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Mouth full of canker sores?
My mouth is full of canker sores. A large one under my tongue, on my soft pallet, inside of both of my cheeks. It almost hurts too bad to talk, and I can't eat anything more than soup.Does anyone have any recommendations to help the pain go away.

Its only me, again !
Pop them !!!

Yes. Stop eating/drinking whatever it is that caused the canker sores. It HAD to be something very acidic. Maybe a lot of citrus?
Drink plenty of water to get the acid out of your body and rinse your mouth (don't drink it!) rinse your mouth with warm salt water. Just dissolve some table salt in a glass of warm water. That will heal the sores.

Did you drink out of someone elses beer or what.

Francine C
Actually, when I was a teenager I had the same experience. I would get a mouth full of canker sores every month or so. Eventually I started having gastrointestinal pain. It turns out that I had chron's disease (it seems that this can affect any portion of the gastro intestinal track) - something to consider, you should see your doctor.

Sara S
You may be lacking a vitamin or mineral in your body, such as Zinc. You also may be stressed out by something that could have caused these. It could have been something acidic but if you haven't eaten anything or had anything to drink that was different than normal, you may just be lacking something. Also, you may want to try "Orabase" It's a numbing agent made from Colgate. I get sores all the time, but have no cure. You may also want to try eating an 8ounce yougurt every day.

I have a hypothesis that these are manifestations of a virus, like a cold. (when they are not self-inflicted by eating corn chips or something)

There is a medication called Zilactin-B. It can be applied directly to the mouth sore, and creates a seal over the affected area. It tends to immobilize the sore, and this decreases the pain.

You can find it in your local pharmacy/grocery store.

Just wait it out.

In the future, don't eat foods with high acid levels (citrus, tomato sauce, ketchup.. basically anything that would sting a canker sore) or lots of chips to poke all around in your mouth. These things don't only make canker sores worse, they actually cause them.

gargle with peroxide or salt water 3 times a day.

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