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 Whats the most painful thing anyone has done to themselves?
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 Should I go get X-rays just to be safe??
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 How many times have you been shot?

 I have to go to hospital. Alone or take a friend?
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 Is there a way to tell if you broke your ankle or just twisted/sprained it?
I twisted my foot while playing basketball.

There are no bruises or something but it is a little bit swollen.
Additional Details
I broke my wrist before. The pain on my ankle ...

 I Have been bleeding from my arm, for an hour.. Is that normal.?
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 Which is worse.. a fracture or a break?

 Stuck up bum. It really hurts, urgent help required?
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 I stepped on my curling iron! :[?
What should i use to stop the pain/ heal?...

 My cousin just had a car accident she fractured 3 bones in her skull and has air in her brain will she make it
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 My coworker injured me while on the job. What should I do?
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 Which is worst a broken bone or a fracture?

 What's the worst injury you've suffered on vacation?

 What Bones have you broken?
I broke my #5 metacarpal (R) boxing and one of my ribs when a friend rugby tackled me into a hedge.
Additional Details
Oh yeh, forgot nose also!
notice how it's all the guys ...

 How long does a bruise last?
i got it on late friday.
my friend fell on her face first on her drive way, drunk.
its on her chin.
how long will this last?...

 Cant stop bleeding?
i drop a weight on my toe and now the nail wont stop bleeding it has for like 2 and a half hours how do i stop it? or what should i do, cant go to hosptial no insurance....

 Bruised during blood test?
is this ok for the hospital to do??because it doesnt look very nice really and im sure i heard they could get into trouble for this a i have a huge bruise on my wrist through this
Additional D...

How do you cure a hangover quickly??!?
Family party 3 bottles of wine... fell over in a puddle... so funny couldnt get up!! clothes still wet! head really hurts need it to go away now!!
Additional Details
dont need a lecture from those of you on the moral high ground...drink is bad blah blah.. yeah i kno... just some help with headache would be nice..
Thanx to everyone with something helpful to say...

well I dont know how to cure it but I do know how to prevent it DON'T DRINK self inflicted injuries I have no sympathy

the only thing that works for me is not to drink in the first place! im still waiting for the cure too!

There is no remedy or cure for a hang over, have another glass of wine and a headache pill you'll feel better in no time.

fatslim boy
2 tablespoons of neat vodka or whiskey

you can't

Have another drink now. That should fix it.
It works...

Glass of Fresh Milk with roar egg mixed in, works wonders

dry biscuits - well it worked for me

1. Stay drunk.
2. (How old are you?) Stay youthful.
3. Fluids, sugars, carbohydrates, sleep, time and painkillers.

sounds like you had fun! drink lots of water, eat a good breakfast and take some painkillers, that's all you can really do. I try to drink lots of water before I go to bed at night, usually makes me feel less ill the next day

Debbie H
i always have an icepop and then a lovely bubbly bath, dont read anything this makes your eyes hurt. I too have a hangover, an I am on way for my bath, but I have just put the beef in the oven to roast and the smell is making me feel better. Another good thing is to drink a cup of hot water with fresh lemon juice squeezed in it.

dave r
3 ibuprofens - lots of water - and a maccy d's.

drink lots of water & a bath

john b
Try Aspo clear then a good meal then a nice walk

Ding Dong
You should drink a glass of water with Paracetamol before you go to bed. And drink plenty of water now also go for a walk and get some fresh air.

get yourself a good breakfast, loads of water, then blanket, remote control and take it easy for the rest of the day!

The Fat Controller
hangover is your body saying de-hydrated so lots of water will cure it in the quickest time

Flat cola. Then loads of water to detoxify you.
A hearty meal, even if you don't feel like eating. You need to re-line your stomach again.
And some Ibuprofen.

jozsef m
Plenty of water. bunch of Aspirin, sleep, cold shower, try to puke....and be patient.

vitamin c lots of wil do the trick try borroca its a tablet u add to a glass of water 1hr - 2hr u'll be fine . u can get it in any pharmacies and health shops

Can't. You have to let it run it's course. Yeah drink water as you need to replenish the liquid. As to cures things like Hair of the dog(drinking some more) will just get you drunk again and delay the inevitable.

Drink plenty of water.
Alchohol dehydrates you.

lisa c
lay down for the day on the settee with a bowl, thats what i do, im terrible with hangovers, glad im pregnant so i cant drink at the moment. But it takes me the whole day to recover i dont move from bed. lol Try something to eat and just relax.

Drink alot of water to rehydrate your body and rest. Maybe Aspirin or Tylonol for the headache.

i ve heard drink plenty of water, and eat a few bananas ...of course you know as well as i do theres only one sure remedy,dont drink to excess in the first place...and how i wish i could follow my own advice, the amount of times ive said NEVER AGAIN?

Parvo E Bola
Drink a LOT of water and take some asprins (not ibuprofin) and eat something... a sandwich or something.

The hangover is mostly due to dehydration.
You have to drink a few glasses of water.

Alkaseltzer and A Cold Wash Cloth

you need a cople of strong painkillers, gallons of water and a bacon buttie, does wonders for me every time!! try not to dwell on it too much either, get out and do something, swimming is great for a hangover, that will really make you feel refreshed and cleansed....good luck to you!

Go back to bed, drink some water first though as the primary cause of hangovers are dehydration.


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