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 My coworker injured me while on the job. What should I do?
My coworker and another coworker were outside our offices. I had just returned from a restroom break and one of the coworkers said he wanted to show me something he had learned in Jujitsu class. He ...

 Which is worst a broken bone or a fracture?

 What's the worst injury you've suffered on vacation?

 What Bones have you broken?
I broke my #5 metacarpal (R) boxing and one of my ribs when a friend rugby tackled me into a hedge.
Additional Details
Oh yeh, forgot nose also!
notice how it's all the guys ...

 How long does a bruise last?
i got it on late friday.
my friend fell on her face first on her drive way, drunk.
its on her chin.
how long will this last?...

 Cant stop bleeding?
i drop a weight on my toe and now the nail wont stop bleeding it has for like 2 and a half hours how do i stop it? or what should i do, cant go to hosptial no insurance....

 Bruised during blood test?
is this ok for the hospital to do??because it doesnt look very nice really and im sure i heard they could get into trouble for this a i have a huge bruise on my wrist through this
Additional D...

 Whats wrong with me????
I just woke up from being knocked out for a few hours. I saw a girl and i thought she was a killer, and was trying to kill me. She said that shes not a killer, and that shes my girlfriend, and we are ...

 What would you do, how would you spend your time if you learned that you had only six months to live?

 Omg! i hit my hand on my pillloow really hard!?
i had a red mark on my hand! whats gonna happen? is it broken? help! im scared! plss sooo freaked out!
Additional Details
nevrmind actually i just hit my glove on the pillow i was ...

 Can you move your pinky finger only?
hold your hand flat with all your fingers straight. now try to bend your pinky with out your ring finger movin. i can not do it and it bothers ...

 Can broken bones heal themselves?
broken leg, broken arm, broken nose etc....

 What is the most painful accident that you have ever had?
Personally, the most painful accident was when I was walking alongside a road on the way home from a carnival. There was a little 'rope' along the side of the road to prevent you from ...

 I ate 30 thumb tacks, and now my stomach really hurts.?
I did it as part of a bet. I was just wondering if there is some kind of way to relieve some of the pain?
Additional Details
Yeah, I'm starting to cough up allot of blood, but it...

 HELP!! A bully said if I don't break or sprain my wrist he'll hurt me! HELP!!?

Additional Details
It's at home not school and if I tell someone he said he would kill me!...

 I injured my Knee and it feels like its swollen when i bend it, do i need to go to the doctor?
I think this injury occured when I twisted my knee playing basketball. It doesn't hurt or anything, it feels like it's swollen specially when I bend it. I have been icing it and elevating ...

 My brother cut me on my nose and it looks really bad+ i got school tommrow?
My brother cut me ion the nose thismorning and i already have a scab. :( what do I do to eaither cover it up or get rid of it with out making a scar. I have school tommrow. PLEASE HELP...

 I tried to hang myself a week ago, and now I'm having really bad, burning throat pains, what should i do?
I'm too embarrassed to go to the doctor, especially since I don't want to kill myself anymore.

Will I be okay?

Or have I done some serious damage?
Additional D...

 How do i pierce my bellybutton myself?
Theres quite a few questions like mine but can someone actually go through every step of how to peirce my own bellybutton. When its infected how long will it take me to notice its infected and how ...

 HELP! What happens if i sniff glitter?
by mistake ... I dont think It was much .... but I gurgled and I can still feel a bit of it ... lol, will I die?
Additional Details
lol ... me and my friends were making tee-shirts for ...

How many times have you been shot?

The Chronicler
By a gun, twice when my partner and I tracked a lost kid in the woods and wandered into a weed farm. First shot killed my horse.

By a bow, twice while teaching Boy Scouts archery. Both times by fathers who refused to believe they could learn how to shoot from a girl, so didn't wait to listen to the rules.
(and they yelled at me for not being properly prepared.)
(If I had been properly prepared, I would of shot them first!)


The Chronicler

Once with a BB gun, right in the forehead.

I have been shot by a photgrapher...aka family members...so many times i can't count! MayMay

Shot at too many to count. Only hit twice.

Give the best answer to the first guy if he has been shot 15 times he needs the ten points. Me I have not been shot

As a play a pimp I have been shot more than a few times, but miraculously I don't walk with a limp. I roll with my AK47 but only because I must protect my Ho's

Twice. None serious though.

15 times..word em up!!

ive been shot at and no people who got shot. and 50cent only got shot 3 times and got shot AT 9 times.

Shopaholic Chick
by a gun or a needle

by a camera... never... LOL

but since u put this in the injuries category... i got shot 4 times in vietnam.. i must thank God that the injuries were minor!

None. But I like to slam shots!

Thanks the Lord, none

once by a .22 air gun pellet - and it is still embedded in my shin bone 21 years later! The doctors didn't want to remove it because it could have crippled me. Looks pretty cool on x-rays when they see a bullet in my tibia!

lost count

Hmm... well, I've never been shot with a gun, or a bow and arrow, if that's what you mean! BUT, I have been shot UP with all sorts of drugs by doctors and nurses.. and dentists.. And, I've HAD many shots.. of various alcoholic concoctions... Then, I've been shot-DOWN, verbally.. by mean people..; shot down by dumb guys when I asked them out (no, not really, they always say, "yes".. and, "when?"..). And, finally, when I worked as a model for art classes, many people shot me.. photographically!

Shot?? with what??............

queen .
zero timess (:

Bear Naked
Just once...in the mouth at point blank...with a-25 auto.

zero...but ddt's mom shoots up everyday

one time was enough stabbed three times head closed in elevator once thrown from bridge once finally safe in my 6x8.

Like above, just at the dr.

[email protected]
more than a sailor on shore leave

BBs- about 10
real gun- almost once. but not.
sliced by box cutter-once
pencil though entire palm of hand-once
ripped out earing in fight-once.
fights won-one, broke his nose for ripping out my earing.

Once. I have been shot at once unless you count every shot fired then I have been shot at six or seven times , hard to count while dodging the bullets.

Never by a real gun. A few times with water gun fights. And of course the normal trips to the docs when they update all of ur shots.

Sally Jo
zero, and I am quite proud of that number. who the heck asks a question like that????????

None, unless you include trips to the doctor

laura v
none.............im not 50 cent

Blah blah blah
In the face? a lot. But usually I swallow. lol

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