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XXXprincess of irelandXXX
How do i break my arm?
i have tried everything but nothing on this earth seems to work i really want to do do it as i have a major irish dancing display coming up and i dont want to do it i know i can tell them but i also want to be center of attension lol so if you have any answers feel free to tell me!!!

You need mental therapy.

Sexy Red
Come to wear i work i will put a plaster cast on then it will look as thou you have fractured your arm who will know the truth.

I'll break your arm......for asking such a dumb question!

Please, breaking the arm is not an alternative. There are gonna be lots of absurd replies ur question as well.
Try participating in some other activity the same day, That way, u'll be the centre of attention and a way to evade the irish dance thing.

then you would be weak and helpless just like when you were a baby

fall down the stairs in a cardboard box with some friends (if you'll all fit).When you reach the bottom sombody should land on your arm!

i dont know why u would want to but if u fall from a hight of about 10ft shuld do it

Chris L
u might wanna seek help. thats crazy. wont you just play sick or something. or better yet just go and be normal like everyone else.

Emma B
Just tell them the truth that you don't want to do it and avoid wasting NHS (providing you are in the UK) time and money. Other than that, do you really want to break your arm? You could be in a cast for about 6 weeks - not nice you know.

ride your bike and crash

I will do it for you if you like

Big Poppa
run into a tree really hard

Tyler R
Easy - since you have your head up yor butt just twist your neck real hard - your arm will break on your hipbone

angel 36
its very pain full but here goes lol walk backwards do not look where you are going miss the slope in footpath and put your hand back to save your head of the ground and bobs your uncle shatter every single bone in your wrist i was stupid enough to break mine twice that's how i did it first time failing that my 16 yr old daughter said call down here and she will sort it for you

Stick it up your a**, and when you do that, you could also tickle your brain.

I vote that you tell them you don't want to do the dancing (if you are too big a coward to do that then you certainly won't have the guts to break your own arm).

Then, as you also want to be centre of attention, have your hair dyed bright red and spiked. You will look daft, but on the plus side it won't hurt and you and undo it pretty easily compared to breaking your arm.

Jump off the roof of your house (10feet should do) and land on your arm (or leg, you really won't be dancing on a sprained ankle or broken leg). Good luck and break a leg : )

Answer Schmancer
Let's see....
You could get into a revolving door, and really get it going fast, around and around, until you are running as fast as you can, then just stick your arm out and *presto* Broken Arm.

Or you could have someone run it over with a car, that would probably work.

Or you could always try the "Put your arm out of the passenger side window of a car and have your friend drive 90 miles an hour past a concrete block." That one's a time cherished classic. Do this at McDonald's and you have the bonus option of suing the place.

It's entirely possible that you've lost your mind.Just go and buy a neck brace and fake an injury or something if you don't want to tell them.You'll be really sorry that you broke your own arm for such a silly reason.

may be u should do the dance

It is very hard to do if you know you are doing it as your body will react naturally. It will flex out of the way to allow the blow to be received without damage. What you should do is something completely inevitable like let a big weight drop on it or hold it out from a bus stop. Do remember that it will really really hurt and you will regret it afterwards, and there will be even more chance of it breaking next time you have an argument. Also you could end up breaking your wrist or elbow instead of arm and that might never heal. Strange question to say the least.

quite sad wanting to be centre of attention breaking your arm.. i think you need medical help

fall and run it straigh to the ground with all your weight or drop something heavy on it.but that crazy you dont want no broke bones.trust me

fall awkardley or smash something in to it

Well, you've certainly managed to be the centre of attention here. Congratulations. Now try growing up.

you really want to put yourself through that pain just to get attention and to get out of a dance contest. thats really werid stuff cant you just say you have the flu

Michael S
Have someone put a cast on your arm and pretend it is broken. Broken bones really hurt!

vijai s
dont break it...just head down there with a plaster of paris cast...tell them its a hair line fracture...and u can get that off in a week....

stick your arm out when a bus goes past;)

but seriously don't do it! just say you are unwell ie sickness and the sh*ts

I would suggest, 'princess', that you be a woman and simply tell these people that you've decided you can't go through with the recital.

Then I'd get out the yellow pages and see if you can find a nice psychiatrist to help you with that nasty case of psychosis.

Good Luck with that!

Serious Mandy
I suffer from chronic headaches and migraines.. so that excuse always works for me... BUT.. to answer your question..

Its not as easy as it sounds. My twin sister didn't want to go to volleyball camp one summer, so she sat on the ground.. leaned back on her arms (stretched out) and I came up and gave the back of her arm, on her elbow a good karate kick!!!! Didn't work.. she was in pain forever it seemed, and still had to go to volleyball camp.

So my advice.. play sick.. even induce vomiting.. but don't put yourself in pain that will last longer than the dance would have. : )

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