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Mom to ^C^ & Q
How do I waterproof an area of my skin?
I got a tattoo on my wrist 5 days ago and was told not to swim for 3 weeks until it heals. I'd like to continue swimming, so I'm looking for a way to waterproof the area. Anybody know how to effectively do this?


I dont think you can sorry

Blunt Honesty
Don't swim, the chlorinated water can ruin the tattoo. You could wear a wetsuit. Waterproof sunblock just means it won't wash away, not that it seals your skin from water. Super glue will do more damage than the water would to your tattoo.

superglue is the way or wrap your wrist in clear wrap then bandage

You have a choice; listen to the 'experts' or swim and regret it.

I dont reccomend going swiming, even if you waterproof, if you were told not to.

the best ways is to cover it with vasaline. you can aslo try cooking oil but it is not as good.

It would be best if you didn't swim. The reason they tell you this is for two reasons. One is that soaking the tattoo can cause it to come off, like a soaked scab. Also, swimming pools are literally cess pools of bacteria, and coming in contact with pools, spas, hot tubs, etc greatly increses your risk on infection. Getting an infection can be gross, mess up the way your tattoo looks, and can lead to serious illness. Even if you "waterproofed" your skin, your healing tattoo will almost certainly come in contact with bacteria if you swim. So don't, unless you want an infection.

Just don't swim.

Truly Amazing
i strongly suggest not 2 go swiming because nothin is guarunteed

where did u exactly had the tatoo on ur skin?

water proof sun tan lotion


Do NOT cover the area with superglue or anything else, you need to keep it moist and that won't work out. Just hold off on the swimming! I've seen people use tape and plastic bags, but you'd be better off just sitting by the side of the pool for a few weeks.

You probably can't swim, unless you don't get your wrist wet by wrapping it in like plastic or something.
I'd just wait the three weeks to be on the safe side, though.

Try the plastic kitchen wrap...that shoud do the trick....

If you're in a pool swimming for fun, tape a baggy around your hand. You can cut holes for your fingers and tape it tightly so that water doesn't get in. A little bit of water will not hurt it, just keep anti-biotic cream on it in case you do get some water.

This might work if you're an athletic swimmer too. Just keep checking it. Try using duct tape or anything that will hold in water.

Good luck

Just dont swim. theres no such thing as waterproof anything.

You could try the waterproof sunblock lotion, but i heard it doesnt work, and you wouldnt want your tatoo to mess up or bloch, then be left with a retarted looking tatoo for the rest of your life.

MOST of these people have no idea what they are talking about. Neither do I, most of the time.
YOu just have to assess how healed the ink is. Has it scabbed over...are the scabs coming off?
I would wait about two weeks, because it needs to heal and excess amounts of water will prevent the tatoo from scabbing properly

Meg...Out of Hybernation
Careful with the superglue. Because the pores are in a different state due to the tattoo, you may want to ask a medical professional before applying superglue.

Maybe waterproof Sunscreen. Something like vaseline maybe?

Saran wrap is the best thing to use

Your skin is about as waterproof as you can get. If they told you not to swim, don't. It might do things to the tatoo you don't want. Maybe it's not even the water that is bad. Besides, if you put something on the tatoo, that might be just as bad.

A generous layer of Vaseline should do the trick.

Agreeing with other posters -- don't cover it. It needs to heal, and it needs access to the air to do it, so you need to stay out of the water.

In direct answer to your question: petroleum jelly.

But don't. You don't want to mess up your brand new ink!

ron g
cover the skin with super glue, trust me youll be fine

the glue wears off in 3 weeks

Just don't swim in any pools.. Go to the lake, river, or ocean.. Its the chemicals that they are speaking about...c'mon now you really don't think they expect you not to take a shower in 3 weeks ..

neosporin and a clear bandaid

liquid band-aid, but you really shouldn't cover the area with anything yet

Get a hold of that rubber that you dip hand tools into in order to make them shock resistant. Emerse body part. Enjoy.

Why tempt fate? You've spent some good money on this, why would you risk munging it up just because you can't wait 3 weeks? My son's Sensei received a tattoo on his left fore arm, thinking that a week would be long enough to heal. He was in a competition where his opponents grabbed his arm several times throughout the competition. He later found out that his tattoo was almost completely removed due to the grabbing injuries.

Be patient.

sorry to say but you're screwed on that.

i think you should wait to swim, but they do make waterproof sleeves for when you have a cast on your arm, they sell them at any pharmacy and wal-mart, i would go there to get one and use it. although i got a tatoo and i wasn't told i couldn't swim, of course it was in October that i got mine, but i still took showers with it etc, and no harm was done to it, but maybe the chlorine in the pool will bleach out the color.

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