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Rachel K
PLEASE HELP!! parents arent home and i hav a major emergency?
my parents aren't home, my ulna bone completely snapped i can tell bcuz there's a lump sticking out about an inch, it didn't break the skin but it's probably about to.i am staying calm or at least trying to i cant even descibe the pain. i feels like sum1 keeps hitting it with a baseball bat. pls help me i hav no one to take me to the ER ? wat can i do? Should i wait till they get home?
Additional Details
but i'm scared to ride in an ambulance alone.

Call 911.

lina inverse
get off yahoo answers and call 911

it sounds like a fracture

you need to keep the arm still, sit down or lie down and put it gently on a pillow and don't move it

it needs to be splinted in the ER, then set with a regular cast.

you will be ok, but you do need attention NOW

Razor Kissed Wrists â„¢
ur supposed 2 call 911...if ur on the computer then it's not that big...call 911 tho...DUH

911 that is what it is for. call your parents I am sure they left you a number.

CALL THE ******* 911 idiot!!!!

Call 911 and let an ambulance take you to the hospital.

call 911 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, are you saying you have Internet access, but no phone? Call 9-11.

call 911 now

Phone you're parents & ask them what to do.

Heather B
call 911. They will come get you. Waiting can only make it worse. Get to the hospital.

Call an ambulance if it's that bad.

Krissina T
Get to the phone and call 911. It's the best option you got pumpkin.

Would you rather ride in an ambulance alone or DIE?!?!?!?!?! Call 911 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bill S
call the ambulance now.leave note for parents

sorry, but why the heck are u here asking this? Call 911 and ur parents stat!

Call a friend and have them tell one of their parents or call 911.

Gift from above...
rap it up...just stay calm, call a neighbor!

i am unknown
Call 911!!!!! Tell them to get you a paramedic! QUIK!!!!!!!!!

im sorry but i have got to agree with rossi, i like the answers i get on yahoo answers also, but if this were me i would have not hopped on the computer i may have called a friend if i couldnt get ahold of my parents first, then i may have been a little scared of ambulance ride also, but hey your in so much pain your computer is where you should be, go get it fixed and then come back and tell us how it went. duhhhhhhhh

sweethart <33
well call 911 but if theyre planning on taking you on an ambulance, it costs a whole bunch of money for it, so call your parents first.

but my question is how you managed to go to the computer and type all that out.. i gotta say thats pretty amazing..loll

well keep calm and dont panic
call your parents and tell them immediately !

hope you feel better !

World of Warcraft player here!!!
OK, call 911 right away. Simple.

Next try not to move to the point where it is causing your arm to hurt more, since I know it must hurt more than anything you have ever felt at the moment. Be sure too tell the 911 oporater where you are in your house so they can get to you immediately once they get there.

DO NOT wait until they get home, it would be to much pain and cause only more damage too you.

Trust me on this one, I was out in the middle of the night hanging out with one of my friends, she went home and I stayed out for a bit longer. Being me, I tripped and hit the curb. I was there for a good few hours, my phone was to far for me to reach to call for help, and no one was around. IF not for that wandering Hobo... But then again, I broke my leg and my arm... ^^;

I wouldn't wait until they got home, can't you call anyone else to take you to the Emergency Room? If all else fails I would call 911. Compound fractures (where the bone breaks the skin) can be serious, because you run the risk of getting an infection in the bone. Please get medical attention ASAP!!!

You call 911 right now, if there isn't anyone around who can drive you and you go to the emergency room and call your parents!! DO NOT WAIT TILL THEY GET HOME. You need medical attention now!!

Call your parents and emergency squad.

R U Trolling???????????

Call 911, IMMEDIATELY. I would think your parents would be pissed off if you DIDN'T get yourself to the hospital.

Seriously, the best thing to do was ask on yahoo answers? Call 911 / 999 whatever

Anthony H
911? call ur parents cell? get a neigbor?

Call 911. I forget what the number for 911 is. Can someone help? An ambulance will take you.

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