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daddy's little girl <3
Is it normal to go number two and then have a drop or two of blood...?
just curious...

Umm, no. Go to a doctor.

WooleyBooley again
Absolutely not. Better see a doctor. May be nothing, still should.

no you should definitely go see a doctor

Tracy M
Maybe the odd time if you kind of forced it out. If it is a regular thing everytime you have a bowel movement, then that isn't normal.

Only if you've been having a lot of anal...

Miss L
It could be a hemorrhoid, if you can't feel it though, it could be a high hemorrhoid (I was diagnosed with this at 15 yrs old ...15 yrs ago). Or it could be anal fissures, tearing around the "hole". This happens usually when you might be constipated and it's hard to go. You should go to the Dr to have it checked.

melissa h
No, but a friend of mine really freaked out when it happened to her. She found out it was internal hemmoriods, but it could have been alot worse. Go to the doctor.

No that unusual. It could be little hemarhoid (spelling?). More likely, it's just a little tear in your tissue. Make sure you are not constipated because that will tear tissue. It's usually not serious, so just watch what you eat, eat more fruit and drink lots of water.

If you have blood in your stool, that can be a sign that something is wrong. Please Please Please go to a doctor and have it checked out. My best friend ignored it, and she passed away at the age of 35. Colon cancer. If things are caught early enough, you have a better chance to correct them!
Please, take care of yourself. You are worth it.

Yeah this is actually normal. If you are a teen or young adult alot of times you don't have the best of eating habit. You will go a few days before your bowel movement. Alot of times it is hard and hurts when coming and there is blood when you wipe. Not much though. If it is soft and hurts chances are you have a hemroid. If you are worried about it ask your doctor.

Go to a doctor, bloody stools usually not a good sign.

Depends how 'big' it was and how much effort it took. Its quite normal to 'rip' the area

no it shoudltn do that but sometimes when you have ur periud it might come wit it lol

No.It may just be the result of hemorrhoids but you need a doctor's advice.

Adam The Quick
No, it isn't. However, that doesn't quite mean it's something serious or life threatening. But if it is something that happens frequently, get yourself checked out. In a hurry.

If it took a lot of effort yes there can be blood. As long as it is fresh blood & on bum you should be Ok. You can get a stool softern at drug store or eat more bran if it happens offten. Blood in the stool should always be checked by a doctor.

i dont know... it could be an excess of blood that needs to go out somewhere. ask a doctor.

larry B
no not normal

NOPE. Please make an appointment to see your doctor ASAP. It can be a sign of many things, most not good, and most treatable with early diagnosis. If you're 45 or have a family history of colon cancer, you NEED a colonopscopy (doesn't hurt).

Cool Callie
Could be hemorroids. My ex boyfriend used to do it all the time. Sometimes they can be inside and they get tiny tears in them which causes the bleeding. I would say it's unlikely it's anything to worry about ok.

5th of Tuesday
No, not normal. You need to be seen very soon by a Dr. There are several things indicated by blood in or after stools but none of them are good.

Billy Shat
Sometimes the feces can tear the lining of the colon or the anus causing some blood. If it happens more frequently, go to a doctor.

Listen to everyone else here. It's not normal if you continue to get bloody stool. You should make an appointment with your doctor just to be safe.

Winn J
Actually, YES. It is more common than you think. It has happened to me a few times in my life actually. It is usually due to a small tear in your rectum or sometimes hemorrhoids. Usually it heals all by itself. But if it continues, for more than a week or so, you might want to see your Doctor.

NO NO NO!!! go to a doctor. why would you even ask us instead of a doctor n e way?

If it was an uncharacteristically hard and large bowel movement, it can tear the rectum when pooping. (this is not really a problem, but you should keep it clean -baby wipes the next time you go) If you don't think you tore your butt hole while pooping, I wouldn't worry. However, if there is a lot of it or you didn't have to strain when pooping, go see a doctor.

No. You might have a slight tear in your rectum. If it persists over a period of time, you should see a doctor.

i would defiantly see my doctor

Jebus Le Quack
Only 2 words for this:
Ruptured Anus.

To assess this serious situation, I need specific details.

1. Were you grunting/squealing/snorting?
2. Did you grab the walls or the sides of the toilets?
3. Were you straining?
4. Was there anyone with a camera nearby?
5. Did you suddenly become religious?

Hahahaha nah just kidding. If you STRAIN well then you will burst blood vessels, while this is not good, it's not serious unless it keeps happening all the time. If you're worried, go see the quack.

A drop or two of blood is not as serious as many people would have you believe on this forum. I would wait a week to see if the issue resolves itself before seeking medical attention. It could be any number of mundane health issues that would only cost you money to have a doctor tell you to wait and see if you get better if you actually went to a doctor or the ER, which I believe is completely unnecessary at this point.

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