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Help! Should i go to the hostpital?
Well, I was playing American Football today at a game and was returning a punt. When I got tackled my ankle twisted backwards uun a full 180 degrees it was horribly painful. The trainer attached an ice pack to it and taped it. But that was 6 hours ago. Ive been icing but my ankle and lower leg have swelled and bruised very much and i cant bear weight on it at all. Im wondering if I really should go to the hostpital. Whats could be wrong?

yes it wouldnt hurt to let them xray it good luck

We're not docotrs, go get it checked, better safe blah blah blah.

u could have broken it

ITS BROKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Would you be on a sporting scholarship by any chance? If you've got bruising and swelling it is almost certain to be a break, fracture or very bad strain (torn ligaments etc. which can be worse than a break). Whatever it turns out to be the hospital staff won't blame you for going down and finding out. Whatever it is it needs dealing with by medical personel not some jock with a coaching badge.

In plain language, that's a damned good pull you gave it. I would strongly advocate going to hospital because of the boost it would give to your morale. I know they can help your ankle, but you also need to have the certainty that someone who knows all about this stuff has "seen" it, and done the absolutely right and best thing to get you back literally on your feet again, pronto. If this happened to me I would be upset it still hurt so much. The last time I had a leg cramp so severe I called an ambulance. When the guys rang the doorbell (paramedics) and I had my friend go and open the door the first thing I did was apologize to them. They said this is our job. It is better to be safe than sorry. They got me to the hospital. I was seen by an emergency room specialist and back home in about an hour and they gave me something to calm me down and knock the top off the pain and I was able to respect myself again and also get a good night's sleep. Everyone will not agree, I know, but this is what I did and I am very glad I did. I simply cannot risk any kind of chronic foot injury. What do you think? Is it worth going, now? Pleeeeeze seriously considering it. On the other side of it you will be as relieved as I was. I have never regretted that emergency visit. Thank you for letting me have my say on this one, too. Sent to you with the hope of a smart decision on your part, I am Chris in South Portland, Maine, U.S.A. (I am 63 years old and walk normally. Hint.)

"Call me Dave"
Give the drunks a couple of hours to murder each other and the druggies time to OD and die and when it starts getting light head down casualty, catch the Chink GP which Jensen will win on the afternoon repeat.
I did something similar 30 years ago and it still bothers me, I remember asking the doctor how long it will be dodgy for and him saying for ever.
You should have hit casualty before the drunks got drunk really.

YES!!!!! Go to the hospital. Your ankle isn't supposed to turn 180 degrees and with all the swelling and bruising and inability to bear weight it could be fractured.

shirley m
If youve sprained your ankle that is very very painful and the cure is rest, but don't take my word for it,it may be worse than a sprain.
Go and see a doctor and get it Xrayed.
Get well soon.

off to the hospital with you

If you don't want to go to the hospital, you can wait until after hours, call the local hospital and ask to speak to the doctor on call for your doctor's office. You will be on hold for a few minutes, then tell the doctor what happened and they can tell you if they think you need to come in - no charge - also if they say to go to the emergency room it's way more likely that your insurance will cover because you were advised by your doctor to go.

little miss naughty
Go and gey yourself checked, could have serious probs if you don't, just go do it!

If i was you get to the hospital as it could be a broken

what is it with you dumb jocks... you most likely did some serious injury to the ankle and don't be surprised if you have aggravated the situation more... that is the problem with idiot like trainers and coaches you should have been taken in for xrays... good luck

Stephen S
I really would go get that checked out, lest you have permanant damage

I would go have ex rays because if it is broken and you wait too long, it will have to be re-set.

Yes, you should go to hospital. You could have broken it or torn a tendon or something. Best to have it checked by a Dr anyway

Barbie Girl
Im hoping by now you have been to the hospital and get checked out, if not....go!!!

GO! Sounds as if you've torn a ligament. You might also have ruptured the joint capsule. An MRI is in order.

What are you doing asking question in Yahoo Answers? Go to urgent care right away to check it out!

go to the hospital - or at least an urgent care center. why the heck are you asking this on the net?!?!?!???!?!?!?!?!?!?

you need to get to the hospital and get a xray done to find out if it is broken, very much sounds like it to me.

yes!!!!!get started now.the longer you wait,the more painful the treatment will be!!!!!

Yes go straight to a hospital. My daughter injured her ankle dancing earlier this year and even though she had it xrayed and they said it would heal. 9 mths later she is having to have an arthriscope as a piece of bone has chipped off the ankle and constantly causes swelling and will not heal till the bone is removed. It is always wise to have this sort of injury checked as you may well have fractured a bone.

could be broken. of course you should go to the hospital. call an ambulance now!

well of course ur not gonna be able to walk...of course u should go to the hospital...u mite of broken ur ankle..go.....NOW....go.....stop reading this and go...........lol


Stephanie R
go to the hospital, it's either a bad sprain, or more likely, a break...

id go to the hospital

You could have a fracture or hairline fracture. Sometimes there is so much swelling that it's hard to tell. If you are in that much pain I would go for sure.

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