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I tried to hang myself a week ago, and now I'm having really bad, burning throat pains, what should i do?
I'm too embarrassed to go to the doctor, especially since I don't want to kill myself anymore.

Will I be okay?

Or have I done some serious damage?
Additional Details
Loz - I have a counsellor.

Queen Pink Cat - I resent your accusation. I have an ultra-rapid cycling form of bipolar disorder, and am now entering a manic phase. So yes, I did want to kill myself then, and no, I don't want to do it now.

As for doing it for attention, that's laughable, because I haven't even told anybody in real life about it, out of shame and embarrassment, which is the same reason why I don't want to go to the doctor.

Please think these things through before you accuse people of attention-seeking and lying.

oh my god u are brave to go ahead with hanging urself, i wanted to kill myself but too scared to try any of those cruel deaths out,, i would suggest now that ur alive go and have a check up with ur doctor, u could have swollen glands or something. p.s how did u stop hanging urself,, wat stopped u goin the whole way?

doodlebop xx
ur not serious?!!!! look, i am gullable, i admit that soo i shall say do not ever try that again or i will strangle you meslef. women!!! (me opes u ok tho)

What do you want us to say when you obviously need proper help go to your doctor and get your self sorted

You do need to see someone experienced in these matters, like a doctor.

Never be too embarrassed to see a doctor, they have seen it all. Get courage go and then you will receive the right advice from the proper source.

I do hope you will feel better soon and you know with the right advice off proper people you could renew yourself and look at life with a different approach.

Whatever the problem is that you have you can live your life happily. Please do try and get advice.

Good Luck

Go to a therapist..

Princess Lola
Well if your adamant not to get any help then maybe you should look it up on a health website.
You know when people have medical procedures and stuff, they get lumps sometimes or start to hurt; that's scar tissue... so it may be something like that?
Anyways, sorry to hear you were feeling down, best of luck, Princess Lola x

get to the doctor, you say you don't want to kill yourself anymore but what about until the next time? believe me i have lost two people to suicide one of which hung himself and i know what pain and devastation it can cause to the people around them. if you don't love yourself enough to do something about this then think of the people around you who I'm sure love you dearly.

I carried a Water melon!!
Go get some help!

See a doctor they will just be glad you dont want to die anymore......

you are getting a hard time on here. people shouldnt be allowed the points if their gonna insult you. i think you should face up to what happened & go to the docs. if you've done real damage your gonna end up in hospital or worse anyway so its best to go now. all they'll do is check & treat your throat. they cant say anything to anyone so its best to get it checked. they might give you anti-depressants so you dont feel like this anymore. that in itself should make you want to go. good luck

Try using some cough medicine or throat soothing medicine.
If they don't work, go the the doctor and say you've had a really bad cough, but now your throat really hurts, so hopefully they'll prescribe you with a good throat medicine.
If you have scars or anything on your neck, try using BioOil [if you're in the UK.

Let's hope it taught you a lesson.

For God's sake go to your doctor immediately. You could have done some serious damage. Apart from that, whatever medication you are taking or counselling you are receiving is obviously not working for you. You must be honest with your doctor, who, ultimately is there to help you. You must also be honest with yourself and try become more aware of the mood swings of your condition so that you don't get overwhelmed and try something like this again.

REMEMBER, you are lucky. Next time it might work...

Take care and best of luck to you.

you have most likely strained the muscles in your throat and neck area causing the pain but i really feel you need to see your doc .trying to hang your self is pretty drastic thing to to and if you don't want to see your doc you be best to confide in someone you need help. good luck

Darb D
Laura ....please tell someone in 'real life'. Hugs for you ;)

If you are or were ready to give yourself away thats fine but you don't need to kill yourself....instead dedicate yourself to helping others. Something magical will happen.

hey hun. firstly (((((((HUGS))))))) to you. i can't imagine how horrible this whole time, from the attempt and afterwards, must have been, especially with all the morons on here insulting you and really just making everything worse. but understand that most people on here, including me, do care, as you can see from most of these answers, and that we all want the best for you.

Please go and see your doctor, as you may well have damaged your windpipe, or torn some muscles in your neck or something. don't be embarrassed, we all need help at times, and you need help - it's their job to help you. just explain to the doc as you have done here, that in the low part of your bipolar cycle you tried to kill yourself, the attempt failed, you don't want to kill yourself anymore, and that you're worried about these neck pains, which is understandable. also say that you are on meds for this, but that they aren't working yet. if you explain the situation, i'm sure they'll understand. but even if they don't, they should help you for this.

did you tell your psychiatrist about the attempt? if you did, could you ask him/her about the neck pains? or ask them to write a letter in support that you can show to the doc, to explain the situation, and to encourage them to sort any problems with your neck that you may have?

please go and get help, it's for the best.
Good luck hun. feel free to email me if you want someone to talk to. :)
Stay strong, stay safe.

at least,you are alive...tell somebody,who understands...please do...like,the samaritens..or, a good friend..good luck..mary.c.

Pat C
You need to seek medical attention ASAP. And it is important for you tell the doctors the truth, and get help for what led to to try and kill yourself. There are unfinished problems that need to be resolve. What happen if you can not walk or talk in a few hours. Never go to the hospital with a lie. Now get up and go to the hospital

Well first question is if you have rapid cycling Bipolar Disorder why are you not on meds. If so then as I am sure you know they are not working. Is the problem that you do not take them because you like your manic phases so much?
So the throat problem is not something you should be very concerned about right now. What you should be concerned about however is getting the help you know you need. So please I know you are embarassed but you must push that aside and get yourself some help....TODAY!!

Michael C
you could have some serious damage to your windpipe. go see the doctor.

go docs, put your pride aside. Say you got strangled.

Dr Simon

Now, why are you embarrased to see your Doctor?

The fact that you tried to harm yourself is serious enough to indicate you need some help - who knows when and if that urge to harm yourself will return.

You have probably damaged the ligaments in your neck, pulled the muscles and bruised your larynx/trachea.

It is best you go to your doctor - please get some help, even if its just to check your neck is OK.

Its not something you should subject your neck to anyway, Please go and see your doctor you need some help and you may have caused some serious harm?

precious k
why did you try to do suicide

go to the Doctor, anything you tell him is confidential. and good luck!!

Gavin T
You really, really shoud go and see someone, get yourself checked out.

john m
Try some E45 cream to ease the burning.

keep this in mind if you think of doing it again. Suicide, A permanent solution to a temporary problem.

a c
Go to the doctor, and dont be embrassed, (s)he wont tell anyone else if you dont want theme to.

There is no point being embarrassed i admit its a bit extreme to attempt to kill yourslef but we all go through bad times if we didnt life wouldnt be life.
If you still dont want to go to your local doctor go to a doctor in another place

i dont know... but i'd say go to the doctor. you can get some help with that. even though u dont want 2 anymore u may feel the need and try to again. Talk to somebody and dont be embarassed. Go see a doctor

Try harder next time, in the meatime shut up about it.
Seriously, keep your suicidal matters private. Contact me if you need help, I know from whence you came.

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