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I cut myself while chopping onions...ouch!?
i cut myself pretty bad on my finger...its not like REALLY BAD...but its quite deep, it scared me at first, and the blood keeps gushing out...i wrapped a bandage around it, two actually and i can feel blood coming out, my finger is throbbing, and i can see the blood under the bandaid...what do i do?
Additional Details
you guys are ridiculous...its already stopped bleeding and i didnt get blood on my keyboard....geez idiots, relax

Kristen F
go to doctor and get stiches and eww im tryin to eat dinner

jeremy t
go to the er..it could get infected!

You, stop typing.
And then you wait for it to stop bleeding.
Geeeze :/

keep pressure on the wound with alot of paper towels untill it stops bleeding, then put some Neosporin on it and let it air. If you keep putting Neosporin on it it for like three days it will heal hella fast. I cut my thumb at work like a cm deep cutting mushrooms and it healed pretty fast.

Since you said it isn't really bad, rinse it under water, wipe the area with a streril gauze and apply firm pressure to stop the bleeding. A clot will form so be Gentle when pulling the guaze away. After, you can apply liquid skin (antiseptic liquid bandage) to it. This will sting but the bandage dries and creates a tight seal and it prevents germs from entering. You could also just tape the guaze down as a bandage.

you might need stiches. good luck

Brad F
Wash it with some kind of anti bacterial agent and keep covered. If you can see muscle of fat you need stitches

Hold your entire hand above your head.
This will stop blood from escaping through the cut.
Obviously if it doesnt stop after like 2 hours, maybe seek medical assistance.

Sorry to hear you cut yourself lol =[

Keep your hand above your heart to slow the bloodflow until the bleeding stops.

go to the doctor or hospital

Go to the hospital as quick as possible you may need stiches!

doctors u might need stitches, but if its not that bad in your opinion then put alot of pressure on it and hold it there. pressure is the key

Michelle !
If your scared of getting stitches they will glue it shut. Works just as good as stitches without the pain or scar!

rest it for awhile...don't type , don't write..no nothing...REST it...pfftt

William K
umm if you have any goss wrap it in that tight. but you might have cut it really deep so might wanna get it checked out.

Mary Jo W
flush it clean with tap water
wrap it tight,
Don't bend it, you will live

first clean up the blood from your keyboard. if it won't stop bleeding you're going to have to go to the doctor/emergency room to get stitches.

another stoner
put pressure on it so no blood goes toward the wound.
after a little bit releive the pressure, and the blood should have clotted by then and your good to go.
if its too deep you might have to get stitches

im just worried about those onions!!

Thumbs Up
Keep the bandage on until it stops.

The clotting process needs time.

Don't worry I doubt you will lose 8 pints of blood.

Keep pressure on it and see if the beelding stops in a few minutes. If not, go to the doctor.

Try to go to a doctor and see if they want you to go to the hospital . . .i doubt that it is that bad though.btw whenever chopping onions always curl ur fingers in.

i think u should go get it checked

Go to the hospital and get stitches, it sounds like something that would need stitches if it has not stopped bleeding, also put it under cold water and wrap a CLEAN wash clothe around it then go to the hospital

The blood will probably clot under the band aid and you'll be ok. If it doesn't, go to the hospital because it may need stitiches. It wouldn't hurt to get a tetanus shot while you're there. I hope you cleaned the wound before putting on the band aid.

Ding D
hahha.. u can place a cotton over it and taped it ... cotton can help better than band aid...

Miss Delanne
Just keep a clean cloth wrapped around it and apply pressure to the cut until it stops bleeding. When it stops, wash the area with soap and water, pat to dry, apply anti-bacterial ointment and a bandage.

Kenneth C
was the Onion injured?!?!?

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