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Jarett P
Keep finger from hurting tomorrow morning?
ok i hurt my finger earlier today trying to grab someone. its all swollen now but it really isn't in pain. i KNOW its gonna hurt like hell tomorrow morning tho. is there anything i can do to prevent this from happening?
Additional Details
i don't have any ice :(

well, theres not much you can do after all you cant stop the furture most likely you probably want to apply pressure or wrap it well i don't know don't ask these weird questions yea ummmmhmmmm

Chris H
Soak it insideher (cider)

Have any Motrin, Aleve, Ibuprofen, Naprosyn ? Take that as directed for pain.
It helps with swelling too.
Go out and get some ice or ask someone to bring it over to your house!!!!
Also keep it elevated on a pillow above your heart to decrease the amount of swelling.

put a ace bandge on and go buy some ice hope this helps. p.s take iburprofen the swelli ng will go down.

♥ .:STEPHY:. ♥
ICE duh!!! but if u dnt habe ice freezin cold water, some Tylenol r ibuprophen Advil works 2... try not 2 move it 2 much cuz it will hurt like hell =]

apply ice, dont move too much, wrap with wet cloth and sleep.

No ice? Well, make some for tomorrow morning, because that's when your gonna need it!!

How do you not have ice?
If not use freezing cold water.

I would take Advil or Aleve and ice it for twenty minutes and then off for ten.

Well, i agree with everyone else when they say ice, but if you don't have any, you can just wrap it snugly overnight, keep it elevated, take some Tylenol, and don't use it. if it is swollen in the morning, you can either buy some ice, or just keep it wrapped, and take two Tylenol then in about one and a half hours, take two Advil, then Tylenol again in another hour, and just keep switching between the two. it works better than just taking one all the time.

Do you have access to anything frozen? A bag of frozen vegetables will work in a pinch. Any time you have swelling from an injury the first thing you need to do is put ice on it. If you don't have access to anything frozen, run cold water over it. I was taught Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation for things like sprains. Hope this helps.


Tina K
ibuprofen. and keep it elevated

Go out to the store and buy some athletes wrap. Wrap it with 1-2 other fingers to help keep it straight. After that don't use those fingers for anything. Then find something cold. In your fridge or just use very cold running water and put in a bag. Then rest it gently on your finger. If it still hurts see a doctor. It might be severly broken.

Nat M
If you don't have ice or a ice pack try something like frozen peas
I'm sure there is frozen something in you freezer
or maybe one of those freezer packs that go into eskies or lunch boxes
just make sure you cover the frozen stuff with a clean tea towel or something along those lines

julia n
ibuprophen, Advil, Naproxen or Aleve. These are antiinflammatory and should help get the swelling down. take one before sleep


Cold running water now, and take two nurofen.

Keep it on ice and take Motrin (ibuprofin). Ibuprofin is a great way to alleviate pain. Doctors prescribe 800 Mg's. If you take 4, it will not hurt you, Motrin or ibuprofin are only in 200 mgs at 1 pill. Consult the parent if there is an issue or if you are prone to allergic reactions.

zainisda z
take papase tablet and a pain killer i.e ponstan or voren

If no ice use anything frozen, like peas or fries or whatever is in the freezer. Try a bowl of very cold water and leave your finger in til it feels like it's ready to fall off from frostbite. In the meantime, make some ice for next time.

you should bandage it to the finger next to it and try not to use it too much. Take some ibupofein. Keep it raised so blood circulates. You said you don't have ice and people said peas and peas are good so use peas if you have peas.

Get some ice
Elevate it


Rest (I don't know how much work your finger does...)
Ice (ALWAYS does the trick)
Compression (wrap it)
Elevation (I don't know if this is necessary

try wrapping and icing it.


ice it, and keep your hand above your heart this should help with swelling.

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