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Sam P
Did I break my finger?
Last night I was at wrestling practice and I put my left hand under a guy's back and he fell backwards on it and my middle finger bent backwards the wrong way. I woke up this morning and it's really red, I can't move it, it hurts when I poke it, and the nail is purple at the bottom (which is blood, I know). It's only the top joint of the finger that hurts, though. Did I break the joint or what?
Additional Details
Ehh I don't know if this helps but if I hold still my finger throbs from my heartbeat...it's probably the blood, huh?

♪♥Di (♥)s ♥JB♥! - ♥PRO & JONAS♥!
I think that you did break your joint, but you should go to the doctors to be sure.

-HeartBrokenForever *(Diane N)*

Sounds like it, but go see a doctor.

Geth R
most probly crakt or broke

Ali D
Most probably, you must have it X-rayed to be sure either way. Strongly advised to do so.

Go and check with the doctor.
You must fractured your finger dear.or it must be a sprain for sure.

Check out if the finger is badly swollen and you are not able to do anything with that finger and paining badly then it might have been broken but what i advice is go to the doctor and get an X Ray done or show it to him he will tell you ...

First, don't poke it! Second, go to emergency & get an Xray. Third no more wrestling practice for a few weeks.

Sounds like a nice sprain to be honest.

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