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Help me i m dieing..with pain?
does any one know wht id happening to me..
i m having pain under my right breast ( the joint with belly ).when i push breast upword then it hurts...
i saw a nereve which is connected to both my breast and belly which is giving me pain...i also can see it touch it.what is this. help meeeee.

How old are you?
You could just have growing pains.
When your breasts grow, they often become very sensitive and sometimes sore.

If you're not at the age during which your breasts are growing, I recommend you go see a doctor as soon as possible.

Teresa P
GO to the doctor now. it might be breast cancer. or call 911

Leah M
it sounds like you cracked a rib. Or sliced your self open. You should go to a doctor immediately

Jannah L
Go to the urgent care! it could be serious!

oh sweetie its time to see a docotor.. health is nothing to be asking people on yahoo about..

Doctor time my dear, if you cant afford it and live in the city im certain there is a free clinic near by!

Sammy <3
This isn't a qeustion to be asking people who could be messing with you. If it's serious, wether you think it is or not... please go to the doctors and promise me that you wont listen to anyone on here that might be a "DOCTOR" go to the emergency room or doctors office emmidiatley

Naveen K
try yoga and u will be ok !!!!!!!

more detail on

Go ask your doctor. It doesn't seem much to worry about to be honest. Could be just indegestion.

It just amazes me that someone would entrust their health and wellbeing to Yahoo! Answers. Get to a freaking doctor moron.

1. Don't push the breast upward if it hurts.
2. There isn't a joint in your abdomen.
3. You can see a NERVE?? then you are a very special person. I suspect you have a pulled muscle or tendon you are touching. But if you are ''dieing'' vs. dying, of pain then go see a doctor. If it doesnt hurt unless you push your breast, then don't push your breast.

chris at hornchurch
Go to to your A & E , it may well be something seriuos and oyu need to get it at least checked out. any pain is a signal to you form your body that all is not well.

You most likely have breast cancer...Or Just a random pain...I get them every once and a while as well.
Just like everyone else here,I'd Recommend you go to a Doctor,Immediately!
But First,Check these links I've provided for you....Good Luck!

i think this case is really serious and waiting too long to treat it will make it worse GO 2 A DOCTOR

I <3 Tokio Hotel!
You should make an appointment with your doctor immediatly.

GO TO A DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!

Deirdre H
It's probably not a nerve, but may be a lymphatic vessel. I think though, that this is the wrong place to call for help. Why don't you call your doctor?

go to the doctor immediately!!! if you are looking for a possible quick answer go to http://www.webmd.com but please go to the doctor.

i would say go to the doctor as soon as possible

Aldora L

Sean F
Please go to the Drop In / Accident & Emergency / Emergency Room of your local hospital or even phone the NHS Direct line as this sounds so very abnormal.

visit the doctor

Fatima M
go to a doctor ASAP

Mimi S.
could be appendix

get to the emergency room now!

Loving it!
go see your doctor!!

i have a few problems with my spleen, it is located on the left side right under ur breast (between the belly and breast), usually its nothing too serious with a spleen acting up like that but get it checked out to be sure

sweetie, i don't know what it is, but if the pain is that severe, go to a ER or an outpatient facility like Patient first. Just to be safe.

go to a doctor!!!

go to a doctor.
if you're in pain really bad,
always go to the doctor.
people on here most likely won't know whats wrong with you
unless they're a physician. get it checked out.
i hope you feel better.

Go to the doctor. Don't trust your pain with random Yahoo people. See a professional.

Lady Dulcinea
Go to the doctor!

well.. its your health.. and if you are that concerned and you had time to ask people here.. then im sure you have enough time to go see a doctor!!

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