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 Is my Boyfriend ok?????
He acidently hit the door in his face, and fell, and hit his head. I checked his pulse to see if he was still alive. he was still breathing, but he has been out for a few hours! I put a pack of ice ...

 I cut myself while chopping onions...ouch!?
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 Ouchhiee i ran into a door?
it hurts and now i have a bruise on my leg :9

haa do u ever do ...

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 What is wrong with my leg??
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 Medical name for kneecap?

 I keep getting headaches when i wake up without going to the doctors does anybody have any ideas?
Its two lots of pain straight across my forehead and back of my head.
Additional Details
I have recently had my eyes tested all fine and my p illows are new!...

 HELP! My bf been bite by a brown LOCUS SPIDER!!?
yesterday my bf was bite by a spider and we caught it and hes pretty sure it was a brown locus spider ( we can send a picture ). HE thinks theyre poisonious but IDK if it is he says his arm has been ...

 Had bloodtest few days ago and the nurse was'nt very good and i've got a painful bruise still. should i sue?

Additional Details
first she told me she was good then push needle in first arm and no blood came, she said sorry and went for the other arm and somehow hurt the inside as almost ...

 I feel like I`v been ran over by a bus!!!?
I sit on my knees everytime a sit!
It`s a habbit I`v been doing it since I was 3!
And my knees hurt sooooo much!
What should I do?
I try to stop but I cant!...

 How can you tell if your nose is broken?
A few days ago while I was walking around in the dark, I accidently ran into a bookshelf and hit my nose and I don't know if it's broken. It hurt a lot for the first ten or so minutes, but ...

 Should I have gone to emergency?
I was in the pool yesterday.. and i decided to jump backwards onto a huge tire we have in the pool.
However the tire is much larger than i am and my body fell through, but my arms and neck did ...

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Please be serious. What would you do?...

 PLEASE HELP ME...I have a major madical question???
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i have:
constant headaches
i now bruise really ...

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 I gave my sister a black eye need answer fast?
my mom is coming back in at 8.. how do i turn it not black? and no it was not my fault i didnt punch her lol it was her fault she fell like a stupid
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your all too slow ...

 Am i injured?
Today during football practice i went helmet to helmet with a guy and felt an instant sharp pain in my neck. i didn't want to look like a wuss, so i toiughed it out and finished practice ...

 Should I go to the hospital?
I have go into a car wreck today a couple hours ago. I was sitting in the back sit with my seat belt buckled. I was sitting in a normal position then my Little sister is telling my dad there's a ...

 Why do I keep falling over?
This sounds stupid but I keep falling over - I dont drink so I am not drunk.

I have fallen over twice in the last fortnight and have hurt my shoulder both. I am wonderign why this is ...

 How stupid are you.?
My husband was playing with my daughter on a pair of power boots "Springy stilts" and after only 3 minutes he fell and broke both his arms and dislocated his wrist.
What avoidable ...

HELP!! A bully said if I don't break or sprain my wrist he'll hurt me! HELP!!?

Additional Details
It's at home not school and if I tell someone he said he would kill me!

Tell someone now. A teacher, school officer, parent. I know you don't want to tell on him b/c it might make it worse. The law is cracking down on this type of behavior, so don't be afraid to tell an authority figure.

kenneth S
If you do not stop writing stupid things on yahoo answers I am going to sprain my own wrists and break my toes.

ur a fake
u said the same thing about ur ankle

Tell him to bring it and then tell him how in this day and age someone will more than likely video tape and then you'll press charges followed by a civil suit where you'll take his mommy and daddy for everything they got and how your sure his mom and dad will then whoop him. Not to mention juvie even the biggest bullies break down to tears in there trust me I spent a few years of my youth in and out of detentions. I'm sure when you threaten him with getting his parents and legal aid drawn in he'll back down.

Tell your mother.

listen you really need to tell an adult if its one of ur parents u need to tell ur other parent and definetly call the police and what ever you do dont hurt your self

♥ H.2k7 ッ
Tell someone now and get it stopped.

dude bullys are softies they just try to look tuff so dont worrie or get a hole bunch of friends with ya thay will really be scared most importantly you show no fear

tell some one!! or fake it

When you see him again, carry your cell phone, and if he says something immediately dial 911 and tell the police what is going on. Bullies are cowards, he will be afraid and won't bother you again, but he has to see that you are indeed calling the cops.

tina k
call the kids help phone and ask them. im sure they'll give u good advice. the number is 1-800 668-6868. (its free &anonymous)

Tell your parents, school counselor, any adult you trust.

Um go TELL an adult!! How are you going to let some idiot guy hurt you like that? SERIOUSLY go tell an adult!!

Tell. Physical abuse and threats are illegal.

Either tell someone or, if you're willing to endure the
pain, have somebody film and record this guy
injuring you and get him kicked out of school and
potentially sent to jail.

Tell an adult. Avoid this bully as much as you can. Or maybe get an adult to watch him and catch him in the act of messing with you..... Regardless, you need to tell someone of his threat to you so that if he does something to you, it is documented that he threatened you and then harrassed you. He can go to a JDC and be out of your hair for a long time.....

The Wraith of God is coming
Don't hurt your self

then wear a fake cast.

I would say go get an adult at school who will listen to you and tell them what this bully said. Hopefully he will get kicked out of school for this. If that don't work tell your parents and let them deal with what's going on, but don't hurt yourself just because you are afraid.

Tell someone,

confused bout love
mess dat ***** up dude he come up to u like dat deck him in da jaw as hard as you can man and if ur weak kick him in da balls man


I don't know how old you are, but your parent(s) and the cops need to know ASAP! That is a threat, that is why the cops need to be called. Also, see if your parents will go with you to go to a local court and get a restaining order on this person. Take care.

i would rather break or sprain my wrist punching him in the nuts, sounds like he needs a good punch in the crotch.

TELL AN AUTHORITY FIGURE NOW!!!!!! if hes really serious.

Who Knew?
Bullies only understand force, and acquiescing now means lots of butt-kissing in the future. If possible, make a stand -- just say no, you won't do it. You may have to be prepared to fight, though; but believe me, even if you lose, he'll probably leave you alone in the future if you put up a good fight.

Of course, let your parents know, and see if they have any other solutions to offer.

call the police immediately

The Girl You Wish You Knew
TELL SOMEONE! If someone is threatening to hurt you and a teacher finds, they could go to juvie!

3 days ago, it was your ankle you were supposed to break!

Bully's are simply cowards in disguise. Stand your ground -- never let anyone bully you.

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