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My *** hurts when I sit. what should I do?
About six months ago I fell down the steps and landed on my tail bone. After about three months later I went to the doctor and she said I should buy a gell cushion. It still hurts. Do you think I did perminate damage? Maybe I should get my tailbone removed. What do you think?

Ben R
I have hurt my tail bone twice, It takes forever to heal, I would wait six months.

Ξ¨ Satan will triumph Ξ¨
go to your doctor, get an x-ray

it's not permanent, I promise you! The exact same thing happened to me and it hurt for at least 4 months. I actually had to exercise to get the pain to go away. A stationary bike works wonders.

I fell down hard on my tailbone a few years ago as well, and I almost cried because it hurt so badly. I was unable to even walk up stairs and sitting was excruciating, so I know what you're going through! I never went to the doctor when I hurt mine (I really should have though) because I know that there really isn't much that can be done for an injured tailbone. Is there actually a surgery/procedure where you can have it removed? If so, I recommend you wait it out a bit longer. My pain lasted about 8 months, and sometimes after that it still hurt if I leaned back. But now (3 years later) I have no pain whatsoever and sitting is fine. So just wait and see a bit longer, if you can stand it (painkillers may be your best friend during this time) before removing the bone. But if it keeps going for an unnaturally long time, see your doctor again about this! I hope you feel much better soon

kevin m
try anal love...no seriously you may have bruised your tailbone I did that once and it hurt on anfd off for a few months.It will heal on its own it is just a part of the body that you cant help using all the time thats why it heals slow

I think you should not sit to eliminate the pain.....

You probably just bruised your coccyx. I like that work. You can't get it removed. Give it time.

Tree Fitty
You cant get your tailbone removed unless you have a desire to ride a wheel chair for life. Try not sitting on your butt directly. Actually when I was a kid my dad slipped and fell off of a tractor and cracked his tail bone on the clutch pedal. He sat his ars on one of those dough nut shaped pillows for about 6 months. Seriously...good luck in your recovery!

Did you have X-rays or an MRI? You might have really bruised it deeply. It will hurt even if you sit on something soft. Deep bruises just take time to heal and you just have to be patient.

Dale F
You either bruised or possibly fractured your tailbone, which is a remnant of our ancient primal ancestors. Since bone has very few blood vessels, the healing process takes much longer. Removing the tailbone would be a senseless venture into more pain and discomfort, as you would still feel the cut end. The jell donut is to keep your butt elevated and is often used for those who had hemorrhoid surgery. Good Luck. Dale

make sure it is not a boil

It will hurts like heck for a long time but will heal!! That is one of the worst pains you can have..................every knows how annoying those pains in the butt are!!

Try seeing a chiropractor, you may have displaced it

[email protected]
Sound like you either chipped or fractured the tail bone. There is no treatment for this and takes up to a year to heal

Angela S
good luck getting your tail bone removed. drastic

it may hurt for a loooong time.
just get u a cushion.
its one of those things where theres not alot u can do. =[

i think you should go visit another doctor. not all of us are doctors, so we may not exactly know if any damage has been done, however, i do know that if you go to a real doctor he should be able to tell you everything thats going on, and should tell you what is appropriate =] good luck and i hope you get better

it's bruised and it will take a long time to heal, but eventually you will get over it.

Alpha Male
"Just stand up"...HA! Classic

Morning Starlett
tail bone removed? uhh okay sure, and also ask if you can get ur lungs removed too and see how you go staying alive lol

just go back to your doctor/GP again and explain that it still hurts and that you think it must be more permanent damage and get her to arrange having some scans done - theyre quick and could tell you straight away if the bone has been cracked, broken, shatttered etc. Or for her to recommend a specilist (back specilist, chiropractor or even a physiotherapist).

Hope things get better for u!

you sure you didn't fall on your head. just kidding, that hurts a good chiropractor could do wonders. you need a second opinion.

i would search out a new doctor or perhaps speak with a specialist about why it still hurts...you can't have tailbone removed though (you wouldn't be able to walk).

Brandy C
I slid into 2nd base playing softball about 12 years ago and broke my tailbone. It still hurts today, I just deal with the pain and watch what I sit on. I have never heard of having the tailbone removed, is that really possible?
Good luck.

Ok you cant get your tailbone removed!! If you broke it, b/c there is no cast or real treatment it will be sore for a while, try crossing your legs when you sit b/c it will help ease the pain

jeff d
sit in a hot tub

i had the same injury when i was a kid. it took a long time to heal. it could be cracked, but i doubt there will be anything permanent.

I have a friend who's a PT and she went to a training session where they said that most peoples' tailbones are curved one way or another from falling on it at some point in their lives.
I would suggest going to a physical therapist or a chiropractor and tell them your issue--they could prescribe stretches, exercises or the like to help with the pain.
And, no, don't get it removed. You kinda need it.

Bless your heart...that would be awful!
I know people that have broken their tail bones, etc... but it seems like it should be having some relief by now...I suggest you go to another doctor and until you get some help or better advise ....avoid sitting as much as possible - either stand or lie down if you can....keep the booty pressure to a minimum.

Same happened to me. it took over a year to feel normal again. I sat on air cushions and foam mats. But When it happened the second time, I didn't mess around, I started a regime with fish oils and msm and Calcium (Dolomite) and vit C and Lysine and Bromelain. I fractured a finger and it healed in 3 weeks using this combination. Good luck. And P.S. Keep your tailbone! Keep all your parts. They come in handy.

see a chiropractor.

Don't sit on it

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