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 Keep finger from hurting tomorrow morning?
ok i hurt my finger earlier today trying to grab someone. its all swollen now but it really isn't in pain. i KNOW its gonna hurt like hell tomorrow morning tho. is there anything i can do to ...

 How to stop nose bleeding?
i have been having nose bleed very often since 4 years old, and now i m 15.

the nose bleeding happens as often as at least once a month.

I just had one this morning, and ...

 Help I was just in a car accident 30min ago can anyone help me with something?
I was just in a bad car accident, I was in the back seat, didn't have my seat belt on (I know I'm stupid), in a van. The paramedics got me all scared about me possibly having a concussion.....

 What has my mom done??? -_-?
hi, my mom about an hour to 2 hours ago banged her hand really hard on the corner of the table and went a bit "icky" and dizzy, but she said it didnt really hurt...after supper though she ...

 Is my Boyfriend ok?????
He acidently hit the door in his face, and fell, and hit his head. I checked his pulse to see if he was still alive. he was still breathing, but he has been out for a few hours! I put a pack of ice ...

 I cut myself while chopping onions...ouch!?
i cut myself pretty bad on my finger...its not like REALLY BAD...but its quite deep, it scared me at first, and the blood keeps gushing out...i wrapped a bandage around it, two actually and i can ...

 Ouchhiee i ran into a door?
it hurts and now i have a bruise on my leg :9

haa do u ever do ...

 What is the worst injury you had?

 What is wrong with my leg??
I have this really bad pain on my upper part of my left leg. I cant really lift it very high. I cant walk proper. I do a lot of kick boxing, and grappling, but I came home from class and i was ...

 Medical name for kneecap?

 I keep getting headaches when i wake up without going to the doctors does anybody have any ideas?
Its two lots of pain straight across my forehead and back of my head.
Additional Details
I have recently had my eyes tested all fine and my p illows are new!...

 HELP! My bf been bite by a brown LOCUS SPIDER!!?
yesterday my bf was bite by a spider and we caught it and hes pretty sure it was a brown locus spider ( we can send a picture ). HE thinks theyre poisonious but IDK if it is he says his arm has been ...

 Had bloodtest few days ago and the nurse was'nt very good and i've got a painful bruise still. should i sue?

Additional Details
first she told me she was good then push needle in first arm and no blood came, she said sorry and went for the other arm and somehow hurt the inside as almost ...

 I feel like I`v been ran over by a bus!!!?
I sit on my knees everytime a sit!
It`s a habbit I`v been doing it since I was 3!
And my knees hurt sooooo much!
What should I do?
I try to stop but I cant!...

 How can you tell if your nose is broken?
A few days ago while I was walking around in the dark, I accidently ran into a bookshelf and hit my nose and I don't know if it's broken. It hurt a lot for the first ten or so minutes, but ...

 Should I have gone to emergency?
I was in the pool yesterday.. and i decided to jump backwards onto a huge tire we have in the pool.
However the tire is much larger than i am and my body fell through, but my arms and neck did ...

 If you woke up in bed, and your head was over on the shelf, what would you do?
Please be serious. What would you do?...

 PLEASE HELP ME...I have a major madical question???
ok so i got this cut on my stumach and it was pretty deep and it got infected and now it is closed and has been infected for 9 months
i have:
constant headaches
i now bruise really ...

 What is the worst injury you've ever had?
If you're lucky enough not to have had a bad injury, maybe you've had an extreme surgery. What was it?...

 I gave my sister a black eye need answer fast?
my mom is coming back in at 8.. how do i turn it not black? and no it was not my fault i didnt punch her lol it was her fault she fell like a stupid
Additional Details
your all too slow ...

Can you move your pinky finger only?
hold your hand flat with all your fingers straight. now try to bend your pinky with out your ring finger movin. i can not do it and it bothers me

Oh my I couldn't, I even held down my ring finger and I couldn't bend it then either. Amazing!

yay i can do it do i get a medal?

vero a
yes i can do it

yes, I can.

Jody O
squeeze your fingers together a bit so that your ring finger is pressed against your middle finger. Just tightening that muscle should be enough to keep it still.


NO, I cannot either...but it is all good...i do not mine...

i've tried it and it only moves a little bit... but not bends down, like it does if i try it with my left hand

My name is Jonas
i can do it.

Huh! You're right! That is hard.
I can't do it either. My ringer moves a little, with it.
I've been trying but....wow. I never noticed that before.
Thanx! Very interesting.

Oswald Cobblepot
Yea, I can do that. That's nothing. Now cross your index and middle fingers and touch your tongue. How many tongues do you feel?

Joel C
Just tried it....i can't do it so ur not alone

haha i can do it

D. Angel
i can do it!!!!!

yeah only on one hand though

‹з Mae ε›
ye,i can do it

yes i can

i could do it but my ring finger looks weird

Pinky only moves, yes.

NO i cant do it either, when I do it I am movine my ring finger and also my middle finger! It drives me around the bend too because the rest of my family can do it no problem. I do find it quite funny though so it not too bad, just annoying

I think your pretty normal, well as much as me anyway!

yep sure can

Lara Ardeche
When i do it my ring finger moves slightly but does not bend. Maybe your hand just isnt designed to do that!lol

Richard S

I can do it!

Oooh, weird. I can bend my right one a little without anything moving.

Im with ya..I cant move mine either Ive never tried that b4 kinda strange

I can, I can. LOL

OK maybe I am a freak but I can do it with both hands, now try rolling your tongue or moving one eye and not the other. By the way I don't think you are weird if you can't do it, everyone has something strange about them lol. Just kidding.

NOOO I CANT I NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT EVER O MAN IT SOO HARD 2 DO GOOD QUESTION KUDOS 2 U..i had a conversation that started..how crooked is ur pinky lol

If I make a fist, yes. Otherwise it always carries my ring finger down with it.

if my hand if flat on the table i can move my pinky alone. most people cant because your pinky and ring finger are connected.

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