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Dodgy knee - getting worse now I've started exercising?
I twisted my knee a few years ago but its been fine for ages. I started exercising on an exercise bike and treadmill a few months ago and my knee has started getting really stiff and painful. Is there anything I can do to help this or are there any vitamins for joints I could take, or exercise which wouldn't put strain on my knee?

John B
A wise man once said when you realize you're in a hole, quit digging. Cut out the exercise before you end up permanently crippled.

Orthotics might help.

You will need to go and see a physiotherapist and he will assess your gait and get tailor made ones for you.

These are basically things you put in your shoes to make your knees and legs line up properly to put less strain on them.

Buzz s
I would talk to a chiropractor or physiotherapist about what is going on and get a modified exercise regime to keep you from injuring it more and treat the present problem. Ultrasound and interferential can make the difference in getting the pain under control.

I told my Quack that my back hurt when I pressed it to which he replied "Then don't press it!".
So don't exercise if it hurts your knee.....
Take plenty of Fish oil for good joints. But it takes ages to work.
An anti inflammatory with help too.

glucosamine and condroitin will help and anti inflammatory for the pain

Take Glucosomine tablets, as well as Cod Liver Oil if possible.
Try to only do walking exercises on treadmill.
Warm up thoroughly before using the equipment.
Stretch after you have a break from the exercise or when you finish your session.
Make sure you do static leg building work such as squats and split squats.
Wear a support during the repetitive portion of your training but remember to take it off about 1 - 2 hours after. (It may not be strong enough to be left unsupported straight away.

Take it easy... don't push too hard!

christine j
Get a physiotherapist. They help with problems with bones and joints etc and incoorperate exercise in their regimes so that your leg can gradully build up and get used to exercise.

Try swimming it will cause less stress to your joints.

You can get a product called glyclosimine, I thinks that's how it's spelled. Any way you can buy it over the counter it is made especially for your joints, to help ease joint pain. It helps not only with pain but allows for smother motion of the joints.

I hope this helps you. I'm sure some one here will come out with the correct spelling of the product, if I haven't spelled it properly. Good luck to you, hope you feel better.

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