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young ugs
Stuck up bum. It really hurts, urgent help required?
I nipped out to the shop for a pack of cigs, and theres this homeless guy i always pass on my way, i always say hello and make a comment on the weather, just to be nice to him, but he always just turns his nose up to me and sometimes just tells me to piss off. This is one snobby, stuck up bum.

Normally such things wouldnt bother me, but as we are entering the season of goodwill i expect a little kindness in return. I know it shouldnt hurt so bad but it does.

What would you do?

buy him some cider

Put yourself in his shoes how would you feel being a bun on the street for xmas, get him a bottle of booze and wish him "happy holiday" They drink to keep warm by the way not coz there alcis

why dont you just ignore the horrible person he doesnt deserve for you to talk to him he is a ignorant man

funny someone mentioned cider, i know someone who had to use a bottle as a toilet, hence his job as a cab driver. left it in a cider bottle for the local tramps at the park.

very short skirt, no knickers. Walk past very slowly

Jack c
If he's really stuck up perhaps you need to relax more around him, perhaps share a drink with him, that might Loosen you up a little and make your encounters a little easier. If it hurts you so much I think maybe you should consider a different route alltogether, is there a back alley nearby thats frequently used by others, you could nip down there.
Bums can be a real pain in the a$$.

Suzanne G
leave him alone. if he wanted to talk to you he would. its his choice to live on the streets. if you feel bad give him a blanket and food. there are shelters and charities he can access if he wanted to.

dont say hello

Until you get that bum and remove that pain in the ****, there is going to be a whole pile of trouble. Maybe even more. Don't let it bother you. Buy an incontinent dog and just casually walk past him repeatedly. And take plenty of water for Hozer for dehydration and re-hydration.

You say hi and comment to him about the weather but do you ask him how his day is? or with this cold weather you are commenting on he is outside living in it. Get him a cup of coffee to warm up. Your the one with a home and family this time of year.

Wish him Merry Christmas give him a sandwich and just keep moving. This way you did your part to show kindness and you'll both be better off for it. Even if he dosen't acknowledge it or realize it.

Graham H
Give him his right to privacy. He isn't encroaching on your life, you are encroaching on his.

give up smoking

sharon m
It may be the season of good will but don't expect kindness from everyone. Rise above it and show kindness and goodwill yourself no matter how painful!

dont let it bother you

"There, but for the grace of God, go I."

Dirty D
I do not donate money to bums. They are just going to use the money to buy crack or booze. For some odd reason they also get upset if you suggest they turn to a church or homeless shelter to help them or if you offer them old clothes to keep warm. I guess because priests don't peddle dope and they can't smoke a sweater.

Why on earth are you calling a homeless person a snobby, stuck up bum?You are right we are entering the season of goodwill and kindness, but we should really be like this all year round and no you shouldn't be looking for the same back. This guy is probably fed up with people patronising him. Just you imagine sitting on a doorstep with no home, food, shelter and your belongings being able to fit into a carrier bag, watching everyone going about their business and see how full of cheer you would be. If you want to talk to someone and expect them to be grateful that you took the time with them you are so disappointed. Keep persevering with the guy and have a thicker skin when he tells you to piss off, one day you might get a better reaction.

clicky j
I would buy him a sausage roll and a cup of tea, or bottle of water and say what he says then.. Maybe after this he will be nice to you, i expect that too, though, a little kindness goes a long way. If not dont bother talking at all to him, its his loss.....xxx

You have several options.

One is to stop saying hello or making conversation with him. Just walk on by.

Two is to ignore his replies and just kill with kindness.

Three is to grow a spine and stop allowing mere words to hurt you, expecially from someone who is worse off than you.

Four is to buy him a sandwich and drink or some other edible gift and present it to him with a nice "This isnt much, but I hope it helps fill you up a bit". (back to the kill with kindness part).

I think that you should ask yourself - why do you care about someone that you don't even know that chooses not to be friends with you? It is nonconsequential that this person happens to be homeless. I honestly think that you should concern yourself with the low self esteem that you must be experiencing since strangers should not be able to effect you like this.

Just ignore it, he's probably pissed off with people asking him things like that and just wants to be left alone !.

Reel Homme
Keep being kind and dont expect kindness in return. When you least expect it, kindness will return to you. But, not necessarily through the snobby, stuck up bum.

Now I'd suggest that a situation deserved to be faced head on. There is no call in this day an age to be so uppity no matter your class. I'd be asking this fellow straight out if this is just his nature or if he really wants a beef with you. Happy Holidays!

Tell him his rudeness is preferable to his body odour!

Avoid talking about the weather. He probably feels that you are feeling sorry for him. He is probably very bitter about his life. ask him can you sit with him for abit and try to get to know about him, not in a curious way but in a way that shows you care. Invite him to a nearby cafe and buy him a cup of tea or coffee. Give him a christmas card. When you say hello say "hello Sir". That will make him feel he deserves the same respect as everyone else. These are some ideas. Anything that doesn't make him feel that you pity him. Just show an interest tactfully. He may not be stuck up. He may be bitter and hide behind an emotional mask.Tell him about you too. Tell him your name and your reality by degrees.

would,nt waste my breathe on him if he answers you back like that

Go and eat a really nice baguette in front of him! and throw away the last half as I'm SOOOOO VEEEERY FUUUUULL

Buddy Love
Apparently I'm the only one who get the fact that you have a problem with "stuck up bum" that really hurts. help. Loved it. Innuendo

Peace...................... Off.
If you were in his shoes would you really feel like making small talk about the weather. The guys probably very low and I don't blame him for telling you where to go. Why don't you do as someone else suggested and buy him a cuppa.

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