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How do i break my thumb or wrist easly to avoid work? my manager wants to see the x-ray?

I really don't encourage lying to your boss - you will eventually get caught no matter how careful you are!

However, I wouldn't break your bone just to get out of a lie. Because of HIPPA, your employer cannot demand to see the xray. All he can demand is a doctor's note saying that you are unable to work. He is allowed to call and verify with the doctor's office that they did write the note and that you are unable to work, but he is not allowed to get any information other than that.

Tell him tha because of HIPPA, you're running into problems with getting the xray, and you can't show it to him.

If you don't like your job - get another one....

You lazy, work shy little so and so!

Get off your butt and go to work!

Failing that, try slamming it in a car door REALLY hard, get a mate to help you.

P.S. Hospitals don't tend to give out X-Rays as they need to keep them on file incase of complications/people suing them.

You are truly screwed up. If the job's that bad - just quit. Leave. Go. (And don't procreate and pollute the gene pool).

One word - stairs...

well if you so lazy that you would rather break a bone then work.

then i would suggest that you go see a shrink as there is something quite wrong with you.

ooh and breaking either your thumb or your wrist will hurt like buggery and the latter will mess up your love life as I'm guessing your alone you loser

Explain that hospitals do not normally give out copies of xrays to patients, your patient records are confidential all you need to do is get a doctors note stating you injured your wrist legally thats all you need to provide to satisfy your employer

Why Not!
slam a car door on it.

are you kidding! JUST QUIT! why wouuld you want to do that?

Sexy Red
Well i cant undersatand why you want to fracture your arm,why not something else ? You will regret doing this,your fracture may not be a slight fracture if you try anything,you may need to have surgery and may have on going problems if the fracture is very displaced.You will be in a plaster cast up to 8 wks depending on the fracture,you will be very restricted what you can and cant do,bathing,driving,etc.So think about it first before you do something you will regret.


a little pathetic are we?????

How lazy do you have to be to consider breaking bones to avoid work?

Smash it with a sledgehammer

i have no idea... but you are sure one twisted bloke... good luck with that mate....

90210 aka Hummer Lover
he has no right. its breaking patient confidentiality. I hate managers as they never believe you when you phone up sick.

ohh have u been telling porky pies to ur boss then ? lol

suppose u could have someone jump on ur wrist or thumb to break it for u. painful though..

[email protected]
your manager has no right to see the x-ray- it is a
matter of Patient Confidentiality.

Unless you are claiming workman's comp, your manager has no right to the X-Ray- Tell him the Dr. Won't release them because of Hippa- you will sound like you know what you are talking about.

get an xray of someone else's broken thumb, wrist ....

(just in case you were serious)

mickey g
your manager has no right to see the x-ray. thats confidential medical information privy to only yourself and your dr.

but to be safe, throw yourself in traffic so that you can have a broken wrist for real

just tell him the hospital will not release it, or it will be released after a fee is paid. Your boss can phone up and enquire but they can't tell him nothing because of patient confidentially.

Are you nuts? Owwww. Doen't matter how you do it, breaking your wrist or thumb is going to hurt and possibly cause long term damage. Assuming you're serious, don't do it.

Ask your best friend to take a hammer and smash it for you! *lol*

paula p
I think that information is confidential, why would he want to see your e ray, you must have been seen while faining a broken bone and if so then you may as well come clean.

Your manager has no right to request to see the X-ray, but your clearly have been a sh*t liar. Say you will request a copy from the hospital and then just keep on blagging it. Last resort, go to your GP and get a sick note and "doctor" it, 'scuse the pun...

skunk masta
Tell him they wont give you it, and they wont answer any questions regarding your medical "illnesses"no matter if it was a yes or no, 100% Dude.

Erm you could jump out of your window (as long as its not more than 2 stories high) and try and aim with your wrist.

i think i would rather work.

THe best thing to do is to develop RSI (repetitive strain injury). It doesnt show up on any scans or xrays, but the only cure is to rest it (and therefore take time off work).

I guenuinely have RSI, and it can come in handy at times!!

Georgie's Girl
come round... i'll do it.

Easy, do not break your thumb or wrist, you will need them for the next step.

Write your resignation. Just quit. Stop working. Don't wait for your employer...

Cheryl S
Just fess up that you lied. Is it really worth it to break your own wrist or thumb? I think not!

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