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My toe is throbbing real bad, what can I do?

It's about 4:11 AM here, and I'm still awake, because I cannot get rid of the throbbing from my toe.

Basically I bumped my toe on a chair, and the front of the nail basically went a bit backwards.

Now, I'm sleepy, angry, and confused.

Please someone help me, I don't know what to do!

Best regards,

First off no one here is a doctor and thus our opinions don't matter

Second r u a chick because if your a guy you need to man up and learn to deal with pain.

Third don't ice it, it isn't a sprain. Well maybe it is but it just sounds like a contusion. icing it will just make your foot cold.

Forth if your a girl take some pain relievers. Since your trying to sleep just take some Tylenol PM or something

Fifth it sounds like your toe is swelling a bit. Elevating it will help a lot.

Sixth getting the nail bent back can be really painful but there isn't a whole lot you do about it. Just stop thinking about it the more you focus on your pain the more it will hurt.

Finally remember consult a doctor.

ice it! and take some advil

You need to hack your foot off with a great big axe and then seal the wound with boiling pitch. This always works for me and my crew on our viking voyages.

ice it ... and maybe put a band-aid on it but not really tight...

I get hurt often... ice seems to help with throbbing more than anything...
Also if you have ibuprofin (Advil) take some it will help too...

Hope you get to go to sleep soon... I'm in central time too...

over the counter pain pills work pretty good , lay still so the blood don't get to moving to fast and keep it up
and ice hurts....really really bad, it will keep the swelling down but it does nothing for the pain.

Josh A
i would just cut it off.... no just put some ice on it and elivate your foot u probably broke it

might be best to take your favourite pain pill, then ice to cut the pain down and wrap your toe up - put on a sock to help- so the nail remains intact to deal with later. good luck!!

Put your foot in like a bucket of hot warm water at a good temperature thats what i usually do.

It feels nice and warm =D

And i think it works..

i think..

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