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How can you break a arm or leg around ur house without BAD injuries?

Get two 2x4's place them about 8 inches apart place your arm on both of the boards. Now smash one of the bones in your arm with a hammer.

Shouldn't this question be under mental health?
You need to see a psychiatrist - and NOW!

There are so many variables to getting a broken bone that there is no way of knowing exactly what would happen if you try. There is no guarantee that you could do it and you couldn't predict the outcome or possible complications. I definately would not recommend even trying. Speak to a doctor about whatever is going on in your life and your head.

what the heck y would you want to do that? i have a broken arm right now and its hell. but if you want to do it soo bad then you should have someone run over your arm or leg with a car. it might hurt a bit but the reward of getting a super cool cast is worth it! wtf i think you need some help

taste the rainbow
Why would you want to??

Steven B
are you implying that you want to intentionally break a limb?

well anyways, try jumping off the roof. as long as you dont land straight on your head, you should be alright.

ohh and have someone take a picture of it while you're in the air. it will look cool.

Kimberly H
I would consider a break a BAD injury

Silly Me, Silly You
I think breaking an arm or leg would qualify as a bad injury...

[email protected]
Why would you want to?
Call a hot line, see a doctor, call a friend.
Don't break a bone!

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