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 Did I break my finger?
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 What should i do if i hav a bone bruise,besides rest that's what the doc told me to do?
I've had this for about 8months and when i had got it right after that i sprained my ankel pretty bad too. So I had to get pulled off my b-ball team which stunk to rest it . That was about ...

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 Help me please =(!!!!!!!!!!?
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How do I stop the stinging sensation from a burn?
Tonight I reached for a metal pot to take it off of a burner and didn't think to grab a pot holder first because the burner wasn't on so I didn't think the pot was hot without fire.

Turns out, my brother in law to be had just finished making coffee and this I was unaware of. The pot was so hot that it took me at least 4 seconds to register in my head that the handle was burning the palm of my hand.

I pulled my hand away and looked at my palm to find that the handle had left a deep red impression on my palm. The impression of course will not go away until my hand heals. It is almost like what you see in westerns when the cow gets branded with the name or initals of the person who poked the cow with the brander. Its not that deep and I doubt its nearly that painful.

I do not think this burn calls for an emergeny room visit so please do not answer this question if your only response is "See a doctor" because I am not paying 200 dollars to stop my hand from stinging.
Additional Details
Can anyone give me instructions on how to stop the stinging please?

I've tried cold water bottles already. I just want to sleep really badly and can't because my hand stings.

pee on it..wait..maybe thats only a jelly fish..i dunno maybe just ice it

Kathy B
Try holding an ice cube on the burn. It should stop the stinging sensation.

Good luck!

The stinging sensation will eventaully go away after about 6 hours. It also takes about 6 hours for the burn to actaully stop burning the skin.

They do have burn relief cream that you can rub on it. Try that

I've heard putting honey on the burn will ease the stinging.


Never put cold on a burn. call the doctor on call at your clinic. explain the situation. they will prescribe a nitrate cream for burns. there is only one kind. it's very cheap. and works instantly. big tube. if your skin turns black, or you cannot take the pain, use your best judgement and common sense to go to the doctor. burns can be dangerous, and get infected very easily, and then you have an even bigger problem.

don't drag your feet on this one. take care of your skin, it's a living organ,

I have personally discovered that CURAD cool wrap for minor burns works pretty well. It is sold in most stores by the first aid & bandages.

If it's just a surface burn I've had some success with noxema

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