been in a terrible accident. He felt bad for us spending our vacation having a boring time with him so he took us to his father in-laws property where there was something "we were sure to enjoy". So.....for some reason.... I thought I could handle this zip line. I climbed up the ladder to the platform, grabbled the handlebars and I was supposed to hang on for about 100 yards through the woods until I got to the lake... then drop in. Instead, as soon as I started, my hands slipped off the handlebards and I dropped about 12 ft, landing on both feet. I broke both feet, ankles and sprained both knees. After we finally left the hospital I had to ride home, laying down in the backseat of the car for our 10 hour drive home. I had to be carried into the restrooms and up the 3 flights of stairs to my apartment for weeks. I had my cast, cruches and physical therapy for about a year and a half after that. Believe me when I say "I will never, ever try that again!" =>}

ωђíςρєr ღ
Wow, clumsy girl can't think of any except the first time I got stung by a bee. It was behind my ear, and we found out the hard way I am allergic, so I got to see an emergence room in Colorado. Oh Colorado, that reminds me... My best friend and I had a snowball fight in Estes Park one year, she threw one and it went right in my eye. It was scary cause, I don't know if it was just from the cold or what but if took a few minutes before I could see out of that eye again. lol oops! I soooo nailed her back once it was all good again!

Sheilla W
Car accident, hurt back sooo bad that i couldnt do anything but lay in bed.....

My husband and I were going on a cruise to Alaska and took our SIL along who was wheel chair bound. I had taken a nasty fall down some stairs in San Diego just before we got on the ship so I found myself in a wheel chair and getting x rays on the cruise ship. I had torn a ligament . My husband had his hands full dealing with two of us in wheel chairs and sea sickness to boot!

Jellybean is having a baby bean
I'm allergic to mosquito bites and I got one on my hand. My whole hand swelled up and I couldn't bend any of my fingers. I was in Epcot all day at the time with no Benadryl until that night...ugh! SO ITCHY!

I hurt my back tearing out a cement porch. We were on vacation in Wyoming visiting my mother. Was down for two days with spasms

None. No injuries that is. An illness yes. Double ear infection and strep throat while I was 4 months pregnant vacationing in Northern Wisconsin. Not a happy time!

Draconian Fan
I fractured both of my arms from a fall in the playground when i was 13 years old

none, but I do have an injury story to tell.

When I was in 7th grade, my softball team had gone down to Tampa for the Softball State and the first night there, we were all coming back from eating and going to KMart to do a little shopping and I had my cheerleading shoes on and we were on our way to our hotel rooms to put our swimsuits on and I tripped in the parking lot and knocked a tooth out. I also had braces, so it looked like a train had derailed. So I ended up at the hospital. And they tried to shove my tooth back in my mouth and it came back out later. But the hospital kept harassing my parents for money and they had already paid the bill. Anyway, the next morning I had to go to my orthedontics and get my braces fixed and everything was fine after that. I forgot one thing, I was fine, until I saw the blood. That kind of scared me a little. And when the tooth got shoved back up in my mouth it hurt so bad I nearly broke the hand of one of our chaperones, who happened to be my teacher at the time and her husband was a coach. When my tooth came out I was scared to go back to the hospital, but they didn't.
But the next day, when I was back home, one of my other team mates got herself hurt as well. So it was almost like a chain reaction. And she just had butterfly bandages on her arm. She had cut it on metal of something in a river where they were after being StateChamps.
But that's my story.
Oh, and I have a false tooth in place of the one that didn't stay.

Meredith C
While I didn't sustain any injuries, I almost lost my life while on a vacation to Acapulco with my family. I was about 11 and decided to go wade in the Pacific Ocean. I took my waterproof camera, and left on my visor and glasses. I had horrible vision (since laser corrected) and this was before I was allowed to have contacts (we're talking -8 in each eye).
What I didn't count on was the undertow. After wading for a bit, I decided to go back to shore, but I was caught in the undertow. I kept getting swept further and further back. My Dad was yelling at me from the shore and my aunt was jumping around like a crazy person. I started to struggle to stay afloat and cried for help. My life was saved by two Mexican surfers. Right as they got to me, a wave came and took my glasses off my face. I felt them at my leg, but was unable to get to them. One of them put me on their board and they took me back to shore. I owe my life to two Mexican surfers.

I could tell you about my trip to the Mexican eye doctor (no one in my family spoke Spanish) to get new glasses, but I'll save that for another time.

I stepped on a bee and it stung inbetween my toes, I had to go to a hospital cause we didnt know I'm alergic. So I couldn't walk or swim for 2 days!

Got in a argument and this person bit a piece of my tongue off........

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