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 What Bones have you broken?
I broke my #5 metacarpal (R) boxing and one of my ribs when a friend rugby tackled me into a hedge.
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Oh yeh, forgot nose also!
notice how it's all the guys ...

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i got it on late friday.
my friend fell on her face first on her drive way, drunk.
its on her chin.
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 Cant stop bleeding?
i drop a weight on my toe and now the nail wont stop bleeding it has for like 2 and a half hours how do i stop it? or what should i do, cant go to hosptial no insurance....

 Bruised during blood test?
is this ok for the hospital to do??because it doesnt look very nice really and im sure i heard they could get into trouble for this a i have a huge bruise on my wrist through this
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 Whats wrong with me????
I just woke up from being knocked out for a few hours. I saw a girl and i thought she was a killer, and was trying to kill me. She said that shes not a killer, and that shes my girlfriend, and we are ...

 What would you do, how would you spend your time if you learned that you had only six months to live?

 Omg! i hit my hand on my pillloow really hard!?
i had a red mark on my hand! whats gonna happen? is it broken? help! im scared! plss sooo freaked out!
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nevrmind actually i just hit my glove on the pillow i was ...

 Can you move your pinky finger only?
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 Can broken bones heal themselves?
broken leg, broken arm, broken nose etc....

 What is the most painful accident that you have ever had?
Personally, the most painful accident was when I was walking alongside a road on the way home from a carnival. There was a little 'rope' along the side of the road to prevent you from ...

 I ate 30 thumb tacks, and now my stomach really hurts.?
I did it as part of a bet. I was just wondering if there is some kind of way to relieve some of the pain?
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Yeah, I'm starting to cough up allot of blood, but it...

 HELP!! A bully said if I don't break or sprain my wrist he'll hurt me! HELP!!?

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It's at home not school and if I tell someone he said he would kill me!...

 I injured my Knee and it feels like its swollen when i bend it, do i need to go to the doctor?
I think this injury occured when I twisted my knee playing basketball. It doesn't hurt or anything, it feels like it's swollen specially when I bend it. I have been icing it and elevating ...

 My brother cut me on my nose and it looks really bad+ i got school tommrow?
My brother cut me ion the nose thismorning and i already have a scab. :( what do I do to eaither cover it up or get rid of it with out making a scar. I have school tommrow. PLEASE HELP...

 I tried to hang myself a week ago, and now I'm having really bad, burning throat pains, what should i do?
I'm too embarrassed to go to the doctor, especially since I don't want to kill myself anymore.

Will I be okay?

Or have I done some serious damage?
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 How do i pierce my bellybutton myself?
Theres quite a few questions like mine but can someone actually go through every step of how to peirce my own bellybutton. When its infected how long will it take me to notice its infected and how ...

 HELP! What happens if i sniff glitter?
by mistake ... I dont think It was much .... but I gurgled and I can still feel a bit of it ... lol, will I die?
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lol ... me and my friends were making tee-shirts for ...

 My 3 year old hit head on concrete from 2 feet in the air. has big swollen bruise. Go to Hospital or not?
my 3 year old hit head on concrete from 2 feet in the air. has big swollen bruise. Go to Hospital or not?
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I posed this question because I am arguing with my husband.......

 Keep finger from hurting tomorrow morning?
ok i hurt my finger earlier today trying to grab someone. its all swollen now but it really isn't in pain. i KNOW its gonna hurt like hell tomorrow morning tho. is there anything i can do to ...

 How to stop nose bleeding?
i have been having nose bleed very often since 4 years old, and now i m 15.

the nose bleeding happens as often as at least once a month.

I just had one this morning, and ...

I Have been bleeding from my arm, for an hour.. Is that normal.?
I itched my arm and I have been bleeding ever since. It has been like an hour and I am still bleeding! Anyone know how to make it stop or if you know how to make it bleed slower even?

put pressure on it!! it suppose to be raised....if it doesnt stop call the ER and ask what to do

Michelle B
no what happend to you

Put the part of your arm that is bleeding so that it is higher then your heart. It's a gravity thing. If it doesn't stop soon, or if the bleeding is heavy, I would go to emergency room. Or call your Doctor office, sometimes they have on call nurses, 24 hours a day.

To help stop the bleeding, first wipe and run cold water on the wound. The platelets in your blood should coagulate and stop the bleeding. But you should definitely go see a doctor. You definitely seem to have some immune deficiency going on. Also if you're itching don't scratch so hard. Go buy some anti-itch lotion.

is it heavy....that's not normal.

if your not putting pressure on it, then yea it's normal.

if it is bleeding through bandages and what not, it's not normal.

probably need sitches.

call the doctor and ask them what to do.

omg call a doctor or or or idk

if you are bleeding heavily then take something and tie it around your arm below the spot, and go to the doctor. if it's not that bad then put some Neosporin on it, and place a band aid on it.

you need to go to the hospital ASAP.

this may be serious, stop the bleeding somehow like by putting a towel over it, if theres a lot of blood u may need to get stiching

Daniel W
no u should go to hospital and get them check for something wrong like internal bleeding from vane anything

Ok go wash your hands, and get a small rag and cover up the bleeding spot.
That will put pressure on it and will cause it to stop.
If its STILL bleeding even after 30 minutes go to the hospital.
Put a band-aid on it.

Good luck

I'm not too sure, but depending on how severe the bleeding is, you should go to the doctor if it doesn't stop soon.

Get a family member to ring the hospital immeadiately. You need to get to the hospital before you loose all your blood and you get weak. Or even die.

Britney S
Call 911 that's not normal U can get dizzy and die because you don't have that many blood left

Rachel J
Get to a Doctor, for some reason you have either hit something that might need a stitch, OR you have consumed enough alcohol or medication or have a condition where you are not making enough clotting factor. If your a vegitarian sometimes the amount of green food/seed extract can seriously thin your blood. Also pain relievers like Alieve will thin your blood. An hour is quite a while, you should run it past a doctor asap. Take Care hun.-Rachel.

Xx zakk xX
call you doctor!!!!! how bad is it it meand you blood clot count is low and that can be bad call a doctor or go see one

call the doctors tell then what happened and if they tell you to go the the hospital then go! that doesn't sound normal though

raise your arm and squezze the cut if that dosent help go to the doctor

John M
no it is not normal, you have cut a main vain and need to see a doctor. don't try to drive you could pass out, call 911 and get help to you faster.

Wheres the cut. If on a major vein (one you can clearly see if to stress and relex your arm. If on a major vein go to the dr.
Before that patch it up and wait a few minutes. (20 at least)
to see if it stops. Chances are that if its not on a vein your probelly unknowingly have a tendency to scratch it. There by ripping away the scap and causing it to bleed.

You have to apply firm continuos pressure to the area with a bandage or sterile gauze. You may have a problem with clotting factors and should see a dr to get it stopped. Bleeding that long is not normal.

you need to put pressure on it like your thumb not to hard though but hard enough maybe with tissue or a cloth and depending on the cut and how deep it is it might take a while

Chances are your anemic which could be due to low iron levels in your blood. I'd suggest getting a blood test done to verify your iron count to make sure you're not anemic. Hold something over the sore and keep pressure on it. This usually stops the bleeding because it allows one layer of blood to hold there and form the scab.

Christina A
try really cold water or salt and water mixed and just hold preasure ok mama

[email protected]

Oh !!

R u ok ????


If you have kept pressure on the wound for that long and your still bleeding you need to go to the emergency room. A small wound should have already formed a clot. Good luck!

Chunky Monkey
uhhh..... call 911?

Somebody else
Did you try a band-aid? Use Neosporin too, if you have some. Also, stop picking at it.

Direct pressure with a clean cloth (preferably thick, like a towel)

Read this link below for first aid for minor injuries.
It is very helpful.

Spreading a petroleum product, like Chapstick, or vaseline on something will slow the bleeding a lot, or even stop it... but will often cause scarring.

Rubbing alcohol will cause the blood vessels to constrict, and slows the bleeding that way.

Get a few tissues, double them over, put them on it, and tie them down with some cloth for a while. The tissues will probably get stuck when you try to take it off, but that's OK. You can cu them off, and they'll mostly disintigrate when you take a shower.

If you're feeling super-tough, you can cauterize the wound, by putting a hot iron against it for a bit, That will definitely scar though, and you'll usually get a wound that oozes clear stuff. Yucky. Just kidding, don't do that.

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