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 Help me please =(!!!!!!!!!!?
I think I need to use crutches because after 13 days my ankle still is swollen, bruised and round. It also still hurts to walk on it, move it around and my other ankle has begun to ache because of ...

How do i brake my foot?
how do i brake my foot

go ahead if u wanna

Slam a bowling ball on your foot then you here a crack and done you foot is broken..

-Jump off a tall building and land directly on one ankle.
-Get someone to run over your foot vertically.

I have a condition where the bones in my feet constantly brake, why on earth do you want to go through the pain! Believe me it's not worth it!

Ms Thang

Michael P
What do you want to do that for?

The correct spelling is "break," and you're an idiot if you cannot actually think of how you would break your foot!

nas88caror 300
have some one step on it

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