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Ear stretching question?
about a week ago i stretched my ear. i dont know what my whole was but i put a 12G in my ear. i had my friend do it and it hurt very bad the first day. now i am able to move it and it dosent hurt. my ear isnt red or sore. but get this crusty stuff on it and if i take it out a little bit of pus comes out. its not like a liquid pus but more of a gooey piece of string. help
Additional Details
I am cleaning it every day. i clean it with some peroxide everyday and i take it out to clean it. there is not red-ness or soreness. can it still be infected.

Randy H
what you got is syphilis of the ear it happens from dirty earings, and can spread to other areas of your body, seek help quick

every night take it out and put rubbing alcohol on it and then put it back in and spin it around for a little bit.

Rylee G

its just puss. you have to keep it clean and if you keep going up higher and higher youll be getting it.

that's fine. don't let your friend stretch it. and don't shove the thing all the way through your ear in one go either and make it bleed. that's how you tear your ear and cause permanent damage. stretch em slowly with tapers over like two days or more slowly til the tapers are at the flat part and are comfortable. then go to the next one.

yeah that happens. eventually it will stop... its kinda icky but just put disinfectant on it if u have it
it would have been better to gradually get to a 12 gauge or at least start at a 14.

Happy- Go
gross..its probably pieces of your skin...put peroxide on it !!

stac h
It's normal, it'll stop in a week or so. I'm dealing with the same thing at the moment.

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