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how do i brake my ...

 Ear stretching question?
about a week ago i stretched my ear. i dont know what my whole was but i put a 12G in my ear. i had my friend do it and it hurt very bad the first day. now i am able to move it and it dosent hurt. my ...

 Why do my hands go numb when I type?

 What does it mean when your finger turns white and goes numb?
Ok, so im the kind of person who never gets cold. It was probably about 40 out this morning, and i was talking with some friends when my middle finger turned snow white and went numb, i put it under ...

 How can you break a arm or leg around ur house without BAD injuries?

 Health- have bashed shin, now swollen and painful ,how should i treat it?

 My toe is throbbing real bad, what can I do?

It's about 4:11 AM here, and I'm still awake, because I cannot get rid of the throbbing from my toe.

Basically I bumped my toe on a chair, and the front of the ...

 Did I break my finger?
Last night I was at wrestling practice and I put my left hand under a guy's back and he fell backwards on it and my middle finger bent backwards the wrong way. I woke up this morning and it'...

 Dodgy knee - getting worse now I've started exercising?
I twisted my knee a few years ago but its been fine for ages. I started exercising on an exercise bike and treadmill a few months ago and my knee has started getting really stiff and painful. Is ...

 What should i do if i hav a bone bruise,besides rest that's what the doc told me to do?
I've had this for about 8months and when i had got it right after that i sprained my ankel pretty bad too. So I had to get pulled off my b-ball team which stunk to rest it . That was about ...

 I have a cast on my leg..when it comes off will my leg be smaller(skinnier) will it grow back to normal?

 Help me please =(!!!!!!!!!!?
I think I need to use crutches because after 13 days my ankle still is swollen, bruised and round. It also still hurts to walk on it, move it around and my other ankle has begun to ache because of ...

How do you get a bug out of someone's ear?
My friend had a beetle crawl into his ear and I'm looking for novel ideas on how to get it out. Be creative... Personal injury is not a concern (i.e. use an ice pick and stab the beetle until he is dead) is an alright method for getting said beetle out of said ear. Most creative answer that might work will get the points!!

I would not recommend the pick as it could rupture your friend's ear drums and he would have another worse problem than before. If you have Hydrogen Peroxide (drug counter, no prescription), drop 3 or more drops into his ears. Not only will it irritate the insect and possibly convince it that this is not a great place to be, it will also clean out his ears. Make sure that the liquid goes out as well. Repeat as needed. Anything else would mean that he spend his future life without hearing in that ear.

Other solution, take him to a doctor.

You need to kill the bug first. Try Corn Syrup in the canal, than reach in with tweezers and grab it. BE careful not to go to far in, you could rupture the ear drum. He can than wash the corn syrup out later. You could also use KY Jelly, less messy, easier cleanup.

Shop vac.

Sitck a lit match in there and torch it. :)

Go into a dark room and hold a match up to his ear -if the little critter has taken up residence you may have to hire a lawyer and have him evicted.
The ice pick is not advised at this time , that is referred to as undue force and you could be sued.
Sounds like an illegal alien to me , if he has no children call ICE and or Immigration.
Otherwise you may have to pay medical insurance and educate the child -You may be stuck for the next 18 years ---sorry.

mild warm soapy water, have him lay down, fill the ear canal with the water, the beetle will come to the surface to breathe and you can pluck it out with tweezers.

Use a fire extinguisher -- the pressure should "blow" the bug
old, the cold would numb the area, and the excess foam
would clean out the cranial cavity.

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