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 What should i do if i hav a bone bruise,besides rest that's what the doc told me to do?
I've had this for about 8months and when i had got it right after that i sprained my ankel pretty bad too. So I had to get pulled off my b-ball team which stunk to rest it . That was about ...

 I have a cast on my leg..when it comes off will my leg be smaller(skinnier) will it grow back to normal?

 Help me please =(!!!!!!!!!!?
I think I need to use crutches because after 13 days my ankle still is swollen, bruised and round. It also still hurts to walk on it, move it around and my other ankle has begun to ache because of ...

Guys: what does it really feel like to get hit in the "package"?
does it sting? throb? burn? or more of a sore feeling?


I'm kinda weird.
Hahaha, try giving birth.

The only way I can describe it is like haveing your temples physically pulled out and sqeezed harder thanyou can amagene but between your legs and beig spead across your whole abdomen.... man even thinking about it makes em hurt ow!!

it throbs....it burns......it hurts really bad! but not as much in the package itself. it hurts more like in the kidney, prostate, appendix area. but it hurts ALOT!!!!!!

Ni 2xg a
its like nothin you could ever imagine lol its like taking your pressure points from under your jaw out and squishing them from both sides till they pop then stepping on them

i will just say its not good lol it hurts... alot u kinda gotta sit down for a whill after a while cause u gonna feel like u gonna puke.. i dont reccomend it lol

Kinda like getting hit in the stomach except 1million Times worse

hahaha its actually kinda hard to describe the pain. the pain is surprisingly not in the package, but internally, such as the kidney area-ish (at least for me), the actual package hurts a bit, but the internal pain overrides it. i guess its more a throbbing with a little stinging.

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