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My daughter has a trapped nerve in her hip?
the doctor says its from a kidney biopsy she had 2 years ago it becomes painfiul for her to walk and very painful has anyone got and advice to releve the pain she is 10

let it go then!

Poor girl. Maybe ask the doctor to refer her for physio, to strengthen the surrounding muscles. Pilates may help too (but you'll have to go privately)

chids tylonal and go to a never sugrony

my dad has a trapped nerve in his knee - he found that acupuncture really helped ease it while he waited to see a doctor!

Take her to an Osteopath who practises Visceral Manipilation-I have one locally, he's brilliant, also Myofascial Visceral Manipulation works too. Ask you local Osteopath they have a book on therapists and can give you details. Fairbourne Clinic in Newbury have one Richard Twining 01635 44200

The two obvious questions are :
1) How does the Dr know the cause of the pain? (MRI perhaps ???).......and...
2) Why has he not treated it?
Pain that has a renal (kidney) base is felt in retroperitoneal structures and most commonly would be felt in the flank, not in the hip.
Hip pain, if not caused by obvious, acute, trauma, is almost always caused by 'referred' pain - the nerve root originates in the lumbar spine.
Pain requires careful diagnosis by your primary care doctor and intial treatment would likely to be drug-oriented. But chronic pain and disability requires pro-active intervention, investigation and treatment - and appropriate referrals are probably required, to begin with, for consults with a physio, an orthopaedic surgeon and, possibly a pain management clinic.
I have to say...if this were my own daughter, I'd be on it faster than stink on cheese. You can't see her suffer.

i have a trapped nerve in my back the best way i have found is hot baths also a deep tissue massage helps.

Is it the Sciatic nerve, because if it is, that is the most stubborn to heal, and if traumatized for very long will cause permanent damage.
Does your doctor think that she is too young for a mild pain medication, because if she is able to get some of the Pain-Off of her, she will move a little more freely and help "unlock" the problem. Also you can alternate ice and heat 15min each, in 2 hr intervals. I also discovered that being in water helps, a bath tub will work, but a pool is better as long as it is not too cold.
You can try to massage her hip as deep as she can stand it, in between ice/heat packs if you choose to use them.
Forcing walking or exercise Will Not help at all, and it is so extremely painful that I have tears in my eyes right now thinking that a 10yr old has to go through this. ;-(

Last thing that I can think of is when she is flat on her back, ask her to bend her knees and place pillows under them enough that she "drops" her legs over them. It gives just a small pull to the tendons and ligaments.
If she sleeps on her side, she may be more comfortable with a pillow between her knees to relieve the weight of her knee pulling on her hip.

I hope at least one of these things help her! God Bless you guys and I hope you both feel better soon ! (i know you are hurting too, watching her go through it)

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