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I injured my Knee and it feels like its swollen when i bend it, do i need to go to the doctor?
I think this injury occured when I twisted my knee playing basketball. It doesn't hurt or anything, it feels like it's swollen specially when I bend it. I have been icing it and elevating it but I did play basketball the day after I injured it, probably not the best idea. I was wondering if I need to go to the doctor or just do RICE(Rest, Ice, compression, elevation).

Go to the doctor just in case you dislocated your knee cap.

Doctors are free until you have to pay for procedures and stuff so just go have them check it out.

leland w

go to the doctor.
there might be something really wrong with ur knee.

defo go 2 the doctor. i hav had knee trouble for afew years and am finally being referred. go and get it sorted bfore it gets any worse like mine did palying fooball (soccer) . Whilst waiting for an appointment purchase a knee bandage/ knee support. It will help.
Hopethis helps. and good luk wiv da knee.

Yes, you really need to go to the doctor and have the knee checked. Although the ice and rest has helped, there may be more damage than you are aware of.

chances are... you have a VERY slight sprain in your knee which triggered the swelling response. if you go to the doctor, he'll probably move it to see what got hurt and how badly and if it doesn't hurt you and you were able to play basketball after the injury it can't be that bad. he might have you take an x-ray just to make sure your growth plates are unaffected. then he'll probably tell you to just RICE and you'll go home so it's up to you.

Sounds like you are doing everything for it, keep away from salt (swelling) and some Ibuprofen would not hurt for the swelling.
If it continues and does not go away you may want to consult a doctor.
Wish you well!

its sounds like u may have torn something... i did that and walked on mine 4 a month... u deff want to see a dr.

---yes it sounds pretty bad---

no you shouldnt
it happened to me before it feels weird i know
just leave it alone and maybe ice and try shaking it off oh and i do mean shaking

Buff Boy K


only ice it if you notice the swolleness growing other than that take a hot bath move your knee and while you move it rub it and even if it hurts just rub it keep doing that for a few days and just rest possibly take some protein and youll be fine.

i would go just to be safe

Go to the doctor, I've twisted my knees badly and it ended my football days.

I still have pain in them when I run, it's not fun, you should go to a doctor.

Roberto B
I would suggest you not go to the docter. its not that seroius. i would go with rice first. if that dosent work head over to the docter.

Dan H
It's better to be safe. It sounds like you may have trapped fluid in your knee cap. It doesn't hurt but can be uncomfortable when you lean on it and does look swollen.

A BIG YES because if you will not going to adoctor to check your swollen knee, you might experience an infection or other serious complications.

if it gets worse then go to the doctor otherwise take a break from basketball running ect.

feels swollen wen u bend it. U see if it is swollen. duh!!!!!!

go to the doctor. doctor doctor.

would not hurt to see a DR. just in case, you pull something
good luck and be careful.

You probably just irritated some tissue. It depends where the swelling is but a very common injury in the knee is the tearing of the Miniscus. You can research that if you want to see if it compares. I tore mine playing basketball and I had a choice to get surgery but the doctor said it wouldn't get any worse so I just live with it. I also dislocated my knee cap. That happened when I did a sharp turn. These are just a few of the common injuries of the knee. Hope I helped =).

Ariel C
i dont think a doctor is needed if it doesnt hurt
its just swollen a bit
i would use the *R.I.C.E* method
and if its not down by tomorrow go n see a doctor

Annika G
u should c a doctor just 2 make sure u didnt get hurt really bad!

even tho it doesnt hurt u should cuz u said that u TWISTED it and that is probably bad!

but if u really dont want 2 go 2 the doctor do RICE if it doesnt get better after RICE u should definately do 2 c a doctor!

it wouln't hurt...

If you play sports it's always a good idea to check with a doc Just in case.

Go to a bone specialist. There are so many things they can do to help you. Go while the injury is new.

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