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I have a question?
is it possible to knock your spine out allignment because im a football player for highschool and i was tackled from behind and now i can barely walk it happened a month ago. oh and i also had a concusion

it is not broken because you would be paralized, but it is possible thatyou did mess up your back. i recomend waiting a few days and see if it gets worse, if it does go have an xray on your spine.

if you had a concussion did you see a doctor or was this a self diagnosis? you should get to the A&E or see a chiropractor

yes, you should get an MRI

Best to go to the Doc and ask

Yes, and if you can barely walk, that is a good sign you injured your spine. There could be other damages that were mad so you should try seeing a doctor or chirapractor but yes see someone for sure, they will probably refer you to a specialist. If youve been hurting for a month you should let them know too, next time dont wait so long it may get worse with time if you hold it off seeing a doctor.

Absolutely, you need to see a doctor, especially since it's been going on for a month.

Mr. Asksalot
Anything is possible, trust me.

but just do whatever your doctor tells you, and i'm sure you'll be fine. Oh and drink milk. =D.

I hope your spine is alright, but i think that it's less likely to move out of place, cause then wouldn't your whole body be out of place too ?

Kayla M
im not sure.

go to the doctors immediately.

Yes, you need to see a doctor!

Yes, this is possible. As most answers have already stated, I would go to the doctors and get it check ASAP.


my name is not important here...
either that or your almost paralyzed

General Genious
if you knok your spine of its original place, then you would be unable to walk at all.

Consult a doctor. about other injuries.

see a doctor definitely...

Go get a x-ray soon!

yes i reconmend you go see some one before it gets to bad

Fez's World
its possible see a doctor

yes see a chiropractor soon

wtf?! ae you should have gone to the doctors quite a while a go.

sugar booger
uh yeah


It's possible you should see a doctor about that injury it can get worst.


yes it is,you should see a doctor

yes see a doctor

Bill G
I would see your family doctor first and then you may be reffered to a specialist. Sounds to me like you might have gotten a nerve severly pinched and that is what is causing your pain.

Your young so your changes are good that you'll recover fairly quickly, but I would think twice about playing football again. Not the safest sport, especially when you have had a pretty severe injury as what you are mentioning.

My friend's son Matthew died of a severe hit to the head playing football.......not saying that would be the case for you, but just think about it..

Good luck.

yes, the spines made up of individual vertebra, you could of had one of these slip, this is called a slipped disc

Terence L
yes, you probably should see a doctor or a chiropractor at the least.

well, concussions are always nasty, but yeah there is a possibility to get a disk or something knocked outta place
but when u realized u had trouble walking, that woulda been a good sign to go see a doctor, you know?

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