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My arm is asleep and it has been since 3 in the morning it has been over 12 hours?
W hat should i do?

[email protected]
How old are you?
You could be having a stroke. Get to the hospital!

Well, I think this is a sympton from some type of medication like a side-effect or something. You need to see a doctor, and DO NOT take any medication to make it go away.

Dr. Joe
go to the ER. you could develop if you don't already have permanent nerve damage. GO NOW.

5th of Tuesday
O.K., this is definitely not something you sit around and think about. Go to a Dr. or if there is none available, go to the E.R.

Please, call your dr. office, find out if they want to see you. That is really unusual. It could be a pinched nerve, or something else. Please see your dr. asap. Take care.

Your arm is not alseep if it has been numb this long. Head to urgent care or ER right away and get it checked out. Do not drive yourself there have someone drive you in case something happens on the way.

go to the hospital..it could be serious

I agree, go to your doctor, you probably have a pinched nerve and need to either get a massage, see a chiropractor or get some muscle relaxers. I say go to the doctor.

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