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Is there somethig wrong with me?!?
i live with my grandperents and im 12 and my grandpa gets these too..
there cramps mostly in my legs they cause excrusiateing discomfert...it is so painful and u try not to cry but the muscle reactions make tears come to youor eyes and you winse my g-pa usually helps me to make them stop for a week or month or soo by pulling my leg and pushing back my toes hardly that usually works and sometimes the nerves crumple and leave my toes weirdly for a couple minutes ..i'm tired of this it is excrusiateing why is it only happening to BOTH my grandpaand me just recently for the first time!?!
Additional Details
it usually starts like this
1: i shift on the coutch or in bed [wherever im resting]

2: i feel the muscle or something shift and i mumble here we go again

3: i try to get up slowly then the pain REALY hits me

4: i mumble a few ows intil i finnaly screetch and scream out crying..

5: my grandma usually looks at me like i'm possesed and crazy if im lucky my grandpa will be home

6: my grandpa comes to help

7: it dosent come back in specificly 2 days or one month or so..

ShortcutHerbal Goody
I suggest you go see a Chiropractor.. as your body is out of alignment. Chiropractor will help you if he or she can, & would refer you to a someone else that might help maybe a Reiki or a Wholistic practitioner or a conventional doctor!
I cramps under my knees and sharp soreness in my shoulder I suspect a Voodist is causing me pain just because he or she can. Maybe that's happening to you too! Chiropractors can relieve the pain for me but can prevent it from happening! Do your bones feel stiff and brittle? if so eat more Potassium items like Bananas, Oranges, Papya.
The first answer sounds like what a voodist would say.. Ignore that answer!

Cramps. Aren't they AWFUL!? Since both you and your grandpa get these cramps, the meals you both eat may not have enough Potassium in them. Also, your father may be taking water pills. If he is, remind him to take his K-Dur Potassium replacement pills. He needs to be on them if he takes water pills, OK? Look at your own water intake, too. If you work out a lot or perspire a lot, you may be dehydrated. That would effect your Potassium and sodium levels. Click on this link to see a good list of foods rich in Potassium. Bananas aren't the best source. Did you know you'd need to eat EIGHT bananas a day to get all the Potassium that you need!?

Here's another kind of list:

i dont need to breathe
I've had this problem myself. It might by a charlie horse thats gone outta whack. mine used ot be with my leg and i couldnt move it for the longest time. It might be because your growing but if i hurts too much go to the doctor.

It probobly coincidencce. But as for the pain... If it lasts as long as a month, GO SEE A DOCTOR. You won't die.

I hope you feel better!!!


I think its called a "frog in your legs" it comes from poor circulation. I dont know the "scientific word for it.

Ignore that first answer. Try to make sure you are drinking enough water, and that you are getting enough Potassium. Potassium comes from things like bananas, oranges, and other citrus fruits. That can help to keep the cramps from getting so bad.

Death follows us all..\m/..
you need to see a doctor but to me it sounds like you need more Potassium or just eat a banana

It means you will die in a few weeks.

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