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 I just punched myself accidentally,what should I do?
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There case might be different.

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 My finger got stuck in a car door...?
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 I walked into a table. What do I do?
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 Wasps - Run or stand still.?
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 My dad brok his arm skating is that dumb?
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 I broke my big toe last night PLEASE HELP?
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I am completly flat broke & poor. I have NO ...

How to break my own arm . . . . or wrist???
How do i break my arm or wrist or ankle???
Don't ask why.

Dr Simon
Put your wrist in a vice with your palm facing away from you.

Then, drop to your knees suddenly.

OR just strike your wrist violently with a club hammer.

I heard that if you put potatoes on your wrist and leave them on over night then when you wake up u hit it with a spoon and it should break. Idk if it would break it or not but thats what o heard

Firstly, unless you want to seriously risk disabling yourself I'd use your non-favoured wrist.

Secondly, climb onto an object about 4' off the floor, then fall onto your off-hand. Make sure to provide adequate cusions for the fall, or you may cause much more serious damage to yourself (leave a space between the cusions for your hand and aim it there when you fall).

Please note that breaking a bone is never safe as it may rupture blood vessels, possibly even an artery. I cannot reccomend this. I'd really appreciate it if you'd tell me why you want to know. Please don't actually do this as it's beyond foolish, a really bad way to kill yourself (not that I advocate that either, but from your question I'm guessing that's not your intetion). It could kill you if you're unlucky you know.

someone with a name like happy shouldnt be asking Qs like this and im with you ruby jane she is out to make herself some money. or blame some poor guy for it. get life love

♥ live4mcr ♥
You honestly are sick. I dont care if you want to do this to get out of something or whatever, I just know that something is missing upstairs. A girl I know broke both of her arms while doing a round-off, back handspring during a cheerleading competition. She'll be out of school for 2 1/2 to 3 months.

Well uh good luck with that.

I'm sorry but I have to say it. Your stupid.

bash it with a hammer.

ummmm i kinda wanna know why? why would u wanna do that>

can u please go and answer my question if you have time thank you! about the mac commercials bc no one has been answering them...

andy F7
why would someone named HAPPY want to hurt themselves?please try a more mature way to get out of your predicament, your being unrealistic, we would love to help you , but in a sensible way, can we help?

¸.•*¨)Sweet Sinner¸.•*¨)
That's a hell of a way to pull a sickie! Why the hell would you wanna do that to yourself?

Try google......

The thought of it is making me cringe!!

I am not going to ask why, but it is not definitely a good idea. You would do a more damage they you might want. It might be a good idea to ask where you can see a counsellor?

Ya numpty. Not even gonna ask why.

emm? try resting ur hand on a table and hit the middle of the arm to make it split in its weak spot. but trust me, breaking bones hurt like HELL!

Don't be stupid, There is absolutely no good or bad reason to hurt yourself intentionally.


I wouldn't do that. It is extremely stupid and you can end up damaging more than just the bone or the ligaments or tendons. You have nerves in there you can end up damaging. For whatever reason you want to injure yourself for, I advise you to deal with it in a more healthy way. Or seek some pyschological help. No good will come from this.

And anyone who advises her on how to do this should be severly ashamed and needs help themselves.

her with the mad ginger hair
If this is so you don`t have to take exams,then think again.Damaging yourself like this could lead to life long problems.Also have you thought if you break anything badly enough that it is unable to be reset,chances are it will be amputated.So dont do anything this dangerous or foolish.If you can`t face taking your exams then just flunk them.but please don`t do this to yourself.

You are an idiot. Breaking a wrist or aknle on accident is painful enough, I couldn't imagine doing it on purpose. And if you decide to break it, it might not be an easy fix like putting a cast on it, you might need screws and pins.

You need serious help. Looking for attention or wanting to get out of something?

The only reason I can think of as to why is so you can get compensation from somewhere, but it really isn't worth breaking a bone on purpose for.

lois w
I have had a complicated non healing fracture of my arm for 15 months, forget about trying to break your arm Holly as you will never know the pain this will cause you.

Please seek help as to why you want to take this drastic action as beleive me you would regret it Take care

You have a lot of good advice on how to do it, just one final piece of advice. Don't do it for at least 6 months to a year after you've just posted this question. Any good insurance claims adjuster will find this question you posted and not hook you up. It would actually be better for you to find the answer you like best then delete the question entirely so that it can't be found later. Have fun and good luck!

You sound like me when I was a child. I wanted to break an arm or leg so I could have a cast all my friends could sign. I tried jumping out of the tree in my front yard, jumping off my bike after I'd gotten it up to a good speed. The "trouble" was that I had an instinct for landing in such a way that I never got hurt - not even a scratch or a sprain.

Then I grew up.

Since then I've had numerous broken bones from an auto accident. It wasn't pretty. The pain was intense. One of them needed to be surgically set (but wasn't - I'm allergic to the surgical steel pins they'd have used). I can't believe I'd once wanted that experience! (By the way, I still didn't get a cast. They don't put casts on the bones that broke.) Fifteen years after that accident I still have pain when the weather gets cold.

My advice - don't try it. It might not work. Even if it did you'd probably end up with something worse than you'd anticipated and too difficult to recover from. Whatever is compelling you to consider it, deal with in another way. Nothing is worth doing deliberate harm to yourself.

♥ Glitterbomb ♥
grow up and stop being so pathetically attention seeking!

cloe v
Thats weird wanting to hurt yourself like that.
Believe me if it is a serious breakage.
You could have pins in ur arms.
ANd ops.

I would never give you an answer to such a stupid question!

Mr X
Watch the Stephen king film 'Misery' to show how to break your ankle..that's a real nice way!

Actually,saying that I have just looked at your other asked questions and from them I gather you are quite young as you asked a school based question,So in all seriousness if you are having bad thoughts about self harming or the like,you really need to talk with someone and get some help,you may think nobody understands but people will I assure you of that,speak with your Mum or Dad or if perhaps they don't listen well a teacher or a better still your Doctor.We all have our down times,but your health and life are such precious things that you have to take care.Speak to someone before doing something silly which you will definitely later regret.Take Care.

Dont! That is a stupid thing to do.

You are going to want to pick a better idea then breaking a bone. It can come with serious problems like internal bleeding, regrowth issues, strength issues. Think about it.

First seek therapy. You need some serious help.

5th Earl of Daveshire
Good God...I'm not sure I even want to imagine why you want to do such a painful thing which could result in permanent disability.
Please don't.

I'm not going to ask why but I am going to say you need therapy or counseling of some kind. Please call someone.

[email protected]
You have got to be insane!

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