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 Should I have gone to emergency?
I was in the pool yesterday.. and i decided to jump backwards onto a huge tire we have in the pool.
However the tire is much larger than i am and my body fell through, but my arms and neck did ...

 If you woke up in bed, and your head was over on the shelf, what would you do?
Please be serious. What would you do?...

 PLEASE HELP ME...I have a major madical question???
ok so i got this cut on my stumach and it was pretty deep and it got infected and now it is closed and has been infected for 9 months
i have:
constant headaches
i now bruise really ...

 What is the worst injury you've ever had?
If you're lucky enough not to have had a bad injury, maybe you've had an extreme surgery. What was it?...

 I gave my sister a black eye need answer fast?
my mom is coming back in at 8.. how do i turn it not black? and no it was not my fault i didnt punch her lol it was her fault she fell like a stupid
Additional Details
your all too slow ...

 Am i injured?
Today during football practice i went helmet to helmet with a guy and felt an instant sharp pain in my neck. i didn't want to look like a wuss, so i toiughed it out and finished practice ...

 Should I go to the hospital?
I have go into a car wreck today a couple hours ago. I was sitting in the back sit with my seat belt buckled. I was sitting in a normal position then my Little sister is telling my dad there's a ...

 Why do I keep falling over?
This sounds stupid but I keep falling over - I dont drink so I am not drunk.

I have fallen over twice in the last fortnight and have hurt my shoulder both. I am wonderign why this is ...

 How stupid are you.?
My husband was playing with my daughter on a pair of power boots "Springy stilts" and after only 3 minutes he fell and broke both his arms and dislocated his wrist.
What avoidable ...

 I took a whole bunch of ibuprofin and threw up shortly after, could i have got all of it out of my system?
it had to be close to 20 pills but i did throw up so i am wondering if i will be ok or if i could have serious damage and not know it,...

 WHAT DO YOU DO IF YOU BROKE YOUR TOE and it looks crooked?
My son was running and I was walking and h colided into my toe..and now my pinkie toe is broken..It used to curl in and now it is on an angel facing out..I will go to the Dr. tomorrow..but, what do u ...

 What is the worst injury ?
i think it is deep cuts and broken bones please any injury!!...

 Cut my finger yesterday with a knife how can i keep the cut clean?
yeasteday i cut myself witha knife accidentally on my thumb.how can i keep the cut clean.i wont it to ehal quick so im trying to not wear a plasta on it so that air can get to it....

 Do I need to go to the ER?
I received a line drive from a baseball right into my left eye. It swelled immediately and my left nostril was bleeding. I was coughing and spitting up blood when this happened. I have had ...

 Whats the best thing to do to TREAT A SPRANGED ANKLE?

 What kind of doctor do I need to go see?
I think I have a muscle tear or something between my left shoulder and elbow. There's no pain as long as my arm is hanging. Also doesn't hurt to move it around as long as I don't ...

 Is it better to put ice or heat on a muscle strain?

Additional Details
thanks guys. i have pulled a muscle in my back, don't know how! have been using ice on it, which helps the pain, but then it comes back. will now use heat. ...

 My 8 year old daughter fell at school and hurt her finger??
my neighbor said that if it the finger was broken, the bone would be sticking up or out....is that true? the finger is swollen and it hurts her....no bruising though....

 What is wrong when you constantly vomit in your sleep?

 How can u break ur own wrist?

Additional Details
i tried fallin and hittin it with a hammer n ive only got a big bump ...

Is my Boyfriend ok?????
He acidently hit the door in his face, and fell, and hit his head. I checked his pulse to see if he was still alive. he was still breathing, but he has been out for a few hours! I put a pack of ice on his head, and put him in the bed. I dont know if its good that he has been out for a few hours. is he ok? is he going to wake up soon? please help!

My Name Is HI
If he doesn't wake up in a hour or two bring him to the hospital.

just me
Don't listen to the people that are saying negative things about you. You can learn from it, and you need to call an ambulance and have him checked out. I hope everything is okay.

Do you want him to go into a coma? Take him to the hospital he can have a concussion. Hurry! I work for a hospital.

Take him to the er.

Go to ER now.

Call 911 ASAP

Yays if he passed out that is a bad sign, go to the Doctor now, do xray too....

First of all Wake him up and call 911. Do NOT move him!

Second, update us and let us know you did what everyone told you and got him help!!!!!

Mel Mo
It was obviously a hard hit for him to be out of it still... doesn't sound too good! seek medical attention quick.... it could be a concussion... Your not supposed to fall asleep if you have one... could slip into acoma... &if something worse comes to happen you will be a person of interest!

take him to the hospital!!!!!!!!

Offhand Ideas
Is he vomiting? If yes or not, he still needs immediate medical attention.

Sherry L
If he got a concussion, he needs to be awake., NOW!!! Im a nurse, and i would suggest going to ER, or calling 911 to ambulance him in if you can't lift him!!!

well first you should think good not bad. would give in some air. check his pulse eery like 30 seconds. then you should call 411 or if it in really ergent then call 911 and say for tips please.

hope he fills okay~~~merissa "i &heart; fashion"

wake him up and take him to the er immediately a head injury is nothing to play with pulse or not...

just for us
head injuries should be seen by a doctor A.S.A.P.

I think you might wanna take him to the ER now...

You need to call an ambulance. DONT move him as right now you have no idea what's damaged. Let trained medical personnel handle this. Call the ambulance now cause if he dies and you didn't call, you could be held accountable for not helping.

caroline !(:

Shyan F
why r u telling Y!A u have to take him to the hospital who knows whats wrong?!

if you don't get him to the ER right now he could have brain damage or he could die... get to the ER ASAP!!

A doctor should ALWAYS look at a head injury. Especially when the patient loses consciousness! Take him to the hospital!

Unless you really enjoy the single life I would suggest you call an ambulance, you are probably going to get the prize for the worst girlfriend of the year, but atleast you didn't just leave him there.

Go wake him up now.. Never let someone sleep after they hit their head.. He could have a concussion.. Please just go check on him.. Ask him questions for example.. What is his name? What is the date? Who are you? And so on and so forth.. Best wishes..


RING 000
it might just be that he is in Shock but u seriously need to ring for ambulance. U have done the write thing by putting him on the bed and an ice pack on his head. He could be knocked out. If he is still breathing then he will be fine but u need to get him cheaked OUT.

Hope this Help



Mikey The Comic
Um, I think you should be calling an ambulance instead of posting on Yahoo Answers.

yo mom
um u should call the ambulance

Sierra B
Go to the ER! Now.

Worst. Girlfriend. Ever.

The Last Harlequin

Take him to the ER right away! He could have internal bleeding or be in a coma or something!

P.S - I thought you two got married? See, i listen. =P haha.

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